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Welcome to Miss McLoughlins Class

Summer Term 2017

Dates for your diary

  • On Friday 16th June, the children will be attending a memorial service in Mowbray Park for the Victorian Hall disaster.  Prior to the visit the children will be learning more about this event in class.
  • Puberty talk on Tuesday 27th June.
  • Transition Day at Southmoor School - the children will spend the day at Southmoor to meet their new class and form teacher.  The children will be walked to Southmoor by Grangetown staff but make their own way home at the end of the day from Southmoor.  Any children who are not going to Southmoor will spend the day at school. This takes place on Tuesday 18th July. 
  • The children will receive weekly spellings every Monday and these will be recorded in their blue home link book.  The children will be tested on these spellings the following Monday.
  • The children will receive weekly homework every Friday and this needs to be completed to be returned to school by the following Tuesday.  The children have a purple homework book and also a Reading Comprehension Book.
  • Every children who wish to can take part in lunchtime football with Arg on a Tuesday.  There is no cost for this but the children need to have a sports kit to change into and suitable footwear for playing on the field.
  • Every Friday the children will have a PE lesson.  This term the children will be learning dance, with our dance teacher Naomi. The children will need a full PE kit and suitable footwear.  The children cannot wear earrings, a watch or any kind of jewellery for PE.

What are we doing in the Summer term?

Mayan Magic

This term our topic is 'Mayan Magic' and is all about the ancient civilization of the Mayans.  The children will be learning about where the Mayans lived and how they lived.  They will learn about their beliefs, their family life and what they ate.  The children in English will write their own Mayan myth and a leaflet about Chichen Itza.  In art they will make Mayan memorial masks and design their own mural. 


Discovery Work Week

The children were invited to take part in an event at the Stadium of Light, which promoted work and careers the children may be interested in when they are older.  There were lots of different companies and businesses there including Gentoo, Lear and the army.  There were lots of activities to try at each stall and these included wiring a plug and plumbing with Gentoo, controlling robots and sitting in an armoured jeep with the army.  The children had a fantastic day and really enjoyed being able to try out lots of jobs and new skills.



Mowbray Park Memorial Service

The children attended the memorial service at Mowbray Park to remember the 183 children who died in the Victoria Hall disaster of 1883.  The service was led by the vicar from Whitburn church and the mayor also said a few words.  Some of the children laid  flowers and remembrance cards around the base of the statue in Mowbray Park.  Also displayed where the jars, that some of the children had decorated at art session at The Doninson.  The service was very moving and the children enjoyed being part of it.



Empire Dance Festival

Some of the children took part in the Sunderland School's Dance Festival at the Sunderland Empire Theatre.  The theme this year was Myths and Legends and our routine was based around the legend of Pandora's Box from Greek mythology.  The children had spent many weeks practising the routine with Naomi, our dance teacher.  On the day, Mrs Napier accompanied the children to the Empire, where they spent the morning rehearsing and then on the afternoon performing on the stage in front of 1400 people.  All of Key Stage 2 went along to watch and support the Year 6 dancers.  We were very proud of them all.



Sunderland Museum Visit

 The children visited Sunderland Museum to take part in a workshop about the Victoria Hall Disaster.  The aim of the workshop was for the children to develop their historical enquiry skills.  The workshop began with the children learning about the difference between a primary and a secondary historical source.  A primary source is actually from the time and a secondary source can be a book about the event or a replica of an artefact.  The children were then given different types of evidence and had to find out as much as they could about the disaster.  The children had an interesting time and learned much more about the disaster.


Art Workshop at the Donninson

Some of the children visited the Donninson School in the East End to complete an art project linked to the Victoria Hall Disaster.  The children are going to be taking part in a memorial service at Mowbray Park to remember the 183 children who died in the Victoria Hall disaster of 1883 and worked with a local artist to produce art work to be used in the ceremony.  The children first found out about the disaster and the impact it had on the area.  They where then given a jar, which had the name of one of the children who died on it.  The children were invited to decorate this in a way they thought suitable.  The children produced some lovely designs.  These jars will then have a candle placed inside and will be displayed during the ceremony at the park and then displayed in Sunderland Minster. 


Lambton Estate Visit

The children were given the fantastic opportunity to visit the Lambton Estate, near Chester-Le-Street and learn about how an estate is run.  We were shown around the  estate, which is the size of 600 football pitches, by Bob the estate manager.  The day began with the children visiting the stables, where they found out what is involved in caring for horses.  They met Monty, the horse and had the opportunity to groom him.    After that, the children visited the estate office, where they went into the vaults and saw how the office is run.  They also met the family of Highland Cattle, who graze in the field next to the office.  The children then visited Biddick Hall, the home of the Lord of Lambton and explored some of the rooms.  They then visited the beekeepers, saw beehives and found out how honey is produced.  During lunch, the children met the gamekeeper and his five lively dogs, which the children enjoyed playing with.  After lunch, the children went to Lambton Castle and explored the rooms there including the cellars.  The children had a very enjoyable day and learned many new things.



