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Mrs Miller's and Mrs Bracknall's Class  

Our class is made up of 21 happy, enthusiastic and positive children, all keen to learn and have fun through our cross-curricular approach. Mrs Miller will be teaching the children from Monday to Wednesday and then Mrs Bracknall will be in class from Wednesday afternoon until Friday. Mr Newby, our teaching assistant, will work across both Year 5 classes all week helping to provide a positive learning environment for all. We are looking forward to a fantastic year together.    

Welcome to Summer Term 1 

Important Messages·                                                                                                                                    * Tuesday Lunchtime- Football with Arj. There is no cost for this but the children need to have a sports kit to change into and suitable footwear for playing on the field.                           

 * PE sessions are Thursday afternoon. This term the children are doing athletics so they require outdoor PE shoes (trainers).

*Homework is handed out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Tuesday. This allows time for the work to be marked, feedback to be given and new homework issued.·             

 *Toast is available at playtime on a Tuesday and Thursday this is sold at 10p per slice.       

* Fruity Fantasy is a healthy tuck shop open every Friday playtime. Children are welcome to bring in a small amount of money for this.  

Y5MB Topic – Raging Rivers

We have a very exciting topic this half-term – Raging Rivers. The children will be learning all about the features and journey of a river. In Literacy they will be writing an explanation text about the water cycle, a leaflet giving information about rivers, a debate about damming rivers and they will write some poetry. In Science they will make their own version of the water-cycle using a plastic sandwich bag. In Art and DT the children will be working in groups to make a 3D model of a river. To finish off our topic the children will have a fieldtrip to Harehope Quarry where they will be following the journey of a river and identifying the features. They will also be carrying out some practical investigations when they will measure the width, depth and velocity of a river.

Y5 Lost Landscapes Project 

The year 5 children had a fun day working with Rio (from Oases) again on the ‘Lost Landscapes Project’. He got the children to think about how the landscape has changed over time. The children enjoyed the practical side of the morning when they were using maps to locate local landmarks then they had the opportunity to design and draw their own maps of the local area.On the afternoon, we were joined by Fred and Tommy who work for the Sunderland Maritime Heritage on Church Street East in Sunderland. The children watched a video from the early 1900’s about life on Shipyards then they had a Q&A session asking our visitors what it was like for them working in the Sunderland shipyards. The children had a very busy day but learnt lots of fascinating facts about their local heritage.


Welcome to Spring Term 2

Important Messages·                                                                                                                                    * Tuesday Lunchtime- Football with Arj. There is no cost for this but the children need to have a sports kit to change into and suitable footwear for playing on the field.                             * PE sessions are Thursday afternoon. This term the children are swimming at Southmoor so please ensure children have full swimming kit, a waterproof coat and all jewellery is removed.      * Homework is handed out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Tuesday. This allows time for the work to be marked, feedback to be given and new homework issued.·               Toast is available at playtime on a Tuesday and Thursday this is sold at 10p per slice.        * Fruity Fantasy is a healthy tuck shop open every Friday playtime. Children are welcome to bring in a small amount of money for this if they wish.

Y5 Amazing Americas Topic

Our new topic this half-term is Amazing Americas. We will be looking at the continent of North America and will be studying the 23 countries and their capital cities that make up North America.  We will identify the physical and human features of these countries and compare them. In Literacy we will be basing our work around a short movie called 'The Eye of the Storm' and we will be looking at setting and character description which will lead on to the children writing a piece narrative writing  featuring a flashback.

Y5 - Groundswork – Recycling workshop


The children had a fabulous afternoon on Monday 12th March when Michelle from GroundWorks came in to work with them.  She started the session with a quiz, testing the children on which products they think were allowed in their blue recycling bin at home. The children were quite surprised to learn that black plastic could not be recycled. They also learnt the reasons and benefits of recycling. To finish off the afternoon the children reused a plastic milk bottle and made an elephant which they thoroughly enjoyed! The year 5 children have made a pledge to use the ‘RIGHT rubbish, Right bin’ and we are encouraging all our families to do the same. To find out more about this campaign please visit

Year 5 and 6 Recording of Plane Without a Pilot – Marty Longstaff

Some of the year 5 and 6 children had the amazing experience of working with singer and songwriter Marty Longstaff. They had previously worked with Marty - as part of the Never Such Innocence competition - to write the song and then performed it at the Sunderland Minster in December. In partnership with the Sunderland Music Hub, the children worked together to practise and then record their song in order to enter it into the competition. The children listened, practised and sang beautifully. Well done!


Rainton Meadows

Today, the children had a wonderful day exploring Rainton Meadows Nature Reserve. In the morning, we looked at scale and how to read a compass leading to map reading. The children also collected pictures of wildflowers -finding out all about their special qualities - on their 'magic wands'. After a lunchtime adventure in their amazing playground, the children then divided into groups to read maps and complete a treasure hunt, searching for wildflowers and letters to make up a book name - it was amazing to be searching around in the snow. All of the teams made it back in time and one team actually found all 18 'treasures'! As part of a competition, children then had to try to work out the book name (Alice in Wonderland). We then played 'lingo bingo' to match the flowers and finally, children made up jokes about the wild flowers from their packs :) We all had an fantastic day! Thank you to all parents and carers for sending children to school well wrapped up for the weather.


