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Making Music at Grangetown!


Looking back to last half-term…the children have been doing some very exciting creative work in music!

One of our year 1 classes has been learning to sing and play ‘London songs’ using the glockenspiels, and the other has explored how different musical instruments can create dinosaur sounds!

Year 2 have been very rhythmic playing the djembe drums and learning to sing an African song.

Our Y3 children have been looking at metallic sounds, creating a piece of ‘metallic forest’ music using different groups of metal instruments. They have loved using the different sized triangles, tambourines and glockenspiels.

It’s machine music for Y4! They have been doing lots of listening and exploring how music can perfectly replicate the sounds of machinery, trains and moving cogs. Lots of excellent listening skills and creative thinking here!

Our fabulous Y5 classes have been looking at themes and musical patterns that represent the Greek Gods. They have even composed some of their own themes to match different Gods and have worked together to create music telling the story of Perseus the hero and Medusa the villain!

In Y6 we have been on an Island adventure describing different pirate themes and creating some whole class Gamelan music from the Indonesian Islands. Excellent work from everyone - keep up the musical magic!