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Welcome to Miss Beetham's Class

Welcome to Y1KB! This year we have 24 lovely children who are all eager to learn. On this page you can find out what exciting activities the children get up to as well as important notices and dates for your diary.

A few important notices: 

  • PE is on a Tuesday
  • Library is on a Monday
  • Woodlands takes place on Wednesdays
  • Reading books are to be brought into school everyday 
  • 'Stop, drop and read' sessions are held on Wednesdays at 8:40-8:55
  • Toast is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays costing 10p per slice
  • Tuck shop is available on Fridays

December - making gingerbread men

Y1 used their ingredients from Asda to make their own gingerbread men. Children mixed together all of the ingredients before rolling and cutting out the shapes. After they were baked, they decorated their own gingerbread man and then ate it. All of the children agreed that they were delicious! 

November - A Walk to Asda

November - The Gingerbread Man on the run in GPS!!

The children in Y1 were very shocked when they watched the CCTV and saw the naughty gingerbread man running around our classroom! The children thought of super adjectives to describe him such as 'golden brown', 'cheeky' and 'naughty'. They wrote wanted posters and we displayed them around the corridors so that other children could be on the look out for him too. Keep your eyes out, grown ups! We need to find him! 

November - Following Clues!

Y1 were shocked to find 4 clues left in the classroom. We found a smartie, a candy cane, some ginger powder and a letter that said 'Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm...' and the children knew straight away that it must have been from the gingerbread man! 

November - The Wicked Witch’s Green Tea

Y1 received a special video message from the wicked witch! She told us her secret recipe for making her green tea - frog juice and magical powder! We mixed the ingredients together and couldn’t believe the changes! “It’s growing!” “It’s expanding” 

november - A walk to Backhouse Park 

Our new topic for autumn 2 is ‘Once Upon a Fairy Tale’. We have started the topic by learning the story of Hansel and Gretel. We discussed how dropping bread was not good enough and talked about how we can make sure we don’t get lost. One of the children mentioned following a map and just like that! We were off to Backhouse Park. We followed the map which directed us around the park and lead us to the play park. On our walk we observed signs of autumn and even saw a squirrel! We were so well behaved that Miss Beetham even let us go and play in the play park. 


October - Happy Halloween!

The children all dressed up in their spooktacular costumes ready for the Halloween disco. Don't they look scary?! Ahhhh!

October - Harvest Festival 

Y1 children performed their song 'Tractors' during the Harvest Festival. The children worked very hard to prepare for the performance and sang their hearts out on the day to their parents and carers. Many children brought food into school to be donated. Well done Y1! 

october - superhero day 

Y1 had a fantastic superhero themed day. We completed many superhero activities on themed tables. On the Spider-Man table we used tweezers to get spiders out of a web as well as throwing balls at a sticky spider web. On the Ironman table we explored materials using magnets by testing them to see which were magnetic and which weren’t. On the Storm table we completed an experiment by dropping coloured water into shaving foam and watched the ‘rain’ drop through the ‘clouds’. On the Superman table we made flying heliocopeters out of paper and paper clips. We then had a special surprise visitor - Ironman! He came and made some magnetic slime with us! We all were allowed to touch the slime and watch it move with the magnets. We had lots of super questions for him. We had a fantastic day and the children’s costumes were excellent! 

Visit to Sunderland Central Fire Station 

As part of our superhero topic, we have been learning all about real life heroes and how they help us. We visited Sunderland Central Fire Station and when there, we got to meet a full team of firefighters. They taught us all about how they use technology in the station and gave us a tour which included looking at their gym, kitchen and recreational room. We also got to see the fireman's pole! Outside, we spent time looking at the training house and we found out that the firefighters train everyday on the house practising their rescue techniques. We were very lucky to get to sit in the fire engine and try on the firefighter's uniform. We all got to have a go of using the hose. It was lots of fun! The children made me extremely proud with their excellent behaviour during the entire visit. One of the firefighters even commented on how sensible they were and how good they were at asking super questions and listening carefully. Well done Y1KB! 




A big warm welcome to you all! This week, we welcomed all of the children into their new class. The children have impressed me with their excellent behaviour and how well they have picked up our rules and routines. They have been exploring the classroom and getting engaged into our first topic 'I need a hero!'. Below are some images of the children playing and having lots of fun. We can't wait to get stuck into our new topic!