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Dates for Your Diary - Summer Term

* The children will be having PE lessons every Friday afternoon.  

*The children will receive homework every Friday and it needs to be returned by the following Tuesday.

*On Monday 21st May, some of the children will be visiting the Lambton Estate to learn about how an estate is run and the job opportunities there are on an estate.

*On Tuesday 22nd May, the children will be having a party after school to celebrate the end of SATs and to celebrate all their hard work.  The party will run from 3.30pm - 4.30pm.

*On Wednesday 23rd May, some of the children will be taking part in the Hit the Surf activity at Seaburn Beach, where they will learn more about water safety and be able to use surfboards.

*On May 24th the children will be attending Safety Works at Newcastle to learn about keeping safe, both in the home and when outside.

*On Thursday 24th May, the school nurse will be visiting to discuss with the children the changes their bodies will experience over the next few years.  Any children who are not taking part in this must return the form to school.

*The children will be taking part in a project called 'Sea Less Plastic' and is all about cleaning beaches, not polluting the seas and protecting the environment.  On Friday 25th May, the children will have a session in school to intrudcue the project, then on Monday 18th June, they will spend a day at Roker and Seaburn beaches rock exploring and on Wednesday 20th, they will return to the beach to help tidy it up.  On Thursday 5th July, they will making clean waste sculptures with a beach them and these will then be displayed on a trail at Roker and Seaburn. 

*On Friday 8th June, the children will be completing a First Aid course, in school, with the St.John's Ambulance.

*On Wednesday 13th June, some of the children will be dancing at the Empire as part of the Sunderland Festival - the rest of the children will be going along to offer their support.

*On the evening of Monday 2nd July, Southmoor will hold their open evening for the parents of new Year 7 children.  Letters and details will be sent out nearer the time. 

* On Tuesday 3rd of July and Wednesday 4th July, the children will have their two transition days at Southmoor School.  More details of this will be given out nearer the time.

*The Year 6 production of 'The Wizard of Oz' will be held on Tuesday 10th July.  There will be an afternoon and an evening performance.  Details of times and the cost of tickets will be given nearer the time.

*On Wednesday the 11th July, the children will be taking part in a Tall Ships workshop at the National Glass Centre and then in the afternoon, they will have the chance to visit the festival. 




The topic for this term is 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' and is based around the book 'The Wizard of Oz' and the Year 6 summer show.  The children will be spending a lot of the time learning lines and songs for the show, which is to performed on Tuesday 10th July.  In English, the children will be using the story to inspire their writing - they will write a story set in Oz, character descriptions and letters from the points of view of the main characters.  In Art, they will draw a tornado picture and design a new book cover, as well as making props for the show.  In Geography, they will learn about Kansas and in Science they will learn about the body and how to keep healthy.  We are looking forward to having a fantastic final half term.



The children visited Roker Park and Beach to take part in a sculpture trail as part of the Sea Less Plastic project.  The afternoon began with the children making a pledge about how they will try and cut the amount of waste plastic that goes into the sea.  They then completed a trail around the park and seafront to look at sculptures that other local schools have made out of waste plastic.  At each sculpture there was an information board that the children had to use to help them to answer a range of questions about sea life and plastic waste.  Unfortunately, it rained but that didn't stop the children having fun and enjoying a delicious ice-cream.




 The children had a lovely day when they visited the first day of the Tall Ships Festival.  The day began with the children taking part in two art activities.  The first activity involved the children using the technique of roller printing to produce an image of a tall ship onto a polystyrene block and then printing it out onto paper.  The second activity involved the children making bunting using a range of printing materials.  After lunch, the children explored the quayside.  They saw some of the tall ships that had already arrived and saw some new ships arrive.  They watched a play put on by both able and disabled people, which was all about the importance of treating everyone the same.  The children really enjoyed it.  The children enjoyed their day and I know the visit encouraged the children to visit the festival with their families later on that week. 



