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What do THE children say about GPS?

children's survey

The last full pupil survey was carried out in Summer 2014. Below, we have listed the responses to the question: What do you like about your school? The full survey included questions about many aspects of school, and also had a space for comments. Click here to see the full survey results. Cluck here to see the children's 'comments', given in response to 4 key questions.

What do you like about your school?

Years 5 & 6

  • I like all of the events we do e.g. the summer fayre, Grangetowns Got Talent, school productions, trips, parties, discos, empire dance, bike-ability, clubs and competitions
  • My favourite thing about this school is that we go to football with Arj and we watch DVDs.  Also we play games, we go to ICT and we have summer fayres
  • Fun events like: summer fayre, school productions and Spanish day.  Fruity fantasy, concerts, parties, stay healthy stay safe week, planet smart, arts and crafts, school trips, International week, sumdog competition, sports day, parent workshops
  • I like that the year 6s have got an xbox and games to go with it, and I like that we get visitors and different types of activities
  • The superb Sumdog competition and the great summer fayre
  • I enjoy my clubs: cookery and big games.

Year 4

  • What I like about school is that it has nice teachers and I have good friends
  • Getting prizes for 100% attendance
  • I like maths, friends and nice teachers
  • I like school because everybody is friendly
  • We have Golden Rules to keep us safe and the teachers make school fun
  • I like the courtyard, the climbing frame and the field
  • Learning new things, meeting new friends, having the best teachers
  • Teachers, lessons, trips and the courtyard.

Year 3

  • When I came to school when I was in nursery I cried because my mum left me but an adult came and cheered me up.  Now I’m in year 3 and I like our topic because it is Ancient Egypt, I have the best teacher.
  • Everyone’s friendly and kind
  • I have a nice teacher and lots of friends
  • I get to go with Miss Christie
  • Everything - art, PE, ICT, English, assembly, maths…..just everything
  • We have lots of topics like Egypt and we do different PE lessons
  • We get a pen license, and we have nice teachers
  • I love art and ICT
  • I like assembly when they do the Monday draw, and I like the special things that go on out and about around school.

Year 1/2

  • Exciting literacy and maths, dancing and singing, reading books, using ipads
  • Nice lessons, amazing teachers, exciting trips, clubs
  • Hard work, fun trips, friendly people, singing, Spanish, playing outside, happy topics
  • The teachers and people who look after me, friends and activities
  • Trips, PE lessons, using the ipads, playing with toys, trips to the park, exciting stuff, school
  • Fun trips, sports day, fun topics, nice teachers, Mathletics
  • Extremely interesting work, amazing teachers, friendly people
  • 3 times tables, Miss Grainger is the best, I like maths
  • Miss Grainger and Miss Gaffney
  • I love my Spanish teacher.


  • Going on the iPads
  • I like going to arts and crafts
  • I like going on school trips, the farm was my favourite
  • I think all of the clubs are good
  • School trips, arts and crafts and the monkey bars.