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Welcome to Miss Hunter's Class

Welcome to Year 4! This year we have 29 fantastic children who are eager and ready to learn. Over the school year, this page will be full of the exciting activities the children have been up to. For now, we have added some important dates for your diaries. 


Important Dates for your Diary:

  • On a Tuesday the children will visit the school library and will be able to choose a book to take home and enjoy.
  • Every Wednesday Miss Christie and every Friday Miss Martinez will be reading with the children individually so they need a reading book and their home school diary. 
  • Every Friday, the children will have PE.  They will need indoor P.E. kits which includes plain shorts, plan t-shirt and plain black plimsols or trainers.
  • Homework will be set every Friday and needs to be returned on the following Tuesday.
  • Every Tuesday the children in Year 4 can take part in a lunchtime football session with Arj. The children will need to have shorts, a t-shirt and suitable footwear for playing outside on the field.

A very memorable class!

Year 4 have certainly been an enthusiastic, memorable bunch of children. They have provided us with lots of entertainment over the year.I have been so proud of how much they have grown over the year. This photo (that was taken during our report cover photo shoot) sums them up perfectly! They're definitely a class no-one could forget!

Choices and Changes 


Back in time at Beamish

Year 4 recently went on a fantastic visit to Beamish, where they took part in a special sound workshop.

On the morning, they had a special workshop which was all about different musical instruments. They met at the village band hall where they learnt that miners spent their free time playing instruments as it cleared out their lungs which were clogged from working in the mines. Some of the instruments were rather strange, like the postal horn which was used to signal that road blocks needed to be opened quickly for the postal rider to be let through and the jaw horn which is a metal instrument which is placed in the mouth and small metal arm is twanged. They also listened to the hooter which was used to signal the beginning and end of shift for the miners. They travelled to different places across Beamish to see how the sound changed. One group then visited the farm where they looked at how life has changed over time and were particularly fascinated by the laundry equipment. The other group visited the town where they visited the dentist, and were horrified at the dental equipment which would have been used. The children had a fantastic day and tried out lots of new things.

Choices and Changes

Year 4 are taking part in a new topic inspired by four teachers visiting Nepal during the February half term. The children will be reading a book called Mouse Bird Snake Wolf which is all about three children who aren’t happy with the world so try and make their own changes. In the story, the children have to deal with some unexpected consequences so Year 4 will be debating whether the children made the right choice. Children will be exploring the local area to look at issues such as littering and pollution. They will also be sharing their work with children in our partner school in Nepal. Children will debate issues which occur in Nepal, such as should a child have to become the Living Goddess of Kathmandu. As well as this, during science, children will be learning all about sound and how sounds are made. Already, children have made their own string telephone and investigated how to change the sound, and they have investigated which materials sound can travel through. Eventually, children will design and make their own sound proof headphones.

Radiant Rainforests


Visit to Winter Gardens

As part of their Radiant Rainforest topic, Year 4 visited the Sunderland Winter Gardens. They investigated the different plants which were grown there and learnt all about the ingredients which grow on these plants. They learnt about the conditions which the plants needed in order to grow. The children were absolutely fantastic during the visit and searched for their own information. We were even given special permission to feed the Koi which the children loved to do. After the visit to the winter gardens, we visited Mowbray park to have a little picnic and play some team games. The children had a fantastic morning and impressed staff with their brilliant behaviour.

Human Branching Databases

As part of our new topic, children are looking at how to sort and classify animals. One of the ways they will be focusing on, are branching databases. Whilst the weather was nice, the children went outside and created their own human branching database. This helped the children understand the type of questions which are required to make an effective database. Our database helped sort the children in the class into individual groups.


Our new topic is a fantastic science and geography topic where children will be learning all about the rainforests around the world. We are reading a brilliant story called The Explorer which is set in the Amazon Rainforest. Children have already used atlases to locate countries around the world which have rainforests and they have produced some incredible explanation texts which talk about the four layers of the rainforest. We have lots of exciting activities coming up over the next half term. 


A World of Wonder


Skipping Superstars!

