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Welcome to Miss Stabler's Class

In Year 2 this year we have 28 wonderful children.



  • Our PE day is a Friday. Please ensure that children have their full PE kit in on these days and no jewellery is worn.
  • We visit the Library every Wednesday afternoon.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and should be returned to school the following Thursday.
  • Please could children bring their blue home-school diary in everyday.

Spring Term 2 and Summer Term 1- Alice in Wonderland


Spring Term 1 - The Heart of India

Year 2 have been learning all about India this half term! We kicked this off with a 'Step into India' experience for the children. Keeping with some Indian culture the children took off their shoes and stepped into our Indian classroom, which was filled with the treasures of India; such as saris, model elephants, mangoes and spices. We used our senses to describe all these different things and created fantastic poems afterwards.

We found out about various parts of India, including those parts that are affected by monsoons.  The children produced some amazing newspaper reports about the devastation monsoons can cause.

The children also produced some amazing artwork during this topic. We loved looking at beautiful mandalas and their patterns. We created our own a bit differently - using lentils for the colours! Speaking of food, we also made delicious curries with The Canny Kitchen. We made 2 different ones using chicken and salmon, and even chapatis! For dessert we made Barfi, a traditional Indian sweet made with coconut and condensed milk.


We also created our own Mendhi designs on outlines of our hands which you can see here!



Autumn Term 2 - Woodland Wonders


This half term in Year 2 we have been looking at woodland life. This included study of the wildlife that call the woods their home. The children researched various animals including squirrels, rabbits, badgers, owls and foxes in order to produce their own information book. The children partnered up with the boys and girls from Year 4 who acted as mentors to create their book using the iPads. We had a great afternoon and the work produced was excellent!

Also this half term we have been reading and writing our own riddles. We learnt that a riddle is a poem that gives clues for you to guess what it is describing. We had great fun making up our own for our friends to guess. You can see these on display in our classroom.

As part of science linked to our topic we have created mini beast habitats for creatures that live in the woodlands. We followed a set of instructions to create a snail and worm habitat. The children have learnt valuable skills looking after them to ensure they have a happy life.


Autumn Term 1 - Step Back in Time

This half term in Year 2 our topic is 'Step Back in Time'. We will be learning about what life was life in the past and how people lived one hundred years ago. We will be studying the work Florence Nightingale and understanding what it would have been like during the Great Fire of London.

Beamish Museum 16.9.15 

On Wednesday 16th September Year 2 visited Beamish Open Air Museum in Durham. We had a great day and learnt all about what life was life in the north of England in 1913. The children met lots of different people including miners, farmers, bankers and a dentist. We all had a great day and learnt lots of interesting facts.