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Welcome to Miss McLoughlin's Class


Important Dates For Your Diary

  • On a Friday, the children who will be performing at the Empire, will be working with Danielle all afternoon.  The children will need blue or black PE shorts, a white PE t-shirt and gym shoes.
  • On a Friday lunchtime, the children can take part in a football session.  There is no charge but the children will need a suitable outdoor PE kit and shoes.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Tuesday
  • Monday 27th June  - The children will have their leaver's photograph taken.
  • Tuesday 28th June - In the afternoon, some of the children will be performing at the Dance Festival at the Empire. The other children, along with Years 3-4 will be going along to watch them perform. 
  • Week Beginning 11th July - Health week, including sports day on the afternoon for KS2
  • Tuesday 12th July - The children going to Southmoor in September will spend the day at the school.  Grangetown staff, will walk the children to Southmoor after registration but the children will make their own way home from Southmoor at the end of the day.

 Mayan Magic

The topic for the rest of the Summer term is 'Mayan Magic' and the children will be learning all about the ancient civilisation of the Mayans.  The children will be reading Mayan myths and writing retells of these and using them as an inspiration for their own myths.  They will make a Mayan pot out of clay and decorate it.  The children will design and make their own Mayan mask and a God's Eye hanging.  They will learn about how the Mayans lived, what they believed in and about the place Chichen Itza and the famous pyramid of El Castillo. 


Leaver's Assembly

The children performed their Leaver's Assembly on the final Monday of term and celebrated their time at Grangetown.  The children shared their memories of Grangetown, from when they appeared twice on TV to the trips they have enjoyed going on.  The children sang a range of different songs.  They performed 'Circle of Life' from The Lion King to remember the dance they performed as part of their Africa topic when they were in Year 2.  They also performed 'Run Rabbit Run' again as a reminder of their topic about WW2 in Year 6.  Anna made a fantastic rabbit.  The children all received a leaver's gift of a mug with a photo of the class on it to remind them the school. 

The children have been a fantastic bunch to teach this year and have made the school very proud of them.  We will miss them but wish their all the best for the time at their new schools. 


Battle Zone Archery

The children had a fantastic afternoon when the Sunderland Wall company came to school and the children completed archery activities.  The children learned how to fire arrows (rubber ones), using a  proper bow and wearing an arm guard.  They practised aiming at big inflatable targets and wore huge helmets to protect their faces.  The afternoon involved playing lots of games and even involved using each other as moving targets.  The children learned lots of new skills and practised their ability to work as part of a team. 


 Alien Odyssey at Sunderland Empire 

At the end of June, some of the Year 6 children performed at the Sunderland Empire as part of the Sunderland  Dance Festival.  The theme was 'Science Fact, Science Fiction'.  The children had spent many hours working with Danielle our dance teacher, to learn the routine 'Alien Odyssey'.  The children spent a long day at the theatre rehearsing the routine alongside many other Sunderland schools.  All of Key Stage 2 went along to watch and many parents and carers also come along to support the children.  The children's routine wads fabulous and we gave them a great big cheer at the end.  The compere, Jeff Brown from BBC Look North, said that Grangetown were the loudest school.  The children will have very special memories of this day and  there are not many people who can say they performed on the Empire stage. 

Spanish Day

The children celebrated our yearly Spanish Day.  After a fantastic assembly from Miss Rodriguez and some key stage 2 children, the children had a lesson about Spanish festivals and found out about Pablo Picasso.  Danielle, our dance teacher taught the children a Spanish style dance and the children completed a reading activity.  The day ended with another fantastic assembly, where children won prizes in a special raffle ticket draw.

Phew!  The SATs are Over.

We are all incredibly proud of the children who worked extremely hard during SATs week.  The children had a positive attitude throughout the week as they have done all year.  Each day began with a breakfast in our community room, where the children could have a delicious bowl of cereal and a sausage or bacon sandwich. This also give the children the opportunity to relax before the tests began.   

On the Friday after SATs, the children had a very special morning.  Gary Bennet and Julio Arca, who used to play for Sunderland came to visit the children.  The children had the opportunity to ask them lots of questions about playing for Sunderland and their careers.  After this visit, the children had a session of Dodge ball, which was great fun and really got their heat rates pumping!




What Did We Do in the  Spring Term?

