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Dates for Your Diary - 2nd Half of the Autumn Term

* The children will be having PE lessons every Tuesday afternoon.  During the first half term the children will be playing hockey.

*The children will receive spellings every Monday and will have a practise sheet that they complete at home.  The children will be tested on the spellings the following Monday.

*The children will receive homework on a Friday and it needs to be handed in by the following Tuesday.

*On Monday 13th November it is the Year 6 Parent Consultation Day - letters have been sent home.

*On Tuesday 14th November, the children will be visiting the New Wear Crossing, to learn how it was built and to take a closer look at Sunderland's newest landmark. 

*On Wednesday 22nd November, the children will be working with the Parliament Outreach team to learn more about politics and how democracy works.

*Tuesday 5th December, it is the Year 6 Parent Workshop, from 1.30pm - 3.00pm

*On Monday 11th December, some Year 5 and Year 6, will be working with local poet/songwriter, Martin Longstaff, to write a song to commemorate the end of the First World War.

*On the afternoon of Monday 18th December, the Key Stage 2 children will have their Christmas party.


For the second half of the Autumn term, the Year 6 topic is 'Any Dream Will Do', and is all about the story of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  All of the children will be performing in the Christmas production and our class work will be based the story.  In English, the children will write poems about colour, produce a newspaper article about an event in the story and will write a story of their own using some of the people from the bible story.  In art and design technology, the children will produce a piece of multi-coloured cloth by weaving and turn this into a wall hanging.  They will design and make a dreamcatcher.  In Geography, they will learn about mountains and in ICT produce a PowerPoint about mountains.  In Maths, we will be learning about fractions, co-ordinates and measurements, as well as continuing to practise the calculations needed to solve the 4 operations,  We are looking forward to having a fun and exciting half term on the lead up to Christmas.


New Wear Crossing

The children visited the New Wear Crossing to learn about why it is being built and how it is being built.  They looked at pictures at how the area across the river has changed and held parts of fabricated tubes  and steel cables, which are used on the bridge.  The children considered the impact the new bridge would have on Sunderland now and future.  They also learned about the different jobs involved in the building of the bridge.  The children then went on the viewing platform to look at the bridge in more detail.  The children had a great visit and learned a great deal. 





For the first half term our topic is 'Keep Calm and Carry On', which is all about the Second World War.  The children will be learning about what caused the war, the affects of the Blitz, rationing and the evacuation of children.  In their English lessons they will learn about Anne Frank and write descriptievely about the Blitz.  In Design TEchonology the children will make theor own model Anderson Shelter and a gas mask box.  In Art, they will design a poster to encourage people with the war effort.  In music, the children will sing and learn more about wartime songs.  Our class reader is 'Letters from the Lighthouse' and is set in Devon during the war. 

This year the children will also be beginning French lessons, with our new language teacher Mrs Blackett.


World War 2 Day

 The children celebrated the end of their topic, 'Keep Calm and Carry On' with a War World 2 day.  The children were dressed as evacuees and sang the wartime song 'Run Rabbit Run' in the school Harvest festival.  The children then made and filled in an identity card, which everyone had to carry during the war.  They also made a Union Jack flag to celebrate VE Day.  On the afternoon, the children tasted typical wartime food.  The children tasted Spam, jam sandwiches, fish paste sandwiches and jelly and fruit.  The children also tasted a wartime sandwich filling made from grated carrot, white cabbage and chutney.  The day ended with the children singing wartime songs.  The children had a fantastic day and it was a great way to end the topic, which all of the children enjoyed. 


Show Racism the Red Card

The children attended a Show Racism the Red Card event at the Stadium of Light.  The day began with the children taking part in a workshop, which looked at what racism is and how we make judgements about people's nationality and religion based on the appearance.  The children then worked with the Foundation of Light and thought about what rivalry is and the consequences this can have.  The children also considered what stereotypes are and the importance of not making assumptions about people based on their appearances or backgrounds.  After that, the children then had a tour of the ground.  They visited the changing rooms, the media room and the player's lounge.  They also ran down the tunnel and had the chance to sit in the dugouts.  After dinner, the children watched a video about racism and took part in a question and answer session with past players Kevin Ball and Gary Bennett and current players Jack Rodwell and Brendan Galloway.  The children had a fantastic day and developed a better understanding of what racism is and how it can be prevented.




Eden Camp Visit

The children visited Eden Camp Museum, near Malton, in Yorkshire to learn more about the Second World War.  The museum used to be a prisoner of war camp and the huts the prisoners were kept in have been turned into exhibits, to show different aspects of the war.  We travelled to the museum by coach, which took two hours.  There were many huts to explore and these included huts about The Blitz, U-Boats, The Blackout, Streets at War and the Home Guard.  The huts used smells and sounds to bring the exhibits to life.  The children also watched a puppet show which showed the music of Vera Lynn, George Formby and Gracie Fields.  The children really enjoyed that.  They also saw replica planes, vehicles and weapons that were used during the war.  The children had an excellent time and learned a great deal.