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Welcome to Mrs Millican's Class

Welcome to year 4! This year we have 31 fabulous boys and girls who are positive, friendly and ready to learn!

Dates for your Diary:
Monday 12th November - Visit to Beamish 'Just One Spark' workshop
Monday 19th November - Viking Workshop Day
Thursday 6th December - Autumn Parent Workshop

Days to Remember:
Monday - Home/School diaries to change reading books
Tuesday - Football with Arj every Tuesday lunchtime
Wednesday - Violin lessons
Thursday - Homework to be handed in to teacher
Thursday - Swimming. Please ensure children have swimming costume and towel
Friday - Homework given out

Toast is available at playtime on a Tuesday and a Thursday (10p per slice)
Fruity Fantasy - our healthy tuck shop - is open for business on a Friday playtime

19th November - Viking Day

The children had a wonderful day today, working with Dr Jo who taught us all about Viking life. We began the day by choosing Viking names and then... we became archaeologists. Looking for artefacts in boxes and brushing off the sawdust carefully, we found clues that told us all about people in the past. One box was full of items that a child would have had. Others included things from a home, a musician, a workshop and a fisherman. Some of the children had the opportunity to dress as a Viking and we looked at the materials used, the jewellery worn and the weapons they would have used. We all had the opportunity two write our Viking names in Runes on wax tablets and then we talked about what the Vikings would have eaten. In the afternoon, we wrote Kennings, made up sentences using words from Viking times, weaved a pattern using cottons and played a Viking puzzle game. We also pretended that we were Vikings in a longship - it was very difficult to all row at the same time! We all had a fabulous day and learned some really interesting information.

12th November - Beamish Open Air Museum

Today, the year 4 children had a fantastic visit to Beamish Open Air Museum. When we first arrived, we took part in a fabulous workshop called ‘Just One Spark’ where we were shown the history of the Davy lamp. We learnt all about how miners used to test for flammable gases in the mines and watched some amazing explosive experiments to show us how dangerous these gases really were. We then went down the mine so that we could really see what life would have been like. We then visited the school where we were taught as the children would have been in Victorian times. We also visited the Methodist Church and the Pit Cottages. We all had a fabulous day and are looking forward to visiting again in the Spring term.



4th October - Wellbeing Festival

The children had a fantastic morning this morning when we visited the Sunderland Tennis Centre to take part in a wellbeing festival. We completed many different activities including hoola-hooping, skipping, gymnastics football and team games. The children spent half an hour on each workout and then moved on to the next. What a fun way to keep fit!




25th September - Elba Park

The Year 4 children had a fabulous afternoon today visiting Elba Park. Linked to our topic 'Awesome Adventurers', the children had the opportunity to go geocaching - which is very similar to orienteering. First we looked at maps of the park and discussed how to read and follow them by using co ordinates. In groups, we then explored the park in search of treasure boxes which were hidden in different areas. Each box contained a picture of a woodland animal gave the co ordinates of the next box to look for. We all had a wonderful afternoon exploring and discovering!




25th September - Hit the Surf!

Today, the year 4, 5 and 6 children were given the fabulous opportunity of 'hitting the surf' at Seaburn beach. After taking part in a very important safety talk - where they learned all about what the different flags mean and how stay away from dangerous currents - they then changed into wet suits ready for the water. They divided into two groups, one group of children learning how to save others using rescue torpedoes - just like the lifeguards. The second group used body boards to paddle out into the sea where they surfed back towards the shore. The children had an amazing time and now understand how to keep themselves safe in the water.



20th September - Class Council Elections

The children today took to the polls to vote for one boy and one girl to represent our class as part of the school council. Over the last week, all candidates spoke in front of the class to explain why they thought they would be good for the job. We were really proud of them all! 



17th September - Lost Landscapes and Learning Celebration Day

All of the children in school today had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rio from the Lost Landscapes and Learning project which was completed by the year 5 children last year. As a celebration, Rio worked with each class to talk about our new wildflower meadow and discussed how we should look after it. The year 4 children then played a wildflowers game where they had to identify the flowers in the meadow and then play a game similar to 'corners' to help us to learn and remember the wildflower names. We really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing how our wildflower meadow develops!


Awesome Adventurers

For our first half term, year 4 are basing their topic Awesome Adventurers around the wonderful book 'Oliver and the Seawigs'. The book is about a young adventurer named Oliver who meets some fantastic characters while on a dangerous journey to save his parents. The children have already created some wonderful 'seawigs'  and they have been on their own adventure to Elba Park where we took part in a geocaching activity to find hidden boxes. In history and geography, we are learning all about Ernest Shackleton and his adventures to the Antarctic and in music the children are creating and performing an arctic adventure themed song.