This term our topic is all called 'Adventures with Kensuke' and has an English theme.  The children will be reading the novel Kensuke's Kingdom by the author Michael Morpurgo.  They will use this book to inspire their own writing.  They will write a balanced argument and a persuasive letter.  They will write a short story set on an island and write their own Haiku poem.  The children will look at the artwork by the artist Hokusai and create their own versions of this in paint and using printing technique's.  They will learn about the countries that Michael visits in Kensuke's Kingdom and plot these on a map.  In Science, the children will learn about inheritance and evolution and how animals adapt to the habitat they live in.  In ICT the children will be coding and creating an App for converting different units of length.  The children will taking part in the Monosukuri Caravan event at Nissan, where they will work in teams to construct a car from Lego.  The children will also the chance to see their completed quilt from the Kindertransport art project they completed in the Autumn term.




Visit by Chris Connaughton

 The children were luckily enough to work with the author and actor Chris Connaughton on a range of activities.  The activities were linked to our topic 'Adventures with Kensuke'.  The day began with Chris, acting out and telling the children the story of Robinson Crusoe, who like Michael in Kensuke's Kingdom, was stranded on a desert island.  The children were given the opportunity to think about what it would be like to be stranded on an island for years and years.  The follow up activity involved the children imagining they were Robinson Crusoe and writing a letter back home.  In the letter they asked for help and described life on the island and what they missed from home.  Later on, the children drew and filled a 'Jar of Life'.  In this jar they drew pebbles to represent the things that are important to them.  They then took part in a hot-seating activity where they asked Chris questions as if he was Robinson Crusoe.  The children had a fantastic day and got many ideas to help inspire their own writing.




Safety Works

The children visited Safety Works at Newcastle to learn about keeping safe both inside and outside the home.  The Safety Works building is like a film set, where there were different areas for the children to learn about keeping safe in a practical way.  One of the areas was a Metro train station, where the children found out about the dangers of being on a platform and how to keep safe.  The children also learnt about antisocial behaviour and how this affects neighbourhoods and the people who live there.  They also found out about what causes fires in homes and what to do if their house was on fire.  They were also a given a talk about peer pressure and what can happen if you commit a crime, like shop-lifting even at 10 or 11 years old.  The children had a fantastic day and have learned ways in which they can keep themselves and others safe.




Science Week

As part of our annual safety week, the children took part in an assembly all about recycling and worked with a lady from groundworks to learn all about how to recyle, reduce or re-use elelctrical equipment.  There was also a workshop from Technology Tom, all about light and electricity, which the children really enjoyed. 


Library Visit

The children had been working with a local artist to produce a quilt to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and they visited the City Centre Library to see their completed quilt on display.  Before the Second World War began, Jewish children who were living in Germany were evacuated to Great Britain. This was called Kindertransport.   Most of these children never returned to Germany or saw any of their families again.  As adults, these children thought about their experiences and expressed these in the form of pictures that were then turned into quilts.  The Year 6 children, imagined what it would have been like to have been one of these children.  They drew pictures to reflect the emotions and experiences the children would have experienced.  A local artist, then took the individual panels way and turned it into a quilt.  The children were very proud to see their artwork on display and we hope that the people who visit the library will stop and enjoy it too.  The completed quilt is going to tour different public areas in Sunderland and will then be returned to school so we can display it.



Show Racism The Red Card

The children worked with SAFC to complete activities to help the children understand what racism is.  The children had a sports activity session.  They worked with a coach to complete group activities to promote team work and cooperation.  On the afternoon, they discussed what racism was and focused on racism and misconceptions linked to immigration.  The children thought about what immigration was and learned about the different types of people who are immigrants, such as refugees and people travelling to different countries to study.  By the end of the session, all of the children had a good understanding of what immigration is.




The children had two sessions where they learned more about being safe when going online when using the computer or Ipads.  The children took part in an assembly where they found out what E-Safety is and then on the afternoon they had a classroom based session.  They thought about what sites and games were suitable for them and how to be safe when going online.  The children learned a lot and are now more confident about being safe when using the internet.  The children also had the chance to dress up as superman to show how to be safe on the internet and a crocodile to represent the things that are unsafe on the internet. 


Our topic for the 2nd Half Term

For the second half term, our topic was 'Climb Every Mountain'.  The topic was all about mountains and volcanoes.  The children learned about different types of mountains and volcanoes, how they are formed and the environments they are found in.  The children looked at paintings and drawings by different artists and used this as inspiration for their own art work.  In DT, they made an erupting volcano!  In our English lessons the children read classic poems and wrote a story with a volcano or a mountain theme.  In ICT, they researched volcanoes and made a PowerPoint presentation about them.  In Science, the children found out all about the different groups animals are classified into and used classification keys.


