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welcome to Miss Beetham's Class

Welcome to Miss Beetham's class webpage. On this page you can find out what fun and engaging activities the children get up to as well as important notices and dates for your diary. I hope you enjoy reading about what your child gets up to this year.

A few important notices:

  • PE is on a Friday afternoon. Please ensure full kits are in school every week and earrings are removed.
  • Our library day is on a Friday morning. Please ensure library books are returned to school on this day.
  • Reading books have been issued to children. There will be various opportunities throughout the week for your child to read with adults therefore reading books need to be in school every day. Try listening to your child read regularly. 10-15 minutes four times a week is much better than a longer session once a week.
  • Spellings go out every Monday and tests take place the following Monday during phonics.
  • Homework is sent out on Friday and must be returned no later than Thursday. This gives us time to mark your child’s work and give them praise.
  • Toast is available at playtime every Tuesday and Thursday costing 10p per slice.
  • Tuck shop is available every Friday. Children should bring in 40p maximum each week which is enough to buy a drink and a snack. Children keep their money in pots and are responsible for any change they may have. We ask for the exact 40p as it is often difficult to find change in school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask myself or Ms. Wayman on the door in the morning or afternoon. We are more than happy to help!


Miss Beetham


June - The 7 Continents 

As part of our pirate topic, we have been learning about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans of the world. We have been looking at a globe, on google maps and in an atlas. The children have recently started to learn a song related to the continents. Below is an example of them singing the song and doing actions linked to each continent. Aren't they so clever?! You can practise at home by clicking the link 

June - A Pirate's Life for Me

Our new topic 'A Pirate's Life for Me' was started with a bang today! We were very shocked when we received a message in a bottle. We carefully unravelled the letter to find it was a treasure map! We looked at the key on the map and the aerial images and realised that it was a map of Hendon and there was an x at the beach. We immediately decided to follow the map to see what we could find. When we arrived at the beach, we used spades to dig the sand until we found a treasure chest buried beneath the sand. We quickly pulled it out and opened it up to find a chest full of chocolate! We walked back to school singing pirate songs and shared out the chocolates when we arrived back. We had a fantastic time following the map. All of the children are now very engaged in our new topic. 


May - Police Visit

This week we were lucky enough to receive a visit from PC Catherine. She came into our school and taught us all about what the police do. We had fantastic questions for her! Catherine let us try on her uniform - it was very heavy! She then let us play cops and robbers dressing up and using real hand cuffs. It was a lot of fun. We even arrested Miss Beetham and Miss Stell! We then got the chance to sit in her car! We had a fantastic time learning about the police. 


May - Whitehouse Farm 

Last week, Y1 got to visit Whitehouse Farm. We were in luck as the weather was beautiful! The children were very excited and discussed what animals they thought would be there before we left. When we finally arrived (after a very long journey), we were able to feed alpacas, donkeys, sheep, lambs, goats and horses. The children were very brave and followed all of the rules. They all even got to bottle feed a baby lamb! The lambs were very excited for their food! The children spent some time in the play park having lots of fun in the sun! After packed lunch, we went on a tractor ride. It was lots of fun seeing the animals up close. Finally to end our busy day, the children all got to pet lots of animals including guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and even a millipede! The children's behaviour was exceptional, they made me very proud. They had a fantastic day and lots of the children fell asleep on the way home. A day well ended. 


April - ASDA 

Year 1 have been learning the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. In the story, the Little Red Hen makes bread. We decided to make our own bread. We went to ASDA to buy the ingredients needed. We talked about the special ingredient yeast that helps the bread rise. The children were very sensible on the walk and when in ASDA. We can't wait to make our bread next week!

April - Butterfly, fly away!

To start off our summer term, we have said goodbye to our butterflies. Today we looked at them in their net and discussed how much they had changed overtime. The children made great observations. We took the net outside and opened it up. With a little bit of encouragement from the children, the butterflies left one at a time and found their new home in the wild. One of the children even got to hold one butterfly as it landed on her hand! How lucky! We will be on the look out for our butterflies and play times to see if they come back. 

APRIL - Phonics 

I am aware that lots of children will be carrying out phonics games and activities in the holidays. The children have created a video demonstrating how we pronounce the phase 2 sounds. It is important they don't add an 'uh' onto the end of sounds (saying 'tuh' instead of the pure sound 't' for example) as this can cause errors. 