Pirates of the Caribbean

The children worked so hard leading up to SATs and during the actual SATs week, we thought they deserved a treat so we took them to the Empire Cinema in Sunderland.  They had a great time watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean film on the day it was released.  We enjoyed the walk to and from school in the lovely sunny weather and then the children settled down to enjoy the film.  It was a great film, full of adventure, comedy and special effects.  Some of the children even dressed as pirates to really enjoy the experience.  It was a great morning which the children really deserved.


Hit the Surf

Some of the children from Years 4, 5 and 6 were luckily enough to take part in Hit the Surf at Seaburn Beach.  To take part the children have to be able to swim at least 25 metres.  The children completed activities on the beach, including how to use and stand up on a surfboard.  The children then took the surfboards into the sea and completed activities out there.  The children had a fantastic day and learned lots of new skills and worked alongside children from other year groups. 


What did we do in the Spring term?

Kensuke's Adventures

This term our topic is 'Kensuke's Adventures' and it is an English based topic.  The children will be reading the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo and this will inspire their writing.  They will write discussions and letters based on events in the story and use the island  setting as a background for the own story.  they will read haikus and then create their own.  They will learn about the artwork of the Japanese artist Hokusai and create their own versions of his work.  In Music they will learn about water music and compose their own versions. 

The children will also begin their SATs revision in Maths, reading and grammar and punctuation. 

World Book Day

The children took part in World Book Day to celebrate the importance of reading and the enjoyment books can give.  The children dressed as a book character, we had witches, princesses and even superheroes.  The children also paired up with a Reception child and shared a book with them.  The children received a £1 book token, which they could put towards a more expensive book or buy a special World Book Day book, which costs £1.



Safety Works

The children visited Safety Works at Newcastle, where they learned all about keeping safe in lots of different situations.  The building is divided into different sections, which look like real places, such as kitchen, a police station and a Metro station.  The children worked with St. John's Ambulance and found out about the dangers in the home and what to do if someone is injured, is choking or even becomes unconscious.  They worked with the Fire Service and looked at fire dangers in their bedrooms, how to check a smoke alarm and learned the 5 Point Escape Plan, if they were in a building which caught fire.  At the Metro station, they worked with a lady from Nexus, who taught them how to be safe while at a station and the dangers you would find there.  With the police service, the children found out about peer pressure and what it would be like to be arrested at 10 years old.  The children had a great afternoon and learned a lot of important information.




 Show Racism the Red Card

The children worked with Sunderland football club Foundation as part of the Show Racism the Red Card Programme.  The day began with the children discussing what they thought racism was and reflecting on the workshop they had completed in Year 5.  The children then discussed what they thought an immigrant was and played a game to decide what was a human right and people would like.  They learnt about the different types of immigrants that come to the UK and completed a sorting activity where they matched a type of immigrant to a description of a person.  In the afternoon, they worked with Andre Bennet and played 6-a-side football as well as a set of warm up activities.  The children enjoyed their day and now have a much better understanding of what immigration is and the type of people who are immigrants. 


Chris Connaughton Workshops

The children had a fantastic day working with the actor and author Chris Connaughton.  As our topic is Kensuke's Adventures, based around the book Kensuke's Kingdom, which is set on an island, the workshops all had this theme.  The day began with the Chris performing a play about being stranded at an airport and we were also stranded and to pass the time, he told the story of Robinson Crusoe.  Chris brought the play to life using props such as sand, shells and pieces of driftwood.  After the play, the children had the opportunity to ask Chris questions about the play.  Back in class, the children, with help from Chris wrote a diary entry as if they were Robinson Crusoe.  Later on in the day, the children imagined they were Robinson Crusoe again and wrote a letter back home to his parents.  They also drew and labelled a map of the island.  The day ended with the children asking Chris questions about what it is like to be an author and a writer.  The children enjoyed their day and picked up some good tips to help them with their writing. 



Monozukuri Caravan At Nissan

The children had a fantastic time at the Monozukuri Caravan at Gateshead College on the Nissan site.  After a cookie and juice, the children took part in an opening ceremony, where the eye of a Daruma doll is coloured in - this is to bring good luck.  In the first activity, the children learned about Nissan is and what types of cars they make there.  In pairs, they used Lego to design and make their own model cars.  They were then put into teams, like the Nissan production line, to make a Buddy car in the quickest time possible.  Each person in the team had a certain job to do.  The children watched a cartoon about how cars are designed and made at Nissan.  After dinner, the children visited the workshop, where some of the apprentices do their training.  They saw how a robot is used to put holes into the side of car, ready to be joined to another car.  Some of the children even got the opportunity to press the button to start the machine.  They then watched a video about how the Juke car is made.  The children were then given the opportunity to practise their hand-eye co-ordination on a set of activities.  These included putting pegs into holes as quickly as possible, using a hammer to hit dints out of metals and using a drill to take out screws.  The day ended with a closing ceremony where the children received a goody bag. 



 What Did We Do in the Second Half of the Autumn Term?

