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This page provides a small selection of documents from 'external' sources, such as DfE, Ofsted and Sunderland Council. For other documents specific to GPS, see our Policies section. Note that additional staff-related documents are held on our internal server, for staff access only. To view a chosen document, click on its title (or to download, right click and select 'save target as').

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Ofsted Updates:
Common Inspection Framework

- School Inspection Handbook - Section 8

- School Inspection Handbook - Section 5

27 Aug 

- Sunderland Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (July 2014)

24 Oct 2014

- Ofsted clarifies what it isn't looking for in Inspections - 'mythbusting'
(October 2014)

24 Oct 2014

Ofsted Updates:
- Inspecting Safeguarding in Maintained Schools
(July 2014)
PE & Sport Premium - Good Practice
(Oct 2014)
- Letter from HMCI to schools
(July 2014)
- Note for Inspectors - Assessment in schools 2014-15
(July 2014)

24 Oct 2014

4 Ofsted documents on Reading & Literacy:

- Sample of Stoke on Trent schools & how they teach children to read (June 2014)
Getting them Reading Early - training materials for Inspectors (July 2014)
Moving English Forward (March 2012)
Reading by Six - How the best schools do it (2010)

24 Oct 2014

 Frequently Asked Questions about Inspection. Ofsted. Feb 2014.

11 Feb 2014

Ofsted updates:
- Subsidiary Guidance for Inspectors (updated Jan 2014)

31 Jan 2014

National Curriculum Framework.
For implementation from Sep 2014. PDF. Issued Sep 2013.

11 Sep 2013
Getting to Good. Ofsted. September 2012. PDF. 19 July 2013

Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum: Final Report. 2009. 
Led by Sir Jim Rose, and designed to inform a revised primary curriculum for Sep 2011.
Halted by the incoming Coalition Govt in mid-2010; however, still useful as a curriculum development resource.

19 July 2013

Introducing the Cambridge Primary Review. An introduction to and overview of
The Cambridge Primary Review, a fully independent enquiry into the condition and future of primary education in England, directed by Professor Robin Alexander and held between 2006-2009. The Review's 608-page final report - 'Children, their World, their Education'
- was
published in October 2009.

19 July 2013