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Welcome to Miss Hunter's Class

This year we have 21 children who are all ready and very excited to learn. I look forward to our year together.

Important Dates for your Diary:

  • On a Tuesday the children will visit the school library and will be able to choose a book to take home and enjoy.
  • Every Wednesday Miss Christie will be reading with the children individually so they need a reading book and their home school diary. 
  • Every Monday, the children will have PE.  They will need indoor P.E. kits which includes plain shorts, plan t-shirt and plain black plimsols or trainers.
  • Homework will be set every Friday and needs to be returned on the following Tuesday.
  • Spellings will be set every Tuesday for the children to practise and learn and then they will be tested on the following Tuesday.
  • Every Tuesday the children in Year 4 can take part in a lunchtime football session with Arj.  The children will need to have shorts, a t-shirt and suitable footwear for playing outside on the field.

 Health Week at Grangetown

This week at school has been all about keeping us healthy. During this time, we did lots of activities like an assault course, a smoothie bike and had a workshop with the RNLI. We were in charge of making the smoothie bike work. To start the smoothie bike we had to pedal the wheels and this made the blade inside of the blender spin. Our smoothie was made from pineapples, strawberries, bananas and tropical juice. Most of the children loved the smoothie - others were less than impressed. Also during the week, we learnt about eating healthy, personal hygiene and staying safe in the sun. The favourite event of the week was the military bootcamp. In this activity, children had to take part in a boxing drill and then complete an obstacle course which involved them crawling through an army net. It was funny to watch how many shoes got lost in the net!   

Mighty Makers and Ruthless Romans 


To conclude their topic, Year 4 visited a local Roman Fort called Arbeia. The children found out that this was a supply fort for the Roman army so they saw lots of granaries, where food was stored. During their visit, the children took part in an archaeological dig. They used special trowels to dig for ancient artefacts. When they found them, they discussed what they could learn from them. Children even found bones and a skull! As part of the visit, children toured the living quarters of Roman soldiers. They were less than impressed with the small rooms soldiers had to share with 8 people, but they loved the Commanding Officer's house as it was enormous. The children had a fantastic day and showed our guide Leslie just how much they knew about the Romans.

Making monsters

Our topic this term has been inspired by a fantastic book called Mouse Bird Snake Wolf. It is a graphic novel written by David Almond and it is all about a group of lazy gods who forgot to create the rest of the world, so there are lots of empty spaces. In the book we have met three children who aren't happy with the way things are, so they decide to create their own animals to fill the spaces left in the world. Year 4 went and gathered materials from our field and yard to use to create our own animals. Look at the amazing work they have created, some of these animals could come to life at any second! 

Awesome Adventurers!

As part of their ‘Awesome Adventurers’ topic, Year 4 have been reading two books; Oliver and the Seawigs by Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre and Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. Through these books, children have learnt what it takes to be an explorer and they have created character profiles about all of the people they meet through the stories. In their writing, they have learnt how to create emotive diary entries and motivational speeches. In art they created good luck charms from clay, which they sailors may have taken with them when the Endurance set sail.


Radiant Rainforests and Canopy Critters

Year 4 have been working hard this term on their new topic ‘Radiant rainforests and Canopy Critters’. They have been learning about where rainforests are, how to identify them and the animals who live there. As part of their topic they were visited by rainforest creatures such as hissing cockroaches, chubby frogs and even a Royal Python. Some of the children have even produced wonderful art projects at home inspired by the rainforest.


Seven Stories!

As part of their topic 'Read All About It', Year 4 visited Seven Stories in Newcastle. When they arrived, they found an entire floor of the building was dedicated to Michael Morpurgo. Michael Morpurgo wrote the book 'Toro! Toro!' which the children all thoroughly enjoyed reading. Children found artifacts which had inspired him in his writing and they even found props from movies of his stories. After looking at all of the brilliant artifacts, children took part in a writing workshop. They played games and were even made to day dream to inspire their writing. Some of the stories were amazing! Children loved the Beatrix Potter room and used the toys to act out famous stories. To end the day, children listened to popular stories and dressed up. Seven Stories suddenly became filled with little witches and wizards. All of the children in Year 4 had a fantastic day!



Read All About It!

Our first topic is going to be Read all About it! Children will be starting the school year by reading lots of different stories by different authors. We will focus on Toro! Toro! by Michael Morpurgo and George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl to help us with our writing. We read The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, which is a very strange book as it's full of pictures but each story is only one line long! Children have already created their own versions of the stories inside the book and they have been fantastic! The children in Year 4 have also discovered some magical books, called The Numberlys and another called The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. If you ask your children, I'm sure they'll be able to tell you exactly why they are magical.