Journey to Never Land

Our topic for the second half term is 'Journey to Never Land' and is linked to the Year 6 prdoudction of Peter Pan.  As well as rehearsing for the production the children will be using the story of Peter Pan as an inspiration for their writing.   The children began the topic by reading through the script and listening to the songs from Peter Pan. The children will be writing poems and stories inspired by Peter Pan.  They will write a non-chronological report about crocodiles and will write a newspaper article about one of the events in the play.  In Geography the children will be learning about mountains and in Science they will be classifying different types of animals and living things.  We are looking forward to having an interesting and an exciting half term on the lead up to Christmas. 

Show Time!

After many weeks of rehearsing lines, songs and dances, the children put on two dazzling performances of Peter Pan.  The children performed both a matinee and an evening performance, just before the Christmas break.  The children were absolutely brilliant.  Their acting was superb and the singing was fantastic.  All the staff at school were very proud of the children, both with the effort they made to learn the show and when they actually performed it.  Mrs Davies, our music and drama teacher worked very hard with the children and the children appreciated all the effort she made.  The children were also very pleased to see so many parents, carers, family and friends at the performances.  The show gave the children the opportunity to show off their singing and acting skills, but it also helped some children become more confident and helped the children to work together.  Well done Year 6.

Peter Pan

The children are having a fantastic time rehearsing for the Year 6 production of Peter Pan.  Auditions were held and the children were then chosen for the different roles.   The children, alongside Mrs Davies, have been working very hard learning their lines, actions and the songs.  It has been great to watch the children become the characters and work well as a team to ensure that rehearsals go well.  The children are looking forward to getting into their costumes for a dress rehearsal and then performing for their parents and carers on December 15th.  There will be an afternoon performance at 2pm and an evening performance at 6pm.  Tickets are £2 for adults and a £1 for children and these are available from the school office.  We look forward to seeing you at the show.




What Did We Do In The First Half Term of Autumn 2016?


Keep Calm and Carry On


Our topic this term is all about the Second World War and is called 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.  The children will be learning about the causes of the war, the blitz, evacuation and rationing.  They will learn about Anne Frank and use this knowledge in their own writing.  They will create posters that encouraged people to help with the war effort and make their own model Anderson shelter.  They will visit the Eden Camp Museum at Malton to learn more about the war and experience what it was like.  We began the topic by looking at a set of World War II medals and discussing the main events of the war and learning which countries were involved in it.




World War 2 Day

To celebrate the end of our fantastic topic 'Keep Calm and Carry On', which was all about the Second World War the children had a special day.  The children came to school dressed as evacuees and did lots of activities during the day.  The first activity was taking part in the whole school Harvest assembly.  The children explained what rationing was and read a poem all about Land Girls.  They then performed the song 'Yes.  We have no Bananas', which was popular during the war.  The children made an evacuee name label and wore this along with the gas mask box they had made in the Maths lesson the day before.  They also learned about how Morse Code was used in the war and decoded words using this.  The children also made a ration book and an identification card.  The children enjoyed making and tasting some wartime food.  The children tasted a sweet apple dessert made from Bramley apples and condensed milk.  Most of the children enjoyed this.  They also tasted a sandwich filling made from grated carrot, grated cabbage and chutney - this was less popular.  The children also shared their war projects that they had made at home.  These were excellent, there was everything from a model tank to PowerPoints.  The day was a lovely way to end this very interesting and enjoyable topic.



Eden Camp Visit

The children visited Eden Camp Museum in North Yorkshire as part of their topic 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.  The museum is an old prisoner of war camp full of huts, which have been turned into exhibitions about the Second World War.  The huts show visitors what started the war, the effects of the Blitz, air raids and what life was like.  The children were able to walk down a 1940's street and see what the shops were like.  They could imagine what it was like in a U-Boat - all the sights and sounds.  The children's favourite was probably the hut about the Blitz.  Here the children could experience how noisy and smoky it would have been.  They saw what houses would have looked like after a bombing raid.  The children really enjoyed the puppet show, where they heard songs from Dame Vera Lynne, Gracie Fields and George Formby.  The children also had the chance to sit in a Morrison and an Anderson shelter.  The day ended with time spent on the assault course and a visit to the shops.  the children had a great day and may of the things we had been learning about in the classroom came to life on our visit.  



Hit the Surf

Some children from both Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic morning at Seaburn taking part in 'Hit the Surf'.  The children learned about being safe in and around water from local lifeguards.  After they had put on a wetsuit, they took part in activities such as body-boarding and practising their lifesaving skills.  On the beach they played games like 'King's Chair' and 'Piggybacks'.  The children had a great morning and really enjoyed themselves even though the sea was cold.


Hendon History Project

The children have taken part in a project with the Hendon History Group.  The children began the project by thinking about their family and family trees.  They completed an activity where they had questions about the history of Sunderland and they had to find the answers and an image to go with it.  The children also visited the Grangetown Cemetery on Ryhope Road and looked at gravestones to find out about people who lived in the area.  They then used this information to complete an internet search about these people using a range of websites.  The project ended with the children thinking about what they had learned and having a party to celebrate the project.