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Jurassic World!

Jurassic World

This half term we started a new topic about dinosaurs.

We introduced the new topic by finding a dinosaur egg, cracking it open and finding out which dinosaur it was (a triceratops).

We have welcomed some new nursery children this term so we linked this to the story ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Start School’ and discussed what it would feel like on your first day at school and how everyone can help to look after them.

We also used the dinosaurs in Maths by comparing the weight of the dinosaurs using balancing scales and using the language heavier or lighter.

We used a school strategy called ‘story mapping’ to learn and recall the structure of the story ‘Harry and the Bucket full of Dinosaurs’. We were great at creating our own story map and being able to answer questions about what we read.

Recognising and naming 2D shapes has also been a focus this half term and again we linked this to another story where the children had to find shapes they might find in the environment.

We are really enjoying this topic and the great links to our enhanced provision.