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welcome to Miss Beetham's Class

Welcome to Miss Beetham's class webpage. On this page you can find out what fun and engaging activities the children get up to as well as important notices and dates for your diary. I hope you enjoy reading about what your child gets up to this year.

A few important notices:

  • PE is on a Monday afternoon. Please ensure full kits are in school every week and earrings are removed.
  • Our library day is on a Friday morning. Please ensure library books are returned to school on this day.
  • Reading books have been issued to children. There will be various opportunities throughout the week for your child to read with adults therefore reading books need to be in school every day. Try listening to your child read regularly. 10-15 minutes four times a week is much better than a longer session once a week.
  • Spellings go out every Monday and tests take place the following Monday during phonics.
  • Homework is sent out on Friday and must be returned no later than Thursday. This gives us time to mark your child’s work and give them praise.
  • Toast is available at playtime every Tuesday and Thursday costing 10p per slice.
  • Tuck shop is available every Friday. Children should bring in 40p maximum each week which is enough to buy a drink and a snack. Children keep their money in pots and are responsible for any change they may have. We ask for the exact 40p as it is often difficult to find change in school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask myself or Ms. Wayman on the door in the morning or afternoon. We are more than happy to help!


Miss Beetham


This week we posted two letters to school. One envelope had a first class stamp on and the other had a second class stamp. We discussed the difference in price and made a prediction that the first class stamp should arrive first since it costs more. The children were very excited when our first letter arrived at school and just as we expected, it was the envelope with the first class stamp. The second letter arrived shortly after the first. We looked at the ink stamps the envelopes had been given. We have posted another letter this week to Australia! We are keeping a note of how long it takes to arrive. We are very excited and even plotted the route we think it might take on a map of the world. We will keep you updated on any news about it.


Dates for your diary 

Thursday 16th November - parent consultation.

Tuesday 12th December - trip to the pantomime.

Thursday 15th December - parent workshop.

Tuesday 19th December - KS1 nativity 

Wednesday 20th December - Christmas party

November - goldilocks

This week we have read the beginning of 'The Jolly Postman' and found out that he delivers a letter to a cottage belonging to the three bears so we have been learning all about the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We started the week by making some delicious porridge. The children helped to measure and pour the ingredients and then they mixed all of the ingredients together. They all had a taste of it and evaluated it. We all agreed that it was just rightLater on in the week we found our sand tray filled with oats. We are all wondering who put them there. Lots of the children think it is naughty Goldilocks playing a trick on us.

November - Once upon a bicycle

Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term, I hope you had a lovely week off. This half term our new topic is 'Once Upon a Bicycle' and the children will be learning all about the Jolly Postman and the traditional characters he meets on his daily round. We have started the topic with a trip to Grangetown Post Office. Before our trip the children each wrote themselves a letter, put it in an envelope and stuck on a stamp. They all proudly posted their letters in the postbox and we are now waiting to hear when their letter arrives at their home. The children were lucky enough to bump into a postman and he kindly let us take a picture with him. When we went into the post office, the children asked the staff working there lots of questions about the postal system. We bought a first class and a second class stamp to look at the difference in price. We are going to post two different letters to the same address to find out which one arrives first. The children displayed excellent behaviour throughout the trip and were a credit to the school. 


October - Our Space Day

We had a brilliant space themed day to end our topic of 'To Infinity and Beyond'. The children joined in with many spaced themed activities such as painting a moon with puffy paint, decorating moon biscuits, building a rocket out of shapes and creating alien masks. They then all tried out lots of tests to see if they have what it takes to be an astronaut. We all agreed that the children in Year 1 would make fantastic astronauts! Year 1 could not believe their eyes when a real astronaut walked into the room. He was wearing a space suit and he brought us lots of space food. We tried warm ice-cream, it was very strange. Bob the astronaut told us all about working at NASA and what life on the moon is like. 

SeptemBER - To Infinity and Beyond

Our topic for this half term is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. The children have had a great time receiving messages from Obb the alien. He has had lots of jobs for us to do such as testing materials, recording the weather and describing ourselves. We have been investigating his spaceship crash landing and we built a trap following some instructions we received from NASA! We are learning the instructions off by heart so that we can teach them to the other children in our school so that they too can help us find Obb. We have covered our corridor with lost posters describing Obb. Here is a clip of his spaceship caught on the school CCTV before the crash. Please let us know if you see him!


 Our focus text this half term is ‘Man on the Moon’. Children have been engrossed in the many activities we have been carrying out about this book in English lessons such as visiting the moon then writing post cards and writing advertisement posters. We also have been learning about Neil Armstrong and his mission on Apollo 11 to the moon.


September - Backhouse Park

Before his trip to the Earth, Obb the alien asked us to describe what it is like on Earth. We went on a walk to Backhouse Park to observe the physical features around us. The children behaved superbly and got to play in the park as a treat. We saw lots of features such as benches, trees, rivers and bridges. We were even joined by a squirrel! We came back to school and completed an observation checklist and sent it off to Obb.





A big warm welcome to you! I hope you enjoy reading about what the children get up to during this academic year on our class webpage. I am delighted to have 16 fantastic children in my class who have all settled in extremely well and are already making brilliant progress. Here are some pictures showing how engaged the children have been in our areas of the classroom.