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 Welcome to Miss stell's Class 


  • PE is on a Tuesday. Children need their full kit.
  • Reading books and diaries need to be returned each day.
  • Spelling tests are on a Monday.
  • Homework needs to be returned no later than Thursday.
  • Our Library day is a Tuesday.


Over the past seven weeks, Year 1 have been learning all about journeys. We started off by looking at methods of transport and the United Kingdom. We did some lovely writing based on a picture book called Journey. We moved on to read The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and we did some fantastic activities based around this book including making our own lighthouse. To finish off our topic we visited three lighthouses, Cliff Park Lighthouse, Roker Lighthouse and Souter Lighthouse! We were very lucky that the weather was lovely and we were able to go on to the beech where we made some brilliant lighthouses out of the sand.  The children were all extremely well behaved and a great day was had by all.

Our visit to Seven Stories!

The children enjoyed their visit to Seven Stories this week. They behaved exceptionally well and got involved in all of the tasks which they were asked to do. We had great fun exploring Seven Stories and getting dressed up as some of the characters from our favourite books. The day focused on bears and we were able to hear some fantastic stories about bears. We were given the opportunity to take part in a workshop where we acted out parts of the story of The Bear and the Piano.

The children all had a great day! 

Roll Up! Roll Up!

The children in year 1 have enjoyed learning all about the circus. We looked at which animals can be found in the circus and learnt a lot about their habitats and what they like to eat. We had great fun making posters to help find a lion that had escaped from the circus! As part of our topic we had a circus day where we had a visit from Circurama and learnt lots of circus skills. For our topic we also designed and made our own moving clown masks. 

 Clown Masks

Christmas Nativity

All of EYFS and KS1 did a fantastic job in the Nativity this year and made all of the teachers very proud! They all sang beautifully and played their parts fantastically. There was also a great turn out from the parents which is massively appreciated by the school and shows great support to the children. Thank you!

Trip to Asda!

Year 1 took a walk to Asda to get some shopping for Hugless Doulglas' bitrthday. His birthday party was ruined by his cousins so we are going to organise a new one for him. Before we went we made a list of all the different things we need for the party then we went and bought them. We were so well behaved on our walk and inside Asda, the staff at Asda we so impressed. This made Miss Moody very proud!


As part of our topic 'We like to Boogie' Year 1 have been looking at different types of celebrations one of which was Diwali which is also know as the 'Festival of Light' It is celebrated by the Hindu religion in India. We looked at why they celebrated this festival, what they wore and what they did to celebrate it. We even made some Diwali sweets called Ladoos they were so tasty!

Harvest Festival

Year 1 did an amazing job taking part in this years Harvest Festival, both Year 1 classes sang Super Sun together. They practised everyday learning the words and doing the actions. They also contributed to the Harvest Festival by bringing in some items of food that will be sent of to the local food bank. Great job Year 1 thank you and well done! 

Backhouse Park

Year 1 took a walk around the local area exploring where they live and what they live next to. We then stopped off at Backhouse Park and looked at how the leaves were beginning to fall from the trees and we even found some conkers which we kept and brought back to school. Afterwards, as we were so well behaved and sensible Miss Moody let us play in the park we had so much fun!

Our Body

As part of topic 'Who am I?' we have explored and labelled our body parts. We have been learning this by singing the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' and also drawing round our friends and labelling them. We have also used mirrors to look closely at ourselves and label our faces.  

Our First Day

Year one have made a great impression and have had a fantastic start to the year! They have been learning all about the Golden Rules and are able to follow these brilliantly! Miss Moody is very excited to spend this year with them and explore a new learning adventure together!