The children had a fantastic celebrating our first year of learning in French in school with a special French Day.   The day began with a whole school assembly, where a story teller told the school a story about a mole in French and we were all able to join in.  Back in class, the children tested a range of French foods including: brioche, croissant, baguette, pain au chocolat, brie and a cheese called French de doux Montagne.  The children enjoyed tasting the food and then completing a menu sheet about them.  The children then found out about the French revolution and Bastille Day and made their own rosette.   They then had a story telling session, where they heard the story of a wolf who travelled around the world.  On the afternoon, the children had a music session with Mrs Bryant-King, where they sang The Rainbow song in French and sang a song in a round.  With Mrs Blackett, the children learned about the Tour de France and completed their own version of it.  Next the children had a singing session with a teacher from Southmoor School and this helped the children learn the name of common objects.  The day ended with the children gathering back in the hall to share with the other classes what activities they had completed that day.




The children attended a Discovery Work Event at the Stadium of Light.  The event is for both primary and secondary pupils and allows them to see the different types of careers and opportunities that are available to them when they are older.  At the event there are a range of employers from many different sectors of the job world and lecturers from City of Sunderland College and the University of Sunderland.  The children visited many stands including the South Shields Marine School, where they used a virtual reality headset to explore the inside of a DFDS ferry.  The children practised their hairdressing and beauty skills with lecturers from the City of Sunderland College.  They learned about how DNA was made and created their own strand of DNA.  The children interacted with robots and learned about the role of a paramedic.  They also met members of the police force, including their horses and a police dog.  They got the chance to try on police helmets and sit in a police van.  The children and a very enjoyable afternoon and learned more about the jobs they might like to do when they are older.






The children are taking part in the Sea Less Plastic Project, which is part of The John Muir Award.  The project began with the children working in school and learning who John Muir was and what conservation is.  The second part of the project was to visit an environmental site - ours was Roker Beach.  During our first visit to the beach, the children explored the beach.  They took part in a scavenger hunt where they had to find certain objects on the beach, such as a feather or the shell with the most stripes.  They then had to use seawater and seaweed to amek the smelliest 'drink' they could.  The last activity of the day was exploring the rock pools.  The children had to see how many different living things they could find and use a identification card to work out what they had found.  The children really enjoyed this and found a softback crab and many tiny fish.

On our second visit to the beach, the children were thinking about how to conserve and care for the beach.  The children did this by litter picking.  It was amazing what they found, everything from odd socks to a plastic toy lion.  The children then wrote the message 'Sea Less Plastic' in the sand and used plastic, seaweed and a pebbles to form the letters.  The last activity involved the children being challenged to make the tallest rock tower that they could and then knocking over it over at the end.  The children had a great time at the beach, even if it was a chilly at times, and were proud of themselves helping to keep the beach clean.




The children had a fantastic day learning about basic first aid, with Eric, from St. John's Ambulance.  The day began with the children learning what to do if they find someone who is unconscious - this is called doing a primary survey.  This involves checking the person if the person is responsive and putting them into the recovery position.  The children also learned how to do a secondary survey which involves reassuring the person who is injured and keeping a close check on them.  The children also found out how to help an adult, child or a baby if they are choking and how to stop a nose bleed.  The children learned about how to help someone who is having an asthma attack.  The final activity of the day was learning how to stem a bleed and how to out on a bandage correctly.  The children learnt many new skills and they feel much more confident helping someone who may be injured or feeling unwell.




 The children spent the morning at Safety Works at Newcastle where they learned about how to keep safe both in and outside of the home.  The children completed a range of sessions with different professionals.  One of the things the children learned about was fire safety in the home.  They looked for dangers in the home and how to prevent these and what to do if there was a fire.  The children also worked with St. John's Ambulance and found out what to do if a person is unresponsive and how to safely put a person into the recovery position.  The children worked with the police and found out what peer pressure was and what would happen if they were arrested.  A transport police officer worked with the children about how to be safe when using the Metro and railway systems.  They finally had a session about how to cross the road carefully and where and when it is safe to cross.  The children had a very enjoyable morning and learnt a lot of new facts and skills, which will help them as they become more independent and responsible for their own behaviour.



