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Flying Start in Spanish!


We’ve all made an amazing start!

Year 6 pupils have been working on our project ‘eTwinning Noticias TV: We are active citizen journalists’. Our children in collaboration with pupils from ‘Colegio la Enseñanza’ (Spain) will become journalists analysing events and news. As a starting point we have been introducing ourselves, creating press cards, singing songs, exchanging some challenges with our friends in Spain and even creating our first TV programme using our iPads!

Year 5 have started our new topic: ‘Yo viajo a Barcelona’ (‘I travel to Barcelona’) to help us to learn about Spanish culture. We’ve met some Barcelona footballers and recapped conjugation through games and a green screen app.

Year 4 are learning ‘Los días de la semana’ (the days of the week). We have been singing and dancing the song ‘¿Qué día es hoy?’ (What day is it today?).

Year 3 have been recapping greetings through the song ‘Hola, Hola’.

Years 1 and 2 are learning greetings through songs such as “Buenos dias” (Y1) and “Hola, ¿Qué tal?” (Y2).

¡Bien hecho chicos y chicas! Keep it up!