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Welcome to Miss Edokpayi's Class

Key notes:

*Reading -   It is vital that reading books are returned everyday. We particularly ask that books are brought in on a Monday and Wednesday to read with an adult on a 1:1 basis.

* P.E - Every Wednesday.

* Spellings - Spellings are sent home on a Tuesday and should be learned at home. The children will not have a test every week but will be given a chance to apply their spellings to an activity.

* Homework - Homework will be sent out on a Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school on the following Tuesday. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat (the best time is at 3.20 pm).


Autumn term!

Welcome back to the new school year. We hope you enjoyed your summer holiday, and that you are looking forward to the exciting   activities we have planned for Year 4 this term. 

This half term will be having fun exploring the topic of ‘Read all about it!’ In this topic the children will be learning about different authors and the books that they have created. They will use these author’s work as inspiration for their own writing.

Read all About it!

Year 4 have made a fantastic start to the year and have worked hard with the topic ‘Read all about it!’ So far in the term the children have read ‘The mysterious of Harris Burdick’ and ‘George’s marvellous medicine’. The children have used these books to write a range of short stories and a news report which have been a pleasure to read. As part of the topic we have also looked at the illustrations created by Quentin Blake and replicated some of his art by sketching Roald Dahl characters. Later in the term, the children will go on a visit to Seven Stories and take part in a range of workshops. To finish the topic the children will be entering a national competition ran by the book people which could see children getting their original story illustrated and published.

Visit to Seven Stories!

The Year 4 children visited Seven Stories as part of their topic ‘Read All About It’. Throughout the topic, children had been reading Toro! Toro! by Michael Morpurgo and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. When they arrived at Seven Stories, they took part in a workshop which looked at the works created by Michael Morpurgo. In the exhibit, they saw lots of artefacts which had inspired his other famous stories. The children then used this as inspiration and had a turn at creating some of their own short stories. To get the children thinking about different characters, they looked at sketches by Beatrix Potter and then their favourite part of the day was when they all dressed up. The children had a fantastic day and it was a lovely way to inspire children with their own writing.

Spirits of the Sea!

To celebrate and conclude our ‘Read All About It’ topic, children visited the Darlington library to watch a fantastic show. The play was called Spirits of the Sea and children were transported to the sea. They were rescued by a fisherman who led them to his shelter. Here, they heard lots of tales of the sea and stories about a brave young girl. The show included live music, singing and a shadow puppet show. All of the children were enthralled in the play and had a fantastic afternoon.

Ravishing Rainforests!

This half term Year 4 have taken a trek into the depths of the jungle as they have been exploring the fascinating world of the rainforests. So far, the children have discovered where the rainforests are, what they look like and who lives in the rainforests (including animals, plants and indigenous people). We have even had a chance to get close and personal with some the animals. Throughout the topic the children will learn how to look after a wormery and go on a fact finding mission to see why the rainforest should be protected. Some of the children have produced beautiful artwork, including masks inspired by the rainforest. The children have fully enjoyed being immersed in the world of tropical rainforests!

Visit from the Zoolab!

The whole of Year 4 had an outstanding experience this week. Rob, from Zoo lab, kindly brought some of his favourite species of animals from the rainforest to visit us. We held the animals which included; hissing cockroaches, a millipede and a brown chubby frog. After we held some animals, we were visited by Tallulah… the tarantula! We weren’t allowed to hold the tarantula because, when they are scared, they spray hairs from their bottoms which make your eyes really itchy. Some of us were really glad she was kept in her container. The highlight of the morning was when we were introduced to Prince Harry. Prince Harry was a Royal Python who we all got to hold. Can you guess where he got his name from? Rob also told us lots of information about the rainforest such as 1000 trees are cut down every hour and only 6% of the Earth’s surface is made of rainforest. It was an amazing morning and we’d all like to say a big thank you to Rob for coming in to visit us.

Parent Christmas Workshop!

