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Welcome to Miss Stabler's Class

This year we have 17 lovely children in our class.

Below are a few reminders for Year 2 children

  • PE is on a Friday- children must have their full kit, shoes and jewellery must be removed
  • Violin lesson are on a Tuesday morning- children must have their violin in school on this day
  • Toast is available on a Tuesday and Thursday at 10p per slice
  • Fruity Fantasy is on a Friday playtime
  • Reading books should be brought in everyday. We recommend children read 4 times a week for 10 minutes. Once your child has read please sign their reading record so we can change it if need be.


October- Beamish Museum 

The children have had a fantastic time during our recent visit to Beamish Museum. It really helped bring the past to life and helped us to understand what people did all those years ago. We spent lots of time in the town looking at the different shops and businesses. Our favourite shop was the clothes shop as the lady let us watch how they collected the money and gave change using a special system of pulleys. We also enjoyed the dentist. Did you know people in the past used soot to brush their teeth! 

We all got the chance to go down the mine and see where coal comes from. We all agreed we wouldn't like to work down there as it was too cold and too dark! In the school we got to write on slate and the teacher even showed us what would happen if we misbehaved-the cane!

We had a lovely day and everyone was on their best behaviour. we can't wait for our next visit. 



September- Blast from the Past!


This half term Year 2 are learning all about what life was like in the past. To help us understand this better we have read a story by Shirley Hughes called 'Daisy Saves the Day'. It is all about a little girl who has to go and work as a scullery maid, in a big house in London. Daisy doesn't like it and she has lots of chores to do. One day there is a fire in the kitchen and Daisy comes to the rescue and saves the day. 

We have also used this story to help improve our sentences in English. We have retold the story in our own words using super sentence openers and awesome adjectives.

In design technology we looked at toys from the past and discussed what children played with 120 years ago and what children play with now. One toy that is still used today is a hand puppet. The children have designed and begun to make their very own using a simple stitch. Watch this space for the completed things!