Some of the children had the opportunity to visit the Lambton Estate, near Penshaw, to learn about how an estate is run and the jobs that people do there.  The day began with the children visiting the shepherd and the sheep shearers to see the sheep lose their thick woolly fleeces for the summer.  The children were able to get up close to the sheep and to see how quickly each sheep can be sheared.  The children then visited the estate the office, where they met the receptionist and saw how all the documents are stored.  They also met saw some Highland cattle and their calves and learned a little about them.  Their next stop was to Biddick Hall, where Lord Lambton and his family live when they come.  They saw their living areas, the library and dining room.  After a stop for a snack, the children put on protective clothing to visit the bee hives.  The children saw the very busy hives and learned about how bees make honey - luckily no one was stung.  They were each given a delicious tub of honey to take away with them. Just before dinner, the children met the gamekeeper and his four excitable dogs.  The children had great fun throwing the ball for the dogs and chasing them around the walled garden.  The final stop on their tour was to visit the old Lambton Castle.  The children explored the rooms and found out what the rooms used to be used for and the plans for the castle in the future.  We even visited the basement which was very dark and spooky.  The children had a fantastic day and learned a great deal about how an estate is run and the different jobs that you can do at such a place.






Our topic, this term is 'Adventures with Kensuke' and is based around the novel by Michael Morpurgo.  The children will base all their English work around the story and will write diary entries, letters and adventure stories of their own.  In Maths the children will be using algebra, learning about the parts of a circle and angles.  The children will also be Coding every week with Mr Newby.  The children will also be busy preparing for SAts, through small group work, looking at sample questions and booster.  We are looking forward to another busy but fun half term.  


A Day with Chris Connaughton

 The children had a fantastic day working with the writer and actor, Chris Connaughton.  The day linked to the class topic of Adventures with Kensuke.  The day began with Chris acting out a play about an actor stuck at an airport and linked this to the story of Robinson Crusoe - who had been stuck on an island for nearly 30 years.  Chris brought the story to life using a range of props, including a bag of sand, pieces of driftwood and large sea shells.  The children then used the play to inspire their writing.  The children wrote a diary entry and a letter as if they were Robinson Crusoe and created a list of objects that they would take if they were stranded on a desert island.  The children also took part in a hot-seating activity, where they interviewed Chris, as if he was Robinson Crusoe, about life on a desert island.  The children also questioned Chris about his role as an actor, story writer and a playwright.  The children picked up lots of tips about how to improve their writing, which they are keen to use in the future. 



Monozukuri Caravan Event at Nissan

The children visited Gateshead College at Nissan to take part in the Monozukuri Caraven event.  During the day, the children learned how Nissan first began and watch a film about cars are made,  In pairs they made a Nissan Buddy car and then were put into teams to be a production line to make Lego cars.  This made the children think about the best ways to work together and teamwork.  The children also visited a workshop, where they saw some of the equipment that is used when making cars.  They also saw a robot in action and the robot even drew a picture for one of the children.  The children also had the chance to sit in and explore a Nissan car - the Infiniti model.  The children then took part in a series of activities that were designed to test their hand-eye coordination and how fast they could work, these included using a drill and getting the dents about pieces of steel.  The children had a fantastic day and learned a lot about Nissan, as well as developing new skills.




For the second half of the Autumn term, the Year 6 topic is 'Any Dream Will Do', and is all about the story of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  All of the children will be performing in the Christmas production and our class work will be based the story.  In English, the children will write poems about colour, produce a newspaper article about an event in the story and will write a story of their own using some of the people from the bible story.  In art and design technology, the children will produce a piece of multi-coloured cloth by weaving and turn this into a wall hanging.  They will design and make a dreamcatcher.  In Geography, they will learn about mountains and in ICT produce a PowerPoint about mountains.  In Maths, we will be learning about fractions, co-ordinates and measurements, as well as continuing to practise the calculations needed to solve the 4 operations,  We are looking forward to having a fun and exciting half term on the lead up to Christmas.


