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Welcome to Mrs Millican's Class

Welcome to Year 5!

Dates for your diary Year 5 Spring Term

Tuesday 23rd January - Visit to Northern Spire
Tuesday 6th February - Literacy workshop with Chris Connaughton as part of Greek Day
Monday 26th February - Visit to Rainton Meadows
Tuesday 27th February - Recording of Plane Without a Pilot
Monday 12th March - Groundworks recycling afternoon
Tuesday 13th March - Wildflower meadow creation (Lost Landscapes and Learning)


Days to Remember

Monday - Home/School diaries to change reading books
Tuesday - Homework to be handed in to class teacher
Tuesday - Football with Arj every Tuesday lunchtime for years 4,5 and 6. Please bring a complete change of P.E. kit, including suitable footwear
Wednesday - Violin lessons
Friday - P.E. day. Please could ensure children have full P.E. kit and that all jewellery is removed.
Friday - Homework will be handed out - to be returned the following Tuesday. (Please bring in on a Monday if any support is needed)

Toast is available at playtime on a Tuesday and Thursday (10p per slice).
Fruity Fantasy - our healthy tuck shop - is open for business on a Friday playtime.

Amazing Americas

For the second half of the Spring Term, our topic will be Amazing Americas. We will be studying North America and will find out all about the 23 countries that make up the continent. We will look at both the physical and human features of the countries in order to compare them. In literacy we will be basing our work around 'The Eye of the Storm' where children will write their own narrative stories.

27th February - Recording of Plane Without a Pilot

Some of the year 5 and 6 children had the amazing experience of working with singer and songwriter Marty Longstaff. They had previously worked with Marty - as part of the Never Such Innocence competition - to write the song and then performed it at the Sunderland Minster in December. Today, in partnership with the Sunderland Music Hub, the children worked together to practise and then record their song in order to enter it into the competition. The children listened, practised and sang beautifully! Well done.


26th February - Rainton Meadows

Today, the children had a wonderful day exploring Rainton Meadows Nature Reserve. In the morning, we looked at scale and how to read a compass leading to map reading. The children also collected pictures of wildflowers -finding out all about their special qualities - on their 'magic wands'. After a lunchtime adventure in their amazing playground, the children then divided into groups to read maps and complete a treasure hunt, searching for wildflowers and letters to make up a book name - it was amazing to be searching around in the snow. All of the teams made it back in time and one team actually found all 18 'treasures'! As part of a competition, children then had to try to work out the book name (Alice in Wonderland). We then played 'lingo bingo' to match the flowers and finally, children made up jokes about the wild flowers from their packs :) We all had an fantastic day! Thank you to all parents and carers for sending children to school well wrapped up for the weather. 


19th - 23rd February - Celebrating Chinese New Year

This week, to celebrate Chinese New Year, the children have completed a number of different activities. In literacy, in order to help understand why we celebrate Chinese New Year and to learn about some of the traditions, the children read all about it and completed a comprehension to demonstrate their understanding. They then found out all the story of how the animals of the zodiac ended up having different years named after them. In art, the children created beautiful cherry blossom paintings using finger print painting.

6th February - Literacy Workshop Chris Connaughton/Greek Day

To celebrate the end of our Greek topic, the children took part in an exciting literacy workshop led by actor and author Chris Connaughton. After an amazing story telling morning, the children then wrote letters and diaries in character. They also wrote descriptive pieces of writing using their word hoard to add and improve their work. To help children get into character, they were invited to come to school dressed as Ancient Greeks. We all had a fantastic day!

23rd January - Northern Spire

The year 5 children had the fantastic opportunity today to visit the new bridge across the River Wear - The Northern Spire. Children first sat around the conference tble to discuss the benefits of the new structure and we found out lots of interesting facts including the spire being 105 metres high! The children investigated the tubing and cables and watched video clips of what it will look like when it is all finished. The highlight of the morning was going out onto the viewing platform to have a close look at the bridge and building site.

Groovy Greeks

For the first half of the spring term, the children will be learning all abut the 'Groovy Greeks'. We will be reading together The Adventures of Odysseus and completing lots of work linked to this - including the Battle of Troy, writing letters in character and creating their own comic strip story. We will be learning all about Greek Gods. warfare, clothing and food. In Geography we will be looking at where in the world Greece is and at the countries and seas that surround it. We will be creating our own 'scratch-art' Greek vases designing them to tell stories of life in Ancient Greece. To celebrate our Greek topic, children will have the excellent opportunity to work with actor and author Chris Connaughton and can dress up as ancient Greeks as we take part in a literacy workshop.

