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Welcome to Mrs Millican's Class

Welcome to the Summer Term!

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Welcome to Year 5 Summer Term 2 2016

Welcome back to the Summer Term 2. For Summer 2, the year 5 children’s topic is The Groovy Greeks! As a fantastic hook, the children will take part in a story telling and writing day with Chris Connaughton, where they will listen to some fabulous myths from Ancient Greek times. The children will write their own myths – describing characters, heroes and mythical beasts! The will learn all about life in Ancient Greece and what it would have been like to grow up in Athens or Sparta. The children will also write diaries as if they had been involved in the Trojan War. During art week, the children will make their own scratch off paper and then use them to draw their own Greek Pots. They will also make their own clay tiles of a Greek Temple, looking closely at the different columns. Children will have the opportunity to dress up as Ancient Greek citizens and take part in a Groovy Greek Day – completing a DT challenge, building the strongest temple, and looking at the Ancient Greek number system. We will try Greek foods like feta cheese, olives and grapes and our fabulous topic will culminate in a visit to the Empire Theatre to watch the Horrible Histories show The Groovy Greeks.

Dates for your Diary this term for Year 5:

Thursday 9th June: Year 5 working with Chris Connaughton

Monday 27th June - Parent Workshop

Tuesday 28th June - Visit to the Sunderland Empire - Sunderland Dance Festival

Monday 4th July: Year 5 working with Technology Tom

Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July - Working with visitors from our partner school in China - Mr Li and Ms Jsang

Thursday 7th July - Greek Day

W/b Monday 11th July - Health Week (Sports Day Monday pm)

Tuesday 12th July: Visit to the Sunderland Empire - Horrible Histories: The Groovy Greeks

Days to Remember:

Monday - Spelling test and new words sent home for the children to learn
Tuesday - Homework to be handed in to class teacher. Library time.
Thursday - Swimming.
Friday - Homework will be given out.
Children are asked to bring in reading books every day and to take them home each evening to practise their reading. 
Multiplications Awards are given out weekly and children are therefore encouraged to learn any times tables to gain their badges and certificates


Horrible Histories - Sunderland Empire - 12th July

On Tuesday, the year 5 children all had a fantastic time visiting the Empire Theatre to see the Horrible Histories production of The Groovy Greeks. It was fabulous to watch the stories and facts that we have been learning about in class come to life! We all joined in with singing, clapping and shouting! During the second half of the performance, we were given 3D glasses to wear. It was absolutely amazing! Through th eglasses, arrows were shot at up, spiders were dropped down on us and the Minotaur tried to grab us. It was so much fun - and there was a lot of screaming! The author of the Horrible Histories, Terry Deary, even made an appearance tasking the part of Zeus. We all had a brilliant time!


Groovy Greek Day -7th July

As part of our half termly topic The Groovy Greeks, the year 5 children had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a Groovy Greek Day! The children came dressed to school in some fabulous outfits - dressed as Greek soldiers, Gods and Goddesses and Athenians or Spartans. We started the day with an interesting challenge - to build a strong Greek temple - using only one large sheet of paper, tape and 2 sheets of A4 card for the roof and base. The children experimented with different shapes for their columns and tested heights and widths. Some of the temples could easily hold 1.5kgs in weight! The children also looked at the Ancient Greek Number system and looked at the Greek origin of some of the word that we use today. In the afternoon, we tasted Greek foods such as feta cheese, olives and olive oils and Greek yoghurt. We all had an excellent day!


Technology Tom - 4th July

Last week the year 5 children took part in a fabulous workshop led by Technology Tom. As part of our sustainable energy project, Tom came in to work with us and show us all how to make our own cars! The children worked hard all day to make and design their own cars that worked both with a motor and with a slar panel. During the afternoon, session, the children had the opportunity to test their cars outside on the yard to see whose would go further or faster. A brilliant day!

Sunderland Dance Festival - 28th June

On Tuesday afternoon, all of the KS2 children visited the Sunderland Empire to watch the 2016 Dance Festival. The year 6 children from Grangetown Primary were taking part, so it was wonderful for us all to be able to go to watch and support them! We all had a fabulous time and were very proud of the Y6 children. We were even told that our school had the loudest cheer! :)


Parent Workshop - 27th June

Yesterday, parents and carers were invited into year 5 to work with the children as part of a parents workshop. We had a fantastic afternoon - designing and painting our own Greek pots and plates. The children used either Greek patterns or a myth that they had read or created to paint onto their Greek style pots. Thank you very much to all of the adults who came to support the year 5 children.