Some key vocabulary:

Phoneme - sound

Grapheme - a letter that represents the sound

Sound out - sound out each phoneme in a word

Blend - to blend all sounds together to read a word

Segment - to break up a word into sounds e.g c - a - t 

Digraph - two letters that make one sound e.g. ch 

Trigraph - three letters that make one sound e.g. igh 

Split digraph - two letters that don't sit together but make one sound e.g. a_e like snake

The phases that the children work through can be accessed on the letters and sounds website which is the scheme we follow at GPS. It can be found here: and helpful games to help practise can be accessed on Phonics Play which can be found here:

april - caterpillar update

Happy Easter! I hope you are having lovely half-term break and you are spending some quality time with your families. Unfortunately, the butterflies did not emerge before the spring term ended so I have taken them home with me for the holidays. I have been looking daily to see if there are any changes to the chrysalides. This morning the first butterfly emerged! Let's call him Ace! He has already been drinking lots of sugar water. His wings are still rather dull but as the days go on, he will get more and more colourful. Hopefully his friends will join him soon!


March - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

This week we have been counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s and we have been solving lots of problems. We have been practising this since September and we are getting much better at remembering the order! We talked about how numbers in the 2 times tables are even. Here is a video of us counting in 2s. How good are we? Please practise with us at home to help us get even better. We are trying to go up to 40!


Today the children in Year 1 went on a trip to the Washington Wetland Centre. The children had been learning about animals that live in the woodlands prior to the trip so they were very prepared for the day! The children were extremely excited to find out that we would be able to ride a double-decker bus to the centre. It was very fun! Once there, the children received a special workshop looking at animals and where they live. They were amazed at how big the swan's wings were that they got to hold! They then got the chance to go and observe the animals living in the Wetland Centre. The children got to observe lots of different birds. We even got to feed them! One of our children even got to feed a bird out of his hands! We were very lucky to get such close encounters! The children then completed a mini beast workshop. It was an excellent day and fun was had by all, including by the adults! "I was amazed. It was the best day!" one of our children said. What more could we ask for? Excellent behaviour was shown by the children as always. I was a very proud teacher! Check out all of the photos below on the slideshow. Enjoy!



In Year 1 the children had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day. We started the day by reading our favourite books as our early bird activity. We then met up with Y5 and shared our books. The children in Y5 were excellent at reading their books to us, showing us the pictures and talking about what we could see! We were then surprised to be joined by some new visitors - caterpillars! The children looked at the caterpillars closely and discussed books that they have read that have caterpillars in. Lots of us had already read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We read it again and then completed a book review. We discussed what we liked about it. Lots of us loved the part when he got very fat! We then had a trip to the library. Ms Wayman read us a lovely book. We really enjoyed World Book Day - it even inspired lots of us to read during golden time in our reading garden. How fantastic! 

March - Clean up 

Y1 have been learning all about recycling. This week, we looked at everyday items and the materials they are made of. We then discussed the importance of not littering and recycling instead. On Thursday, Y1 got the opportunity to work with ICOS and clean up Backhouse Park. The children worked in teams using litter pickers and safety cloves to remove litter from the ground and take care of the environment. The children had a fantastic time and were able to discuss why littering is bad and what recycling is. 

FEBRUARY - topic update

Our new topic for Spring 2 is 'Into the Woods'. We are going to be learning all about the wildlife in the woodlands. We have started our topic by looking at plants. The children have all planted a sunflower seed. We discussed germination - the children are very excited to watch their flowers grow! After they have grown, we are going to transfer them to the flower beds outdoors. We have also been learning about evergreen and deciduous trees. The children found a stick to use as their 'story stick'. They then went in pairs to find leaves and stuck them to their story stick. They ticked off the leaves they had found on a tree identification sheet. When we were back in the classroom, the children used their story stick to tell us what they found on their journey. 

February - Chinese New Year 

Y1 had a fantastic time celebrating Chinese New Year with a full themed day. We started the day with an English lesson writing a menu for a Chinese restaurant using lots of adjectives and even some alliteration! We then learnt how it was the year of the dog. We were very lucky to get a visit from not one, but two guide dogs! Their owners taught us how important dogs are and what they can do to help us. The children all gave the dogs a little stroke. The dogs were very well behaved! In the afternoon we learnt about Chinese celebrations and traditions. We loved learning about a different culture. We then prepared and cooked some delicious stir fry. We all had a good go at using chop sticks! What a super day! 