13th December - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Today, the Key Stage 2 children gave two wonderful performances of the songs from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. During their music lessons this half term, children have learned a selection of songs and this week they have worked hard to put together as a key stage a wonderful production. The children looked fabulous in their mulitcoloured t-shirts and were supported brilliantly by a live band. Go go go Joseph!

11th December and 14th December - Never such innocence

On Monday 11th December, some of the children from years 5 and 6 had the wonderful opportunity of working with a local singer/songwriter Marty Longstaff as part of a Never Such Innocence project. The children first took part in a writing workshop which was to help write a song to commemorate the centenary of WWI. They focused on the RAF and the important part that they played during WWI. The children helped to create a very moving song entitled ‘Plane without a Pilot’ which they then practised and performed beautifully – alongside Marty – at Sunderland Minster on Thursday 14th December.


7th December - Parent Workshop

The children had a fabulous time during our parent workshop today. We started off with a ‘Mystic Rose’ challenge. The children and parents had to predict how many lines would need to be drawn on a circle with 6 points. They had to work in a systematic way to find that 21 lines were needed.  They then moved on to a harder challenge; this time looking at a circle with 12 points. We found that 66 lines were needed. Once the difficult part was finished, we moved on to the fun part of the session -  making a Mystic Rose using a needle and thread. Look at our fabulous work!


Never ignore a possible

For the second half of the Autumn term, the year 5 topic is Never ignore a possible, which is a quote taken from the book that the children are studying - Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell. They will complete lots of different types of writing, including writing diary entries and formal letters in character. As part of their topic, they will also be studying the French impressionist Claude Monet where they will use a range of different medium to create their own art work including watercolours and pastels. For our science, the children will carry out a number of different experiments including testing for water resistance and using force metres to investigate friction.

Out of this world!

For our first topic of the new school year, the year 5 children will be working 'Out of this World'. We will be learning all about the Earth, sun and moon, famous astronauts who travelled in to space and how discoveries changed the way we think about the world.
In literacy, we will be writing imaginatively - creating our own planets, hexapods and writing fantasy stories. We will develop our non-fiction writing by writing instructional, information and discussion texts. In science the children will learn about how and why we have day and night and the different seasons. We will also find out why the moon appears to change shape. In art, we will create our own planets by using marbling techniques and will make our own origami stars.

12th October - St Aidan's Church

The children had a wonderful time today visiting St Aidan's church in Grangetown. For our RE this half term, we have been finding out about the Northern Saints and really enjoyed the tour of the church looking closely at the statues and stained glass windows. Father David took the children around the church telling them stories about the saints and discussing the symbols associated with them. The children listened well and asked some very interesting questions.

2nd October - The Centre for Life

What an amazing day we have had today at the Centre for Life in Newcastle! We started the day by visiting the planetarium and finding out all about the different satellites in outer space. Then it was into the curiosity zone where we investigated and tested lots of curiosities. It was then into the Dino Jaws exhibition which displayed full sized model dinosaurs that all moved! We found out lots about how and what dinosaurs eat. In the afternoon, we took part in a Destination Space workshop completing different experiments - including how much liquid could be held in an astronauts 'nappy'! A Dracula cartoon 4D motion ride was next which was thrilling and then we all made robot puppets in a Make and Take activity. Finally, after a quick visit to the gift shop, we entered the Brain Zone which was full of optical illusions and brain training puzzles. The children were impeccably behaved and all had a wonderful day! 


26th September - Hit the Surf!

Some of the year 5 and 6 children today had an amazing time 'Hitting the Surf' at Seaburn beach. Jumping onto their body boards in their wet suits, they had a fantastic time as the huge waves were absolutely perfect for boarding! They also helped to 'save' their friends  and learned all about water safety. A great day!



22nd September - Jeans for Genes Day

Today, the children helped to raise money for a very important cause by coming to school in their jeans. 500,000 children in the UK are affected by a life-altering genetic disorder and today our boys and girls helped to raise funds to transform these children's lives!

Wear_jeans_change_lives_logo.jpg (1000×1000)