Year 4E was welcomed with the children’s parents and carers to take part in Christmas craft activities. It was a pleasure to see a great turnout of adults who came to support their children. As part of the morning, carousels of activities were arranged for everyone to make Snowmen, Christmas trees, baubles and Christmas cards using a range of materials. They even made melting Snowmen biscuits using delicious icing and marshmallows. It was a great morning with great people! Thank you to all the adults who came and have a very Merry Christmas.

New term, new topic!

Welcome to the Spring Term. We hope you enjoyed your recent break, and that you are looking forward to the exciting activities we have planned for Year 4 this year! Our new topic this half term is ‘Awesome Adventurers!’. The children will be learning all about the North and South Pole and the people who travelled to reach these places. They will also read Oliver and the Seawigs to learn about his adventurers on a desert island.

Awesome Adventurers!

As part of their ‘Awesome Adventurers’ topic, Year 4 have been reading two books; Oliver and the Seawigs by Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre and Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. Through these books, children have learnt what it takes to be an explorer and they have created character profiles about all of the people they meet through the stories. In their writing, they have learnt how to create emotive diary entries and motivational speeches. In art they created good luck charms from clay, which they sailors may have taken with them when the Endurance set sail. Throughout the topic, children have been looking at the choices people have to make and they have been learning how to form arguments in order to persuade people. The children are enjoying this topic and have created two fantastic class reading journals which look amazing.


Remarkable Robots!

Year 4 are beginning their new topic of Remarkable Robots. Children will be reading the story of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They have already created wonderful pieces of art linked to the very descriptive first page. They will be imagining that they are the Iron man and writing diary entries. They will also imagine what the newspapers would say if they discovered the Iron man. As part of the topic, children will be learning about electricity and then using their knowledge to build circuits which can be used inside of their own working robot. Children will also be learning how to create stop motion animations as part of their ICT lessons. Our topic will also involve working with Year 2 who are also learning about robots. The topic will end with the two year groups creating a very special robot.

Light up Sunderland Launch!

Year 4 have been given the very special opportunity to take part in a competition to design a Christmas light for the Sunderland Christmas illuminations. The competition involves other schools from across the Sunderland area. Children attended the launch event on the last day of term and were introduced to the theme of the competition this year, which is all about the community. The children played lots of games to get them in the festive spirit (even though it was only April) including making Christmas shapes out of pipe cleaners. Children also looked at the different things which make up a community to use as inspiration for designing their own lights. Over the next half term, children will work in teams to design their own Christmas light. As a school we will decide upon our winning entry which will then be put forward to the city final.

Mighty Makers and Ruthless Romans!

Our new topic is Mighty Makers and Ruthless Romans. We are reading a book called Mouse Bird Snake Wolf which is all about a group of lazy gods who forgot to create the rest of the world, and the children who take over their job. Children also created amazing art work linked to the book. They created silhouettes of their own head and then used chalk to create their own mythical creatures. Children also used materials found in the outdoors to create their own creatures, some of the results were fantastic. We then looked at the gods that the Romans believed in. Children have been learning about what life was like in Roman times and how things have changed over time. Children have particularly enjoyed learning about Roman soldiers and the weapons that they had. They wrote fantastic diary entries in the style of a roman soldier. We have lots more fantastic work to look forward to.

Year 4 trip to Arbeia

 As part of the Mighty Makers and Ruthless Romans topic, Year 4 visited Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields. When they got there, they learnt that the fought was a very important one as it was a supply fought. Supplies were grown and stored there, before being transferred to soldiers on Hadrian’s Wall. The children were transformed into archaeologists and they use trowels to dig through the sand for Roman remains, some children even found animal bones! Once they had completed their dig, children were taken on a tour of the fort where they saw the barracks where soldiers would have lived. All of the children agreed they would have liked to have been a Commanding Officer with his large house and slaves rather than a legionnaire who had to share a tiny room with 7 other men. After touring the fort and seeing artefacts in the museum, children created their own frieze which was a piece of art work inspired by the artefacts. All of the children had a fantastic day.