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Learning Languages at Southmoor!

Southmoor visit

Our Year 6 children visited Southmoor School to take part in an event to mark European Language Day, supported by students from the University of Sunderland.

The children learned about the culture and geography of each country and completed different activities.

In the Norwegian lesson, the children learned how to say hello and ask someone their name.

In the Chinese lesson, the children learned some facts about China and how to write and say the numbers one to ten in Mandarin Chinese.

In the Arabic lesson, the children were taught how to say hello and how to tell someone what their name was. They also practiced writing some words in Arabic.

In the Portuguese lesson, the children learned about which countries speak Portuguese and information about Brazil and Portugal.

In the session on Russia, they found out how the Russian alphabet is very different from our own and used it to write their own name.

The children had a fantastic morning and enjoyed trying out the different alphabets and languages.