February - Mantle of the Expert 

Over this half-term, Year 1 have been looking at theories about dinosaur extinction. They then used 'Mantle of the Expert' which is a drama strategy. They pretended to be dinosaur experts and give their opinions on dinosaur extinction. They all were able to write their own opinion and they worked hard to help make this 'documentary'. Ask your child about dinosaur extinction and see what their opinion is. They are dinosaur experts! We have all thoroughly enjoyed this topic and had lots of fun. I hope you have had a lovely week off and are ready for the second half of the spring term. 


February - Valentine Disco 

The boys and girls had a super time at their valentine disco! They all got their party clothes on and danced all night! Here is a picture of them all ready - don't they look fantastic?

February - Eggsperiment 

Today Year 1 have been 'eggsperimenting' with materials. They wanted to find out which material would be best for a dinosaur's nest. We dropped eggs onto the different materials to see if it would crack. Before we started, we discussed how we could make our testing fair so we decided to drop it from the same height every time. We then touched all of the materials and discussed their properties, making predictions of which material will be the best. We found that although the cotton wool was soft, it was bouncy and the egg bounced off landing on the floor and cracking - not great! The best materials were the tissue paper and the hay as they were both soft and absorbed the bounce, keeping the egg safe and crack-free! The worst materials were the wood and plastic because they were hard and caused the egg to crack in half. Super eggsperimenting Y1! 

February - Great North Museum 

Year 1 went on a trip to the Great North Museum to explore the dinosaur exhibition. The children got the chance to explore the museum in groups. They spent a long time in the fossil stories exhibition looking at all of the dinosaur fossils. The children all observed the T.Rex skeleton and sketched in with their pencil and paper. They are going to bring their sketches to life next week by adding dimensions through the use of materials. The children loved the trip and, as always, were very well behaved. They had a fantastic day and they all asked lots of super questions to deepen their knowledge on dinosaurs and fossils. 

January - Caring for a Baby Dinosaur 

This week Y1 were very worried when they found out that a baby dinosaur had been heard crying in the secret garden. They decided to help care for it, so off we went to the secret garden. We first looked around for clues and we found footprints and a nest - definite signs of baby dinosaur life! We then gave it a nice comfortable bed, found lots of sticks to make it a shelter to protect it from predators and finally we left out some meat since it is a carnivore. The next day we helped the other boys and girls in school by writing instructions of how they can care for a baby dinosaur too. Our instructions were excellent! We used lots of bossy verbs. Y1 are fantastic baby dinosaur carers. 

January - Number Bonds

In Year 1 we have been using number bonds to help our maths work. It is very important that all of the children become secure with their number bonds to 10 to help them with their future maths work. In school we sing this song to help us remember. Please play this video at home and your child can not only practise their number bonds, but they can also show you how super their maths knowledge is becoming! 

January - MISSING!

Year 1 have been on the hunt for the dinosaur ever since they found the footprints and dinosaur poo. The children were very shocked when they found this video that was filmed on the school's CCTV! They all have written fantastic missing posters using lots of adjectives to describe the dinosaur. Their posters have been put up around school so other children can help find her too. Please keep your eye out for her. She is "enormous", "terrifying" and "green". 

January - Dinosaur explorers

Today Year 1 have been dino explorers. We were hunting for more dinosaur clues when we found dinosaur poo! We carefully observed and investigated using magnifying glasses. We looked at each one carefully to examine the diets of the dinosaurs. We are now able to discuss what a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore is and we can also give examples of dinosaurs that fall into these categories! 


Year 1 have been researching different theories of dinosaur extinction. They are aware that there is no definite answer to what caused the dinosaurs to become extinct but they have been looking at some of the most popular theories. One theory we looked at was volcanic eruptions. The children decided to mix ingredients together to make their own volcanic eruption. They then recorded the changes they observed and labelled it with lots of lovely verbs such as exploding, erupting and fizzing. Super observing Y1! 



January - Animal Handling experience 

The children in Year 1 were very lucky to get an animal handling experience. We were visited from Animal Story and we all got the chance to look at and hold lots of different animals. We were looking at animals that hatch from eggs and we were learning about the life cycle of an egg. The children were very brave during this workshop - lots of them facing their fears! I was very proud of the children. 

January - The hatching

Year 1 were very surprised this morning. They discovered that the egg was missing! All that was left in its place were gold sparkles. Next to the nest there were lots of little muddy footprints and one HUGE footprint. The children are very sure that the Mammy dinosaur has came back for her baby dinosaur. They all decided to write questions to the dinosaur. They all used question marks and tried very hard to use super question starters. They thought of fantastic questions such as 'Where have you gone?'. 