Kindertransport Art Project

The children have been working with a local textile artist and the Sunderland Library Service on an art project about Kindertransport from the Second World War.  Just before the outbreak of war, German children who were Jewish were evacuated to Great Britain to try and keep them safe from the Nazi government.  This evacuation was called 'Kindertranpsort'.  Most of these children never returned to Germany or saw their parents or families again.  They settled in Great Britain and spent their lives here.  Many years after the war ended, these children, now adults made squares to show what their experiences of Kindertransport was like. These squares were then sewn together to make a quilt.  To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in January, the children made their own squares.  The children thought about what it would have been like to be one of these children and tried to reflect this in the squares.  The textile artist has taken away the children's squares and is going to sew them together to make a quilt.  This quilt will then be displayed in the city centre library in Fawcett Street in January to help commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.  The children will be visiting the library to see their completed piece of work on display.



The Canny Space at Holy Trinity Church

The children visited The Canny Space at Holy Trinity Church in the East End to see a performance of 'A Christmas Carol'.  The story was told by one actor called Chris Cade, he was the narrator and also Scrooge.  Some of the other parts were taken by the children in the audience.  Josh was a man collecting money and Tamzin was one of the Cratchit children.  The children really enjoyed watching the performance and it was special being held in the old church.  We ended the visit by singing carols.  It was a lovely way to begin our Christmas celebrations.


Visit to West Boldon Lodge

Our Science lessons this half term are all about classifying animals and using keys and to help us to learn more about this we visited West Boldon Lodge.  West Boldon Lodge is an outdoors centre which has ponds and a woods.  We spent the morning pond dipping and collected lots of different creatures.  We tried to work out what each creature was using a fact card.  On the afternoon, we collected mini-beasts in the wood and used a classification key to try and decide what each creature was.  Back in the classroom, we played a game which involved sorting different living things into groups.  We then drew our own classification keys about these living things.  We had a great day even though we had to keep dodging the rain!



Our topic for the 1st Half Term


Our topic was 'Keep Calm and Carry On' and was all about the Second World War.  The children learnt about what life was like during war time.  They dsicovered about the causes of the war, The Blitz , how people protected themselves, life as an evacuee and rationing.  In art, they designed a propaganda poster and in DT made an Anderson shelter.  In English, they found out about the life of Anne Frank and wrote a biography about her.  The children also wrote a diary entry as if they were Anne Frank.   In music, the children learned WW2 songs and composed their own.  We had an interesting and an exciting first half term.





Evacuee Day
To celebrate the end of our very enjoyable and successful topic, 'Keep Calm and Carry On', the children became evacuees for the day.  Earlier on in the week, the children in Maths made their own gas mask boxes that they had to wear all day, just like wartime children.   The day began with the children taking part in the Harvest assembly.  They explained about rationing and how people had to 'dig for victory'.  They also sung the wartime favourite 'Run Rabbit Run'.  We even had our very own pink rabbit - Emelia.  Later that morning, the children made a evacuee name tag and their own blue ration book.  In the afternoon, some of the children made a wartime recipe of creamy apples, which most of the children enjoyed!  They also learned about how Morse Code was used in the war to send messages and created their own messgaes using it. The day ended by watching the film 'Goodnight Mr Tom, which allowed the children to see lots of the things they had been learning about like building an Anderson Shelter and the life an evacuee.




Eden Camp Visit

To help bring our WW2 topic to life, we visited Eden Camp Museum in Yorkshire.  The museum used to be a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War and the huts have now been turned into exhibits which show displays and information about different aspects of the war.  After a long journey, the children enjoyed visiting the different huts and learning more about the war.  One of our favourite huts was the one about The Blitz.  The children were able to see what it was like during the Blitz.  They could hear bombs dropping and smell the burning rubble.  They also enjoyed visiting the hut all about the blackout.  In here they could really see how dark it was and how difficult it would be to get around.  The children saw replicas of planes and tanks they were used.  Another highlight of our visit was watching the puppet show.  The children heard music by popular singers of the time such as Vera Lynn and George Formby.  The children saw many objects used in the war, such as the different types of gas masks and the different types of shelters.  During the visit the children enjoyed playing on the play park and visitng the shop to buy a souvenier of their day.  The children had a fantastic day and it brought World War 2 to life for them.



Southmoor Visit

As part of our links with Southmoor School, the children spent a whole day there so they could see what life in a secondary school would be like.  During the day, the children took part in a range of activities including a German lesson and a Science lesson. In the Science lesson, they tasted different types of food. The children had the opportunity to try out the school dinners,which were defintely a hit!  The children were surprised at the size of the school and found the buzzer which signals the end of lessons quite different.  The children all received a stationery set and a really interesting and enjoybale day.  They are looking forward to more visits in the future.