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Welcome to Miss Moody's Class

In our class we have 29 amazing children! 



  • PE is on a Wednesday. Children need their full kit.
  • Reading books and diaries need to be returned each day.
  • Spelling tests are on a Monday.
  • Homework needs to be returned no later than Thursday.
  • Our Library day is a Thursday.


Discovery Zoo

As part of our Discovery Zoo work shop this half term the children invited their parents along to come and watch them take part in a hands on learning experience holding, touching and feeling some exotic rainforest animals. The parents and their children thoroughly enjoyed this! They held snakes around their necks, tarantulas on their heads and stroked an exotic cockroach! It was a fantastic turn out from all the parents and on behalf of all of Year 1 we would like to say a big thank you! 




Tweddle Farm

Year 1 took a recent visit to Tweddle Farm which is in Hartlepool. When we arrived we met Steven the farmer who took us in the baby farm. In there we fed the baby sheep, cows and goats. They were so cute and their tongues we so slimy. We especially loved it when we had to feed the sheep with a bottle. Then we went to look at the rabbits and we all got the chance to hold one! After that we had lunch and then Miss Moody let us play in a great big soft play. After lunch we headed on into the big part of the farm where we had a tractor ride and stopped to feed the bigger animals. We had so much fun and would love to go back some time!



No Limits Theatre

Year 1 this half term recently took part in the traditional tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. This was carried out by an independent company called ‘No Limits’ and linked to our current topic ‘Story Time’. The children had an amazing afternoon listening to and joining in with the story and singing the songs. They especially liked it when the wolf chased Goldilocks! 




Story Time

Story Time is this terms topic and Year 1 are having so much fun exploring different genres of books. We have looked at the story the Lighthouse Keeper's lunch and Tuesday in great detail and have done loads of activities around these stories and really made them come alive. We actually found a creature living in our School through reading the story Tuesday! We are now looking at Traditional Tales, Goldilocks's and the Three Bears is one of our favourite and we are going to make some porridge soon.




Seven Stories

Year 1 took a visit to Seven Stories in Newcastle and we had a wonderful time! We were greeted by a girl called Megan and she was so funny she kept getting the rhymes and stories mixed up! As part of our day we explored Seven Stories looking at different pictures and paintings. Afterwards we sang some songs and rhymes, we even made up our own rhyme with a spider! Finally after lunch we headed back to school we were so exhausted some of us fell asleep on the bus!




 Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Making Sandwiches

As part of our topic 'Story Time' Year 1 looked at The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch in great detail. We found the story very engaging and exciting. As part of our lesson learning about instructions we made our own instructions on how to make a sandwich, then Miss Moody let us follow our instructions and make our sandwiches. Some of us made very yummy chocolate sandwiches and some of us made some disgusting sandwiches like in the story, then we ate them. We all wanted to go home and make more!




Royal National Lifeboats Institute RNLI

Year 1 had a visit from RNLI this week, learning how to be safe near water. We looked at all the different flags that they use to indicate to the public where it is safe and where there is danger! They taught us about how important we are and that if we ever see anyone in danger in the water we need to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard! We also dressed up as Lifeguards which was great fun!


Souter Lighthouse

To start our topic off this half term we had a very exciting experience as Year 1 took a visit to Souter Lighthouse at Whitburn. We have been reading the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and also learning about the famous Grace Darling and how she lived in a lighthouse with her father so this really brought our learning alive. We actually thought when we were looking around the cottage that we might actually see Mr and Mrs Grinling from the story. As part of our day we also went right to the top of the lighthouse which was very scary but we all did it and our teacher Miss Moody was so proud!


Walk Wise

Year 1 have all participated in a six week Child Pedestrian Training Programme and have successfully achieved knowledge and understanding of road traffic. We have been out on several walks with the programme leader Lorraine, the school staff and kind parents who also volunteered to take part. We have watched videos on road safety, engaged in discussion and also took part in a competition designing a safety jumper! This has been a very valuable experience and we have all enjoyed it!



Chinese New Year

Year 1 have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have listened to the story about Chinese New Year and we know that the animal this year is the Monkey. We looked at how they celebrate by setting off lanterns and dancing with dragons. We made our own dragons and lanterns and we also dressed up in Chinese clothing.  

Now or Then?

This half term Year 1 are looking at a 'Now or Then?' topic with a History and Geography focus. We took a visit to the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens as a hook into our term ahead. Sunderland Museum had a fantastic special exhibition on which, was a great link to what we are learning. It was called 'Then and Now'. This exhibition was a gallery of pictures of Sunderland many many years ago and pictures of what it looks like now. The children were able to compare and contrast how Sunderland has changed over time by looking at the pictures. We then had a look around the rest of the Museum on the afternoon.


Christmas Nativity

All of Year 1 took part in the Christmas Nativity 'The Hopeless Camel' this year and it was a great success. We spent weeks practising our songs that we had to sing and practising what we had to say ands do during the performance. Lots of parents and carers turned up to watch the fantastic performance which was great. They all looked amazing and made Miss Moody very proud!         



Gala Theatre Durham (Cinderella)

As part of our topic 'It's Party Time!' Year 1 took a trip to the Gala Theatre in Durham to see Cinderella. We had an amazing time! The bus picked us up outside of school around 9:00am and we took a short journey to the theatre. We all behaved very sensibly and were allowed a bag of sweets to eat during the show, which was great! The show was fantastic and some parts were really scary, especially when the bear was running around. Afterwards we headed back to the bus to go back to school, we were all so tired but had the best time!


Year 1 this half term have been learning all about Diwali. We have learnt the story of Diwali about Rama and Sita and how the ten headed demon kidnapped Sita and Rama and the monkey saved her. We learnt that Diwali is a Hindu celebration and it is known as the festival of light! In one of our lessons we made Diwali sweets called Coconut Ladoos and they were delicious! 


Guy Fawkes

Our topic this half term is 'It's Party Time!' We will be looking at different things that we can celebrate and how we celebrate them. The first thing that we looked at was Guy Fawkes. We listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and looked at some amazing fireworks. We also learnt that we have to be very careful around fireworks. The best part of this experience was making our own Guy Fawkes who sits in our classroom.


Backhouse Park

This half term Year 1 have been focussing upon the topic ‘Look at Me!’ As part of this topic we have taken a look around our local area and visited Backhouse Park, where we looked at the Autumn colours and collected some leaves. 



Our Bodies

As part of our topic we were looking at the human body. We were learning the names of the different body parts and we were labelling them. We demonstrated with one of our class friends who we drew around to make a life size outline of the human body.