Chris Connaughton - 9th June

The children had an amazing day working with the children’s actor, author and story teller – Chris Connaughton. We began the day with a fantastic retell of the famous Greek myth ‘Perseus and the Minotaur’ that had the children literally on the edge of their seats! After that, the children then completed some of their own writing.  They wrote a letter home in the role of Perseus then wrote a diary entry, also in character. Throughout these activities, Chris skilfully gave the children tips on how to improve their work and how to use different features to make their work really impressive.  We all had a fabulous day!

Welcome to Year 5 Summer Term 1 2016

Welcome back to the Summer Term in year 5! Our topic for this half term is 'Stars and Stripes'. We will be reading the novel There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom and will base our literacy work around the characters and storyline. In Geography, we will be learning all about North America!  



Hamsterley Forest - 13th May

On Friday 13th May, the Year 5 children took part in a fantastic visit to Hamsterley forest to link to our Spring science of life cycles and living things. Th children had an excellent day of bug hunting and collecting, investigating food chains, den building and looking at different habitats.

The children also had the fabulous opportunity to take part in a virtual reality experience - 'Through the Eyes of the Animal'. They wore a helmet, ear phones and a back pack so that they could see all around them, listen to the sounds and feel when they were 'flying'. The children saw what life would be like as a frog, an owl and a dragon fly. Some of the children were even interviewed and may hopefully be a part of an internet documentary!

We all had a fabulous day!


Derwent Hill - 15th-17th April

The year 4,5 and 6 children had the fantastic opportunity to go away on a residential weekend to the Lake District. Thirty nine children visited Derwent Hill for the weekend and had a fantastic time! They all took part in a scavenger hunt, a ropes course, canoeing on Derwentwater and walking up (and sliding down) a gorge. The children were wonderfully behaved and all showed excellent determination - trying new experiences and working hard as teams. A fabulous weekend.


Sports Relief Fun Run - 23rd March

To help to raise money towards Sport Relief, the children took part in a fun run on Wednesday. Luckily, the weather stayed fine as all of the children in the school - supported by many parents and carers - ran (or walked quickly) around the school field - Six times!!

Easter Egg Competition - 21st March

On Monday this week, the children were given the opportunity to make their Easter Egg creations to enter into the competition. In year 5 we had some fabulous entries with some brilliant ideas. Well done Nadine! Our class winner with 'The Playground'.

Science Week - 14th 18th March

Last week was Grangetown Primary School Science Week! In year 5 we had an absolutely fantastic time! Linking our science to the Moon Mission topic, we tested different weighted balls into trays of flour to investigate whether they made 'craters' of different sizes. We also weighed different objects using a Newton force meter to compare grams to newtons - and we then worked how much these objects would weigh on the moon where there is less gravity.

We were lucky enough to work with Technology Tom. The children took part in a Key Stage 2 workshop and then had an amazing afternoon making orreries. The children all made their own individual models - following some complicated instructions! 

To end a fabulous week, the children spent some time on Friday making their own outfits out of recycled materials - or upcycling some of their old clothes to make them more fashionable. The children then took part in a whole school costume parade around the hall to show off their amazing creations.


Dr Bike - 8th March

On the 8th March, the year 5’s had the fantastic opportunity to work with Dr Bike. All of the children brought in their own bikes or scooters and raced, played games and learned all about how to stay safe on their wheels. The children were very enthusiastic and even asked for a second session outside in the afternoon! They worked brilliantly together and could answer all of the quiz questions back in the classroom. Well done Year 5! 

Welcome to Year 5 Spring Term 2016!

Our topic for the Spring Term in Year 5 is Out of this World! We will be learning all about space and our solar system. In literacy, we will be developing our descriptive writing, we will write and information text and also a fantasy story. We will be visiting the planetarium at the Centre for Life science museum and we will follow the journey of Tim Peakes on the ISS.  

Dates for your Diary this term for Year 5:

Thursday 7th January - Children will start weekly swimming lessons at Southmoor (pm)
Tuesday 12th January - Show Racism the Red Card
Thursday 28th January - Centre for Life Visit
Monday 8th February - Chinese New Year 
Tuesday 8th March - Dr Bike.


Days to Remember:

Monday - Spelling test and new words sent home for the children to learn
Tuesday - Homework to be handed in to class teacher. Library time.
Thursday - Swimming
Friday - Homework will be given out.
Children are asked to bring in reading books every day and to take them home each evening to practise their reading. 

Multiplications awards are given out weekly and children are therefore encouraged to learn any times tables to gain their badges and certificates. 

The Cosmic Classroom - 2nd February

On Tuesday 2nd February, the year 5s joined over 400,000 children in primary and secondary school to take part in Tim Peake's Cosmic Classroom live link.

By watching with our class, we played a part in an educational event that was streamed in 58 different countries and was the number one trend on Twitter reaching over 7 million users!