Parent Craft Workshop

The children had a lovely afternoon when their parents and carers joined them in the classroom for some afternoon fun.  The children worked alongside their adults completing Christmas crafts.  the children made a wreath to hang on the wall, a Christmas tree decoration, completed a word search and used their mathematical skills to draw a Christmas picture using co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants of a grid.  The children then shared a drink and a biscuit or mice pie with their adult.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon and the children thought it was very special having their parent or carer in the classroom.  Thank you to all the adults who were able to attend and we are looking forward to the next workshop in the Spring term. 


Learning about Parliament

 The children had a morning session learning about Parliament.  After a KS2 assembly, where the children learned about what Parliament is and how MPs are elected, they took part in two workshops.  The first workshop involved the children working in groups to write a manifesto, thinking of a party name and writing a persuasive speech.  The children voted for the party that they thought had the best ideas.  In the second workshop, the children learned about how parliament first started and how voting has changed over the centuries.  The children had a very interesting ands enjoyable morning, where they learnt a great deal.


New Wear Crossing

The children visited the New Wear Crossing to learn about why it is being built and how it is being built.  They looked at pictures at how the area across the river has changed and held parts of fabricated tubes  and steel cables, which are used on the bridge.  The children considered the impact the new bridge would have on Sunderland now and future.  They also learned about the different jobs involved in the building of the bridge.  The children then went on the viewing platform to look at the bridge in more detail.  The children had a great visit and learned a great deal. 





For the first half term our topic is 'Keep Calm and Carry On', which is all about the Second World War.  The children will be learning about what caused the war, the affects of the Blitz, rationing and the evacuation of children.  In their English lessons they will learn about Anne Frank and write descriptievely about the Blitz.  In Design TEchonology the children will make theor own model Anderson Shelter and a gas mask box.  In Art, they will design a poster to encourage people with the war effort.  In music, the children will sing and learn more about wartime songs.  Our class reader is 'Letters from the Lighthouse' and is set in Devon during the war. 

This year the children will also be beginning French lessons, with our new language teacher Mrs Blackett.


World War 2 Day

 The children celebrated the end of their topic, 'Keep Calm and Carry On' with a War World 2 day.  The children were dressed as evacuees and sang the wartime song 'Run Rabbit Run' in the school Harvest festival.  The children then made and filled in an identity card, which everyone had to carry during the war.  They also made a Union Jack flag to celebrate VE Day.  On the afternoon, the children tasted typical wartime food.  The children tasted Spam, jam sandwiches, fish paste sandwiches and jelly and fruit.  The children also tasted a wartime sandwich filling made from grated carrot, white cabbage and chutney.  The day ended with the children singing wartime songs.  The children had a fantastic day and it was a great way to end the topic, which all of the children enjoyed. 


Show Racism the Red Card

The children attended a Show Racism the Red Card event at the Stadium of Light.  The day began with the children taking part in a workshop, which looked at what racism is and how we make judgements about people's nationality and religion based on the appearance.  The children then worked with the Foundation of Light and thought about what rivalry is and the consequences this can have.  The children also considered what stereotypes are and the importance of not making assumptions about people based on their appearances or backgrounds.  After that, the children then had a tour of the ground.  They visited the changing rooms, the media room and the player's lounge.  They also ran down the tunnel and had the chance to sit in the dugouts.  After dinner, the children watched a video about racism and took part in a question and answer session with past players Kevin Ball and Gary Bennett and current players Jack Rodwell and Brendan Galloway.  The children had a fantastic day and developed a better understanding of what racism is and how it can be prevented.




Eden Camp Visit

The children visited Eden Camp Museum, near Malton, in Yorkshire to learn more about the Second World War.  The museum used to be a prisoner of war camp and the huts the prisoners were kept in have been turned into exhibits, to show different aspects of the war.  We travelled to the museum by coach, which took two hours.  There were many huts to explore and these included huts about The Blitz, U-Boats, The Blackout, Streets at War and the Home Guard.  The huts used smells and sounds to bring the exhibits to life.  The children also watched a puppet show which showed the music of Vera Lynn, George Formby and Gracie Fields.  The children really enjoyed that.  They also saw replica planes, vehicles and weapons that were used during the war.  The children had an excellent time and learned a great deal.