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Welcome to Miss Stabler's Class

Welcome to Year 2. This year we have 28 wonderful children. Keep up to date with what we are learning by checking our web page regularly.

Some reminders

  • PE is on a Friday
  • We go to the school library on a Monday
  • Homework is given on a Friday and should be returned on a Thursday
  • Spellings are on a Monday
  • Reading books are changed everyday

Summer Term- Woodland Wonders

This term Year 2 will be learning all about the woodlands. We will explore the animals and plants that live there and understand what they need to survive.

Our class text is called 'The Fox and the Star' by Coralie Bickford-Smith. We have enjoyed reading it so far and cannot wait to find out what happens next! We have produced lots of work this term using this book. We have especially enjoyed painting pictures in the style of the illustrator using grey and white shades. We have also used the ipads to create a book all about foxes using the app 'Book Creator'.

To help us understand what woodland life is like we visited Washington Wetland Trust. This is what Rose had to say:

On Monday 5th June year 2 went to Washington Wetland Trust.  We went to look at different habitats.  When we got there we met Joanne. In the morning went to the wet forest. Next Joanne gave us a pot and a brush and said be careful. We went to catch bugs and I found a beetle, a tiny bug and a millipede. We made our own insect with leaves, tiny sticks and pinecones and I called mine Lex the Lizard. Next we went pond dipping and I caught a water dragon. I went to look at the flamingos and the otters. After that we had lunch in a café and Miss Stabler did as well. In the afternoon we went to look at the birds. Then we went inside and Joanne showed us an elephant tusk, animal skulls, crocodile skin, snake skin and an antler. Then we went to the duckery to see the ducklings. Finally we fed the birds” it tickled”. We had a great day!


Spring Term 2- Remarkable Robots

Throughout this topic Year 2 have learnt all about robots and their special features. In science we have explored mechanisms and metal and learned how robots work. We have used the story ‘The Robot and the Bluebird’ by David Lucas in English to produce some narrative writing. The children particularly enjoyed writing diary entries form the point of view of the main robot. They have also used lots of drama techniques to help them understand how the different characters felt. In design and technology we designed and made our own moving robots using a pulley system. The children have really enjoyed this topic and have produced some excellent work.

Spring Term 1- In the Savannah

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and our children are ready to work hard and have fun.

This half term we will be looking at life on the African Savannah. Our focus will be on Science and non-fiction writing. Throughout this topic we will use a book called 'One Day on our Blue Planet...In the African Savannah'. This story tells the tale of a young lion cub and his life in the Savannah.

To begin our topic we looked at the animals that we would find in the Savannah and what they get up to during the day. This inspired us to write some free verse poetry using adjectives and topic vocabulary. We then moved onto to studying lions! We researched what they got up to , where they are in the food chain and how family life works. Using this information we made our own fact cards to add to our class display. 

In the story the writer builds suspense when describing the pride getting ready for a hunt. The children watched a clip of how amazing a lioness is when she goes hunting. They then wrote their own descriptions adding lots of detail. They had me on the edge of my seat! 

Our next task linked to computing is creating and filming our own documentaries. Watch this space for a sneak preview.

Autumn Term 2- Julia Donaldson

This half term Year 2 have been learning all about the children's author Julia Donaldson. We were inspired so much by her books that we created our own stories. The books we have focussed on are:


The children were fantastic at retelling the stories through drama and role play. We used Talk for Writing to retell, edit and add new characters in our own writing. No Limits theatre group came in to work with us every week. The children developed their story telling and performance skills which allowed them to add detail and new vocabulary to their writing.

Autumn Term 1- Time Travellers

This half term we have been learning all about what life was like in the past. We have really enjoyed reading Oliver Twist and looking at life in the Victorian times. We have written diary entries as though we were Oliver and are learning the song 'Food Glorious Food' for our harvest festival.

We have also been learning about Florence Nightingale and the work she did as a nurse in the 1800s. The children have written some fantastic non-chronological reports about how she became a hero.

To help us understand what life was like in the past we visited Beamish Museum. We looked at different types of houses and even sat on an outside toilet!

We had great fun going down the mine. We weren't at all scared!

We got to see what it was like to go to school in Victorian times.

We will end our topic by getting dressed up like Victorians and spend the day in school doing fun activities.