We all watched in amazement as Tim showed off some of his weightlessness tricks and experiments. We even saw him playing ping pong with a bubble of water!

After the live link, so that the children could empathise a little with Tim, they all tasted some astronaut food - strawberries, apple and cinnamon and some fried ice cream (most children's favourite).


The Centre for Life - 28th January

On Thursday 28th January, the year 5 children took part in an excellent visit to the Centre for Life science museum in Newcastle. It was a fun packed day which started with a visit to the planetarium where we learned all about the planets and stars in our solar system. After the planetarium, we all had a turn on the 4D motion ride (with a short Happy Feet film). We then visited the robot exhibition and the curiosity zone where there were many hands on science experiments for us to test out. Before lunch and the gift shop, we took part in a science theatre show where we learned all about electricity. In the afternoon, we all went ice skating. It was absolutely fantastic! The children were all so positive and really helped and supported each other as they became more confident with their skating. It was an amazing day where we all learned so much more about science and space! Well done year 5! 


E-safety day - 14th January

Today, the year 5 and 6 children took part in a very important assembly and workshop all about e-safety - how to stay safe online. They looked at the type of information that they should and should not be sharing online and games and apps that were appropriate for them to use. Some excellent discussions took place where the children were encouraged to be 'super heroes' when using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. We all learned some very important information that will help us all to stay safe whilst using technology.


Show Racism the Red Card - 12th January

The year 5 and 6 children had an excellent opportunity to work with visitors from the Stadium of Light to complete a workshop - learning all about racism. The children worked very sensibly and maturely. They all joined in fully with discussions and presentations. In the afternoon, they all took part in an excellent PE session, learning all about the importance of teamwork. We all had a fantastic day taking part in interesting discussions and learning how to make the right choices.

Visit from Southmoor Students - 11th December

Last Friday, the year 5s had a wonderful opportunity to work with a group of children from year 10 from Southmoor. The Southmoor pupils prepared and gave a presentation to the children all about healthy eating. The year 5s looked at the different food groups and made their own 'balanced' plate of food.

'Elf' The Musical - 10th December

Last week, as a culmination to our topic Lights. Camera. Action!, the year 5 children - supported
brilliantly by the school choir, performed the magical, musical show 'Elf'. We all had an absolutely
fantastic time! The children all worked extremely hard learning lines, practising dances and singing
songs - and it was all worth it as the show was a huge success! Thank you so much to all parents
and carers who helped and supported with line learning and outfit making. The children were
absolutely brilliant and made us all very, very proud!



Parent Workshop - 1st December

On 1st December, year 5 parent and carers were invited to work with the children to create a festive decoration. Thank you so much to all adults who helped the children with their sewing skills.Children designed and cut out lovely hanging decorations. Pom-poms and sequins were then added for extra show. We're sure that these will look wonderful hanging on a Christmas tree!


Durham Cathedral - 30th November

On Monday, the Year 5 children visited Durham Cathedral as part of our Religious Studies to learn all about the Northern Saints. The children were taken on a tour of the Cathedral and some dressed up as St Oswald, St Cuthbert, St Aidan, St Bede and St Hild. We learned all about the symbols of the Saints and all about their lives. It was very interesting! After lunch, we went back into the Cathedral to sketch our favourite stained glass window or piece of architecture. It was lovely day.


Autumn Term 2 Lights! Camera! Action

For the second half of the Autumn Term, the Year 5 topic - Lights! Camera! Action! will be very closely linked to our Christmas Performance 'Elf' The Musical. The children are very excited to be learning lines, songs and dances and are all very busy preparing to audition for their favourite parts. All are very welcome to come along to watch and support the children! Performances will be on Thursday 10th December at 1.45pm and 6.00pm. Tickets will be on sale very soon from the school office. 


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Harvest Festival - 21st October

The children in year 5 had a wonderful time performing their Harvest Song 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head'. They danced beautifully and certainly dressed well for the occasion making sure that they wore their wellies, raincoats and brought along their umberellas.


Harehope Quarry - 29th September

As part of our fantastic topic 'Raindrops Keep Falling', the year 5 children visited Harehope Quarry to investigate two tributaries of the River Wear - Harehope Gill and Bollihope Burn. The children had a fabulous time measuring the width, depth and speed of each of the rivers to compare.


Hit the Surf - 16th September

Last week, the year 5a nd 6 childrenwere given the excellent opportunity to go to Sandhaven Beach to 'Hit The Surf'. The children had a fantastic time - learning all about water safety, safing their friends and bodyboarding in the sea.





Welcome to the Autumn Term of Year 5!

We have had an amazing start to the new year and are all working very hard. For our first half term, the topic in year 5 will be 'Raindrops Keep Falling...' where we will be studying the journey of a river. The book that we will be reading in class is Treasure Island.