After weeks of practise, Year 4 went to Thornhill to compete against four other schools in a skipping festival. The skipping festival was broken into three parts; the individual skills, the long rope skills and the skip dance.  All of the children competed in their chosen skill and were absolutely incredible! When it came to the skipping dance, the children were a little nervous as it was extremely tricky but once again they were fantastic. Lots of our children were awarded gold, silver and bronze medal certificates in Grangetown’s most successful year at the skipping festival. Mr McAnaney even had to do a special awards ceremony in the class as there were so many certificates to give out. The children were absolutely brilliant and most importantly, they all had a wonderful time. 

Our New Topic - A World of Wonder

Our new topic is based on the fantastic book 'Wonder' By R.J Palacio. The children will be learning about August Pullman who is a very special boy attending school for the very first time. They will learn about the challenges he faces and how school can be a tricky place for everyone. Children will also be looking at how wonderful animals and humans are, how their bodies are adapted to help them digest the food they eat. They will also look at humans teeth and the purpose of the different types. Through geography, children will be looking at Wonders of the World. They will also look at the Modern Wonders of the World and locate the countries they are in on maps.

Remarkable Robots

Year 4 visit the Life Centre

As part of their topic, Year 4 visited the Life Centre to take part in a circuits and conductors workshop. They visited the museum and explored the exhibitions they have there. The toilet which doubles as a water fountain was definitely a favourite of the children. They also got the chance to visit the ice rink where they practised their ice skating skills. During the workshop, children were absolutely amazed when they realised their bodies had turned into conductors of electricity and that they were able to make a light bulb light up without wires. They created a class circuit between the bulb and the battery. During the workshop, they also identified the problem with circuits and explained how they would fix them. They certainly impressed the staff at the Life Centre with their knowledge of circuits and conductors. All of the children had a fantastic time.

Iron man - 'With a head the shape of a dustbin, but the size of a bedroom....'


After being inspired by Ted Hughes's words about the sheer size of The Iron Man, children went outside onto the yard and imagined how big their bedrooms were. They then imagined how big that must make the rest of his body and created similes to describe him. My favourite of the day was 'He has eyes as large and round as ferris wheels.' Back in the classroom, the children then produced some fantastic descriptive writing about The Iron Man.

Our New Topic - Remarkable Robots 

Our new topic is an exciting new science topic. Children will be reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes which they will use as inspiration for their drama, poetry and writing. Children will be identifying and creating circuits. They will learn to understand the difference between series and parallel circuits and the elements which these need to work. Children will investigate which materials conduct electricity and also how to make bulbs brighter.


Settling Saxons and Vicious Vikings

Violent Volcanoes in the snow.

After reading the fabulous book Arthur and the Golden Rope, which sees a young boy travel to Iceland in search of Viking Gods, the children began to learn about the Icelandic landscape. Children learnt about the many volcanoes which make up the Icelandic landscape, and many children found out facts at home to share with the rest of the class. At the end of our topic, children worked together to paper mâché a volcano. Once it was completed, we all went outside and watched our volcano erupt. 

After watching the volcano erupt in the snow (and after having a snowball fight of course) the children needed to warm up. So we rushed inside and had hot chocolate, which went down very well with the children! 



Our New Topic - Settling Saxons and Vicious Vikings

Our new topic is an exciting new topic looking into life in Britain during the Anglo Saxon times. We will be looking at how Britain changed due to the invasions of the Angles, Saxons and then the Vikings. Children are reading a fantastic new story called Arthur and the Golden Rope. They have just met the hero of the story Arthur. They know he's a hero, but they're not sure why just yet! Inspired by the book, the children produced some absolutely fantastic advertising videos about Iceland. We definitely have some charismatic children with a future in television here in Y4! 


Oliver and the Seawigs 

Year 4 are currently reading a fantastic book called Oliver and the Seawigs. It's a book about a young adventurer named Oliver Crisp and the rather peculiar people he meets on his dangerous adventure to save his parents. As part of the book, there is a very special event called the Night of the Seawigs which takes place at the Hallowed Shallows. The children in Year 4 were gathering lots of items which could be used to make seawigs. We even had a very special judge come and choose a winning seawig, just like in the book. If you haven't read Oliver and the Seawigs, Year 4 definitely recommend it! 

Marvellous Maths!

Year 4 have already started the year of extremely well. They have been making sure they understand the place value of 4 digit numbers. All of the children were using place value counters or base 10 to show that they could make, order and compare 4 digit numbers. It was fabulous to see so many children working well together, great teamwork!