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Welcome to the Summer term. We hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Easter!

Mighty Mayans

In Year 5 our topic for this half-term is the ‘Mighty Mayans’. We will examine who they were and how their civilization was created.  We will also learn about their way of life including how their civilization developed over time, their religion and beliefs and their daily life.  In our literacy lessons the children will look at ‘The Chocolate Tree’ by Linda Lowery. They will then spend time writing a creation story based on a Mayan myth. As part of our art lessons, the children will look at Mayan artefacts and in particular the Bonampak murals, designing and creating their own version.  In ICT the children will build their own 3D model of the Mayan Chichen Itza temple. They will then use the app ‘3D Zhu’ to create their own animation including background music and titles to their video. We are looking forward to a fun-filled final half-term!

Y5 trip to Donnison School

On the 12th June, as part of our whole school 'Local History' week, Y5 time travelled to an exhilarating Victorian School. When they got there, they entered the classroom and had to dress up in Victorian clothes and sit down in rows of girls and boys. A very strict Victorian teacher, who was called Miss Vincent, came in the room and she talked to them about the rules. She told them that if they misbehaved they would get the cane. Miss Vincent demonstrated on Martins and asked which hand he wrote with (they would hit you on the opposite hand that the pupil wrote with and strike you 6 times across the hand).

They then went outside and did a PE drill. They formed a circle around Miss Vincent and marched around her, changing direction. After that, they went back inside and she checked the children's hands for dirt. Once the inspection was completed, Shauna and Dylan (the monitors) handed out the slates and slate pencils ready for a spelling and arithmetic test. If any mistakes were made, then they would have to write the correct answer out 5 time.

Raging Rivers

Our new topic this half term is 'Raging Rivers'. We will be looking at the human and physical geography of the main UK and world rivers and studying in depth the features of a river. During our field trip to Harehope Quarry, we will be 'hands-on' measuring the width, depth and velocity of two of River Wear's tributaries. In Literacy we will be: writing poetry based around rivers; writing explanation text about 'The Water-cycle' and having a discussion about water pollution.

Reminder - Harehope Quarry trip - Monday 15th May 2017.  We will be leaving at 8.30am so please be in school by 8.20am at the latest. Children will need a pair of wellies, as they will be standing in rivers in order to take measurements. Please send a pair of shoes/trainers for the journey home.

Swimming for Summer Term

During the Summer term Year 5 will be having swimming lessons at Southmoor Academy. Our lesson will be every Thursday afternoon and will be our PE for this term. We will be leaving school at 1pm and return by the end of the school day.

 Children will need to bring:

  • Swim wear ((trunks or swimming costume)
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag for wet towel and costume
  • Shoulder bag

Children should ensure that they also have an outdoor coat to wear as we will be walking up regardless of weather conditions.

 Just a reminder - Red Nose Day - Children can come dressed in non-uniform on Friday 24th March and bring a donation. We are asking for children to bring in shop-bought cakes to sell on the day.

Y5 Amazing Americas Topic

Our new topic this half-term is Amazing Americas. We will be looking at the continent of North America and will be studying the 23 countries that make up North America.  We will identify the physical and human features of these countries and compare them. In Literacy we will be writing a persuasive letter to Donald Trump – The USA Government about child Labour on Tobacco Farms across the USA. The children are really excited about writing these letters and are hoping for a reply.


Groovy Greek Day

Our Greek Day was a huge success and Year 5 really enjoyed it and we want to take you along on the journey!

The day started off with Mrs Bracknall taking fabulous pictures of us and then showing us videos of the ancient Greek Olympics. We then put some differences between ancient Olympics and Modern Olympics on the board. We are going to tell you some of the things that are different. In the running races the people who took part were only men and they also ran naked. The Hoplitdromos race was when the Greeks played in full armour and had a sword and shield. Sadly women were not allowed to play or watch!  Once we had lots of information we then decided if we wanted to make a Modern Greek Olympic poster or an Ancient Greek Olympic poster.

We continued this after playtime and then we did some more fun things after lunch. We started off by scratching the paint off our Greek pots that we’d created a few days before. We used our design ideas and scratched off the black paint with a tooth pick or needle and we had to be very careful. We then tried a lot of Greek food such as: olives, feta cheese, bread sticks, pitta bread, yogurt and honey, different sauces and fruit. Then Mr McAnaney took pictures of us all and put us on our school website. It was a great way to finish our topic.

 By Shauna and Katie T


This term our topic is 'Groovy Greeks'.  We will be learning about Modern day Greece and looking at how the Ancient Greeks have influenced life today. We will be learning about the ancient Greek Olympics, Greek Gods, How Greece was formed, Battles and wars during Ancient Greek times and Democracy. In Literacy we will be looking at 'Greek Myths' and will have Chris Connaughton (an author) into school (30th January) to work with the children for a full day in a writing workshop


Just a reminder that school will be closed to all pupils next Monday (23rd January) for a teacher training day.


Fire and Rescue visit

Year 2 and Year 5 had a special visit from John who works at Tyne and Wear fire and rescue services. We have learned lots of valuable ways to keep ourselves and our families safe.  Please carefully read our top tips on how to keep safe!

  • Make sure you have a fire alarm on each floor and check it every month.

  • Have an escape plan and make sure all family members know what it is.

  • When you go to bed at night or leave the house, ensure that all doors are closed as a closed door will hold a fire back 15 minutes!

  • Do not charge any electrical devices (mobiles, tablets) over night.

  • Do not put your washer machine or tumble dryer on over night.

  • Switch off all electrical devices when not in use.

  • Do not store your keys in the kitchen as this is where most fire starts. Keep them near the door.

