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What Do Parents & carers Say About GPS?

Parent voice

These are actual quotes from our most recent Parent Survey (Summer 2014). Click here to view a PDF version (right click to download).

  •  The atmosphere within the staff and the bond they share with the children. They actually care.
  • It is a welcoming school, very family orientated. My daughter loves coming to school - that, for me, speaks volumes.
  • The community feel, being part of a team. My child is known to, and respected, by all the staff.
  • The way children are taught, the choice of school clubs my son attends and the brilliant support of all teachers, receptionist, etc. in the way they help in every way and work together.
  • Fantastic supportive teachers who listen to your concerns and needs; professionalism at all times; great positive role models; excellent school trips; wide range of activities.
  • The staff are really nice and have a very positive attitude when teaching the children. There is rarely a negative and they always strive to bring out the good in the children. I have been really impressed by the school and I am really pleased I made the decision to move my child to Grangetown School.
  • That my child is safe. I know if I had a problem any of the staff are there to help if I needed it.  Always there for child and parent.
  • Teachers are very approachable - friendly staff; good/interesting topics. My son has enjoyed this this year; good communication between school and home.
  • The school has a strong and well respected team of staff and very well respected head and deputy head teachers.
  • The teachers and their relationship with each individual pupil.
  • My child seems to love school a lot more and enjoys waking-up in the mornings; my child feels comfortable, confident and secure; friendly, nurturing and progressive teachers ensure that every child’s individual needs are met.
  • Good team work; a good approach to teaching the children to respect one another.
  • Teaching staff are very professional and always helping the children reach their potential.
  • GPS is a very welcoming school. All the staff are wonderful, always have time for you, and if you wish to discuss anything it’s dealt with promptly. Teaching topics always seem to be made fun for the children. Academically, my daughter’s teachers tell me she is working above average, so we are very happy parents. It’s great how parents have the opportunity to be involved in the workshops. My daughter enjoys school dinners - seems to always have a good choice. The school building is great and the teachers are amazing.
  • Since I have changed schools I have noticed a difference in my son - his reading and writing is a lot better and he seems a lot happier.
  • The teachers are always friendly and brilliant with the children. They always listen to parents and deal accordingly with any problem I may have raised.
  • The staff are very friendly.  We (parents/carers) are always kept informed and up to date (via the weekly updates) of any dates to be aware of.
  • My child talks of all the different subjects she has been learning about. I’m happy that she is learning well. I’m happy with all the information I receive about the school.
  • Good relationships between teachers and pupils. No bullying, because teachers act straight away.
  • The teachers are always friendly and approachable. They are brilliant with the children and always listen to the parents’ views and concerns. They deal with any problems or concerns raised accordingly and appropriately.
  • The teachers involve parents in their child’s learning, which I think is good; the homework set each week is appropriate for my child’s age and she gets the right amount of homework each week.
  • Security and safety of the school is great; all staff are very helpful and friendly; I like the option of Spanish as I think languages are very important; the extra-curricular clubs after-school, Dr Bike, family learning; foundation stage set up is great, the children get a variety of teachers at different stages and mix with lots of different age kids; modern classrooms with up to date technology that will equip the children with the modern skills needed.
  • Grangetown School was very welcoming, my child seems to enjoy the school and is always happy.
  • The best things about Grangetown Primary School are that they notify me straight away if my child has an accident and that they give my child suitable homework for her age.
  • The Foundation Stage Unit: mixing nursery and reception has hugely benefitted my daughter; the staff (my daughter wants to be a teacher when she is older!); Family Learning from outside providers and opportunities to work with my child within the school.
  • I have found all the staff really friendly and very helpful.  The children are all very well behaved and my three children have settled in really well and made friends very quickly. They look forward to going to school every day which makes me very happy. The range of after school clubs is amazing, there is something for all ages and I know my children really enjoy them.
  • Range of clubs and activities to take part in (dance and drama).
  • My daughter loves the teaching staff. The breakfast and after school clubs are a real help.
  • The school is a very welcoming place; my child enjoys and looks forward to coming to school; Breakfast Club is great for my family as it enables me to get to work on time - the kids enjoy it.
  • How the school has trips to help with the subjects they are learning. Also all the activities that involve having parents joining in.
  • I believe the activities help Grangetown School, the teachers celebrate children’s progress both inside and outside of school.  I love the work Grangetown does with other schools, especially schools abroad.
  • Drama and music tuition; including parents in education e.g. Workshops; school council; new technology which has been purchased and installed recently.
  • The parent/children workshops are fantastic in the way that they are set up and carried out.  Sports Day was brilliantly organised. The things that are set up to encourage the children’s learning is great i.e. karate reading and the trips they go on.
  • After school clubs; warm and friendly environment; very pleasant staff; my daughter loves Grangetown primary; teaching another language (Spanish).
  • The activities in which parents can come into school with children and see what children do and interact with them at school.
  • I love the parent involvement. The fact that parents are kept up to date with things happening.
  • I love the parent interaction. Also that parents are kept up to date with things going on in school.
  • The activities in which parents can come into school with children and see what children do and interact with them at school.
  • The parents and pupil events such as the maths trail allow parents to see the progress and get involved with their child’s learning. Also the facilities and resources available at Grangetown for children are brilliant at aiding their education in a fun way.
  • The creative curriculum and the opportunities for extra-curricular activities (e.g. school trips, visiting authors etc.). The enthusiasm and dedication of the staff.
  • Treats every religion with respect. I think this school is very good for my child. 
  • The progress my son is making in comparison to his old school.  The conversations we have with him about school and the enthusiasm for what he is doing
  • Since my son came to this school he has achieved so much and is a lot happier in his self and loves going to school.
  • My child enjoys school as he has learn many new things like playing instruments and learning new language.
  • The staff, well-structured lessons, outdoor equipment.
  • Grangetown ensures children are happy and has a good ethos. You constantly try to improve things & raise standards. The children are happy and well behaved, safe and secure in school.