January - FOUND!!

In topic we have been reading a news report about a dinosaur fossil that was found in a back garden in Sunderland. We decided we would go and hunt to see if we could find more. We couldn't believe our eyes when we found a fossil at the sea front! We all inspected it and had a good look. We then all made our own news report about our finding using lots of lovely adjectives to describe the fossil. 

January - Aqua Dinosaurs 

Today we placed 'aqua dinosaur' eggs into a container. We then added some food in. We are going to observe closely over the next few weeks as the eggs hatch and the 'dinosaurs' grow. 

Update! Our aqua dinosaurs are growing every day! We have been using magnifying glasses to look closely and watch them change before our very eyes! 

Update 2: Two of our aqua dinosaurs have grown and we have named them Tom and Jerry. 

January - What's in the egg?

A warm welcome back! I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas break. This half term we have lots of exciting activities planned to engage and challenge your children. Our topic this half term is 'What's in the Egg?' and we will be learning all about dinosaurs. We have started the topic by finding a golden egg in the courtyard. The children have used lovely adjectives to describe the egg and made super predictions to what they think is inside. We have explored the many possibilities that could be inside by looking at animals that do and don't hatch. Lots of the children are thinking there could possibly be a baby dinosaur inside! I am sure we will find out soon! 

December - Christmas Celebrations 

To start off our Christmas celebrations, the children performed their Nativity to the school and to their gown-ups. They worked incredibly hard during rehearsals which paid off as their final performance was fantastic! The children then enjoyed more celebrations when we had our Christmas party. They were so surprised when Santa came all of the way from the North Pole to visit our school. To end our celebrations we had a pyjama afternoon and watched the Polar Express. The children all received a ticket for the 'train ride' and a hot chocolate. The children had a lovely time and are definitely now in the Christmas spirit. Enjoy your Christmas break boys and girls, Ms Wayman and I are looking forward to starting a new topic in the new year with you all. I hope Santa is good to all of you.

December - Parent Workshop

The children were thrilled to get the opportunity to invite their grown ups into their class last week. They had lots of fun carrying out Christmas crafts together. The children (and adults) produced some wonderful pieces that they have now proudly taken home. Thanks to all of the parents and carers who were able to attend the workshop. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. 

DECEMBER - Oh no you didn't! 

During our English lessons, we have been looking at the story of Cinderella as the Jolly Postman delivers a letter to her castle. We were very excited to get the opportunity to visit the Whitley Bay Playhouse to watch the show of Cinderella. The children had such a fantastic time! They loved singing along and dancing. Two children from our school even got to go onto the stage and talk to the cast members! The children laughed all of the way through. Their behaviour was excellent throughout the full trip. 

December - Traffic survey

As part of our topic, we have been exploring vehicles. We have discussed the vehicle the Jolly Postman uses which is a bike. Lots of us thought he could do with a better vehicle this time of year so we all designed him one - some even gave him a rocket on the back! We then went out and observed the traffic that passed school. We completed a traffic survey to see which mode of transport was the most popular and found that there were more cars than any other vehicle. We had lots of fun and even got three lorries to beep their horn! The children were very well behaved as always. 


December - WAnted!!

This week the children in Year 1 have been investigating a footprint that was left in the courtyard. We first inspected and decided the only person that could leave a footprint this huge is the Giant! We all made a wanted poster describing what he looks like and what he is like. We used lovely adjectives such as gigantic and spiteful. We have put our posters around school to hope that the other children in school can also be on the look out for him. Please let us know if you see him! 


November - Jack and the Beanstalk

We have found out that the Jolly Postman also delivers a letter to the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been learning the story off by heart and have been able to write it. We are getting fantastic at using finger spaces and capital letters! The children were very excited when they were able to plant their own 'magic' bean last week. They have been taking very good care of their own bean making sure it is watered and in sunlight. They were then all able to write instructions to help the other children in the school know how to plant a bean. Their instructions were fantastic! I was a very proud teacher!

NOVEMBER - The Wicked witch 

During our English lessons, we have been reading more of 'The Jolly Postman' book. We have recently read the story 'Hansel and Grettel' because it appears in book. When the Jolly Postman delivered a letter to the Wicked Witch, he had a green cup of tea. The children were surprised to receive a video message from the Wicked Witch herself giving the children the secret recipe for her green tea! She left us the ingredients which were magic powder and frog juice. Ew! The children made super predictions about what they expected to see when they mixed the ingredients together. The children were very excited to see the 'tea' bubble, fizz and spill over the bowl. "It's grew!" "It has exploded!" said some of the children. The children were able to have a great discussion about what they observed. Well done Year 1, you are expert observers!



