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The GPS Parents' & friends Group

All parents and carers are welcome to get involved in our Parents and Friends group.

For several years (2010-15), a group of parents - PATHS - were very active in fundraising and organising a range of activities for the school, including discos, raffles, cake sales and of course our annual Summer Fayre. PATHS also led the way in terms of some major bids for funding, resulting in the setting up of our after school care - IncrEdibles, as well as the purchase of resources for music and equipment for the playground. Members of PATHS generously gave their time to support a range of school events, for example providing refreshments at Nativities and Shows. This group did a super job, and we are all very grateful for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment.

Times change - for example families move on when children leave the school in year 6 - and we decided in 2015-16 to launch a new parents' group. Meetings were held, and a sizable group of parents showed a keen interest in becoming involved. They have called themselves the 'Friends of Grangetown', and already (as of July 2016) they have organised two raffles, a Summer Disco, and a Summer Fayre, raising over £1600 in the process! What a fantastic start!

The group are planning to use the money they raise to improve school playground and field areas - for example equipment and making. We think that's a great idea!

Here's some photographs from our 2016 Summer Fayre, organised by the Friends: