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Out of this World!

Out of this world

Our topic in Year 5 this half-term is called ‘Out of this World’.

The children will be learning about the Earth, sun and moon, famous astronauts who travelled into space and how discoveries changed the way we think about the world.

In our Literacy sessions the children have written a discussion text about whether aliens make good pets, looking at arguments for and against before deciding upon their own viewpoint. The children have also designed and created their own alien and then written a report about them.

The children also used their imaginations to write a description of a place in space, using fronted adverbials.

In D&T the children have started to follow instructions to create an origami star that will go on display in the classroom when they have finished. They have also spent time looking at the invention of telescope and they then wrote diary extracts in character as either Lippershey or Galileo.

The children will be visiting the Centre for Life on Thursday 13 October for a planetarium workshop. This will help consolidate what they have learnt so far and help them to learn much more in a fun and exciting learning environment, further deepening their knowledge and understanding.

The children are really enjoying the topic so far and are full of enthusiasm.