This week we posted two letters to school. One envelope had a first class stamp on and the other had a second class stamp. We discussed the difference in price and made a prediction that the first class stamp should arrive first since it costs more. The children were very excited when our first letter arrived at school and just as we expected, it was the envelope with the first class stamp. The second letter arrived shortly after the first. We looked at the ink stamps the envelopes had been given. We have posted another letter this week to Australia! We are keeping a note of how long it takes to arrive. We are very excited and even plotted the route we think it might take on a map of the world. We will keep you updated on any news about it. 

UPDATE: The letter arrived to the address in Australia 14 days later. This took a lot longer than the letter we sent to ourselves! 


Dates for your diary 

Thursday 16th November - parent consultation.

Tuesday 12th December - trip to the pantomime.

Thursday 15th December - parent workshop.

Tuesday 19th December - KS1 nativity 

Wednesday 20th December - Christmas party

November - goldilocks

This week we have read the beginning of 'The Jolly Postman' and found out that he delivers a letter to a cottage belonging to the three bears so we have been learning all about the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We started the week by making some delicious porridge. The children helped to measure and pour the ingredients and then they mixed all of the ingredients together. They all had a taste of it and evaluated it. We all agreed that it was just rightLater on in the week we found our sand tray filled with oats. We are all wondering who put them there. Lots of the children think it is naughty Goldilocks playing a trick on us.

November - Once upon a bicycle

Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term, I hope you had a lovely week off. This half term our new topic is 'Once Upon a Bicycle' and the children will be learning all about the Jolly Postman and the traditional characters he meets on his daily round. We have started the topic with a trip to Grangetown Post Office. Before our trip the children each wrote themselves a letter, put it in an envelope and stuck on a stamp. They all proudly posted their letters in the postbox and we are now waiting to hear when their letter arrives at their home. The children were lucky enough to bump into a postman and he kindly let us take a picture with him. When we went into the post office, the children asked the staff working there lots of questions about the postal system. We bought a first class and a second class stamp to look at the difference in price. We are going to post two different letters to the same address to find out which one arrives first. The children displayed excellent behaviour throughout the trip and were a credit to the school. 


October - Our Space Day

We had a brilliant space themed day to end our topic of 'To Infinity and Beyond'. The children joined in with many spaced themed activities such as painting a moon with puffy paint, decorating moon biscuits, building a rocket out of shapes and creating alien masks. They then all tried out lots of tests to see if they have what it takes to be an astronaut. We all agreed that the children in Year 1 would make fantastic astronauts! Year 1 could not believe their eyes when a real astronaut walked into the room. He was wearing a space suit and he brought us lots of space food. We tried warm ice-cream, it was very strange. Bob the astronaut told us all about working at NASA and what life on the moon is like. 

SeptemBER - To Infinity and Beyond

Our topic for this half term is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. The children have had a great time receiving messages from Obb the alien. He has had lots of jobs for us to do such as testing materials, recording the weather and describing ourselves. We have been investigating his spaceship crash landing and we built a trap following some instructions we received from NASA! We are learning the instructions off by heart so that we can teach them to the other children in our school so that they too can help us find Obb. We have covered our corridor with lost posters describing Obb. Here is a clip of his spaceship caught on the school CCTV before the crash. Please let us know if you see him!


 Our focus text this half term is ‘Man on the Moon’. Children have been engrossed in the many activities we have been carrying out about this book in English lessons such as visiting the moon then writing post cards and writing advertisement posters. We also have been learning about Neil Armstrong and his mission on Apollo 11 to the moon.


September - Backhouse Park

Before his trip to the Earth, Obb the alien asked us to describe what it is like on Earth. We went on a walk to Backhouse Park to observe the physical features around us. The children behaved superbly and got to play in the park as a treat. We saw lots of features such as benches, trees, rivers and bridges. We were even joined by a squirrel! We came back to school and completed an observation checklist and sent it off to Obb.





A big warm welcome to you! I hope you enjoy reading about what the children get up to during this academic year on our class webpage. I am delighted to have 16 fantastic children in my class who have all settled in extremely well and are already making brilliant progress. Here are some pictures showing how engaged the children have been in our areas of the classroom.