Chinese New Year - Year 5 MB


To celebrate Chinese New Year in Year 5, the children completed a variety of activities. In literacy, the children looked at the different traditions and customs celebrated during Chinese New Year and were given a comprehension task to demonstrate their understanding. We then completed some Talk for Writing and focussed on the Chinese New Year story, looking at how the animals of the zodiac had different years named after them and in the order they were given. The children created a story map and practised re-telling it using actions. They performed this as a class and then in partners, recording their version using the iPads. To finish the week, the children created traditional cherry blossom trees using finger print painting. They looked really effective once complete. We all had a great week learning all about Chinese New Year.


Year 5 Greek Literacy Workshop – Chris Connaughton

To help celebrate the end of our Greek topic, the children took part in an exciting literacy workshop led by actor and author Chris Connaughton. During the morning session, the children listened to amazing story telling, where they heard all about the adventures of Odysseus. Chris helped to bring the stories alive and the children were a captive audience. With wonderful motivation, the children then wrote letters and diaries in character. Together, they created a ‘word hoard’ and then were able to use this to write descriptive pieces of writing adding and improving their work through the afternoon.


Year 5 Greek Day

For our Greek Day this year, the children had the wonderful experience of working with actor and author Chris Connaughton as part of a Greek literacy workshop. To help children get into character, they were invited to come to school dressed as Ancient Greeks. The children (supported by parents and carers) made some fantastic outfits and looked amazing! We all had a fantastic day!





Groovy Greeks

This half-term the children will be learning all about the “Groovy Greeks”. In Literacy, we will be using the Power of Reading strategies based around a book called “The Adventures of Odysseus”. In this book, we will be learning about Odysseus’s adventures after the Greeks conquered Troy. During topic time, we will be looking at what life was like for the ancient Greeks, in particularly - the Greeks Gods, warfare, clothing and food.  In Geography we will be looking at where in the world is Greece and which countries and seas surround it. In art, the children will be using their creative skills to design and make a Greek vase using “scratch-art” technique. We will be having a special visitor – Chris Connaughton - coming into school on the 6.2.18 to carry out a Literacy Workshop where he will be working with the Y5 children all day,improving their Literacy skills in a fun and engaging way.  During this day, the children are free to dress up as an ancient Greek.


Visit to Northern Spire

The Year 5 children had the fantastic opportunity recently to visit the new bridge across the River Wear – The Northern Spire. Sitting around the conference table, we discussed the benefits of the new structure and found out lots of interesting facts like the spire being 105 metres high! The children investigated the tubing and cables and watched video clips of what it will look like when it is all finished. The highlight of the morning was going out onto the viewing platform to have a close look at the building site.


Year 5 Parent Workshop

The children had a fabulous time during our parent workshop. We started of with a ‘Mystic Rose’ challenge. The children and parents had to predict how many lines would need to be drawn on a circle with 6 points. They had to work in a systematic way to find that 21 lines were needed. They then moved on to a harder challenge; this time looking at a circle with 12 points. We found that 66 lines were needed. Once the difficult part was finished, we moved on to the fun part of the session -  making a Mystic Rose using a needle and thread. Look at our fabulous work!


'Never Ignore a Possible'

This half-term Year 5 are reading a fabulous book by Katherine Rundell called ‘Rooftoppers’. It is a beautiful story about pursuing your dreams and never ignoring a ‘possible’. The book is set in the 1900’s and is about an orphaned girl searching for her mother. Her journey takes her from London to the rooftops of Paris. The phrase ‘Never ignore a possible’ is cleverly weaved throughout the book and is something we will be discussing within our PSHE lessons. All our Literacy work will be based around this book including writing a diary entry, a formal letter, an argument and there will be a big emphasis on reading skills. Also, our art work is linked; rooftop silhouettes, Monet paintings and pastel drawings.

Space Day!

To end our space topic, Out of this World, both Year 5 classes had a space themed day where they could come to school dressed up and take part in lots of space related activities. There were aliens, astronauts, NASA workers and Men in Black to name but a few. The costumes were amazing!

We started our morning with the Harvest Festival and Year 5 sung their own lyrics to the Star Wars theme tune. They had great fun performing for the rest of the school and for their parents and carers. 

The children then completed an activity in class where they had to interview an alien. The alien had come down to Earth and had abducted the Year 5 teachers and left them with a tattoo on their arm. When an app has held over the tattoo the alien came to life. We had to find out what the alien wanted and why he was on Earth. We recorded the interviews on the iPads and one person acted in role as the interviewer and the other person was in role of the alien. It was great fun.

In the afternoon the children completed an astronomy quiz before watching a live video of Tim Peake in space. He discussed how different life was in space and how they could even play ping pong with a water bubble. After that we completed some of our own astronaut tests before finishing the afternoon trying dried space food. The dried ice-cream was definitely a firm favourite! Year 5 had a fun-filled day and it was an enjoyable way to end our first topic.


Out of this World! 

This half term will be having fun exploring the topic of ‘Out of this World’. In this topic the children will be learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon, famous astronauts who travelled into space and how discoveries changed the way we think about the world.

In Literacy we will be developing our imagination and writing an information text about a fictitious planet called Pandora and we also write a fantasy story about this planet. We will be developing our non-fiction writing through writing instructions, information texts and a discussion text. In Science the children will learn about how day and night are made. They will also look at what the moon is and why it appears to change shape in the sky. We will also learn about the different seasons. In Art the children will be looking at marbling techniques in order to create our own planets and making our own origami stars.