After looking at all the different ways to keep ourselves safe we had some time left and some of us were able chance to try some of John’s fire fighter gear on.


WE - Active Citizen Programme

The children had a fabulous morning working with Chloe from WE. We stared the day with a KS2 assembly where Chloe introduced the WE programme and how it was founded. Afterwards, year 5 went back to their classrooms and spent the morning working with Chloe. Our first activity was a fun game of Pictionary where the children had to draw a picture of a given ‘issue’ for their team-mates. The children then had a debating session where they very maturely discussed how they felt about topics such as poverty and homelessness. The children finished the morning by looking at ways that they could ‘make a change’. We hope to work more on this project in the future.


Y5 Literacy Workshop – Chris Connaughton

The children had an amazing day working with Chris Connaughton who is an author and actor. We started the day with a gripping retell of the famous Greek myth ‘Perseus and the Gorgan’. The children were on the edge of their seats throughout the day!!! The children had several opportunities to do some writing themselves.  They had to write a letter home in the role of Perseus then they wrote a diary entry. Throughout these activities, Chris skilfully gave the children tips on how to improve their work and different features to include that made their work really impressive.  We all had a great time and the work that the children completed was of a very high standard.


Y5 - Show Racism The Red Car  

Year 5 have had a fabulous day today working with Cat and Andre from SRTRC Foundation of Light. We started our morning with a fitness session delivered by Andre Bennett who is a professional football player. He plays for Middlesbrough but they have recently loaned the defender, son of former Sunderland skipper Gary, to Gateshead for a month.The children had loads of fun playing various ball games. This session then concluded with a mini football tournament. After lunch, we got down to the serious side, with a workshop about ‘racism’. The children learnt the difference between bullying and racism. We had a brief look at the history of racism and also discussed what we can do to change people’s attitudes towards racism. The children really enjoyed both sessions and learnt something very valuable.


Welcome to Year 5 - Autumn 2016

Welcome to Year 5. Our class is made up of 29 happy, enthusiastic and positive children, all keen to learn and have fun through our cross-curricular approach. Mrs Miller will be teaching the children from Monday to Wednesday and then Mrs Bracknall will be in class from Wednesday afternoon until Friday. Mr Newby, our teaching assistant, will be in class with the children all week helping to provide a positive learning environment for all. We are looking forward to a fantastic year together.


Important Messages

  • Tuesday Lunchtime- Football with Arj. There is no cost for this but the children need to have a sports kit to change into and suitable footwear for playing on the field.

  • PE sessions are Thursday afternoon. Please ensure children have full PE kit and all jewellery is removed.

  • Homework is handed out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Tuesday. This allows time for the work to be marked, feedback to be given and new homework issued.

  • Spellings are given out on a Friday to be learnt for the following Friday.

  • Toast is available at playtime on a Tuesday and Thursday this is sold at 10p per slice.

  • Fruity Fantasy is a healthy tuck shop open every Friday playtime. Children are welcome to bring in a small amount of money for this if they wish.


Out of this World!



This half term will be having fun exploring the topic of ‘Out of this World’. In this topic the children will be learning about the Earth, sun and moon, famous astronauts who travelled into space and how discoveries changed the way we think about the world.

In Literacy we will be developing our imagination and writing fantasy stories about the fictitious planets we have created. We will be developing our non-fiction writing through writing instructions, information texts and a discussion text. We will be learning about modal verbs, relative clauses, fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. In Science the children will learn about how day and night are made. They will also look at what the moon is and why it appears to change shape in the sky. We will also learn about the different seasons. In Art the children will be looking at marbling techniques in order to create our own planets and making our own origami stars. We will also look at different drawing and sketching techniques.


Energy Awareness Workshop 

On Friday 16th September we welcomed Alan Jones into school from the National Energy Action charity who work to end fuel poverty in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Alan spent the morning helping to educate us on ways in which to help save energy around the home. We watched a PowerPoint presentation which gave us lots of useful information before we worked in groups to complete some drama exercises reinforcing all the key messages. We had lots of fun and there were some budding actors and actresses! After break we looked at solar energy as a renewable energy source and had lots of fun making and racing our own solar powered cars. We would like to thank Alan for a great session and look forward to seeing him again for our next session in October.



Centre for Life

On Thursday 13th October Year 5 visited the Centre for Life in Newcastle. We had an amazing full-filled day. We started the day be visiting the planetarium and looking at different constellations and finding out lots of information about our solar system. From there we had a look at the 'Animal Inside Out' exhibition which featured real life animals preserved through plastination. We embarked on an anatomical safari exploring more than 100 real animal specimens including a huge giraffe and elephant. Later in the day we were lucky enough to experience a 4D motion ride. We experienced every twist, turn, high and low as our seat moved in time to the 3D action on screen. We were blasted with wind, smoke and water, and we were even be able to smell the action of the Catacombs film! The children also had time to explore the curiosity zone and the brain zone, trying out different experiments and looking at different illusions. A great day was had by all!


 Technology Tom

 Technology Tom came into to work with the year 5's once again!  We had a brilliant afternoon making an orrery.  An orrery is a model which shows how the Earth and Moon orbit around the sun. Some parts were very tricky but by the end we were all very successful and were able to take our models home. Thanks again to Technology Tom for teaching us in such a fun way!


 A reminder of upcoming dates for your diary

 1.12.16 - Christmas Fayre - 3.15pm

5.12.16 - Nurse in school - Flu Nasal Spray

19.12.16 - KS2 Christmas party - 1 - 3.20pm

21.12.16 - Christmas Carol Service at St Aidan's Church