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Welcome to Miss Hunter's Class

This year we have 30 fantastic children who are excited and ready to learn. We have had a fantastic start to the summer term and the children are working hard on their current topic 'Ruthless Romans.'


Important Dates for your Diary:

  • Every Monday the children will be reading with Miss Martinez so they need a reading book and their home school diary.
  • On a Tuesday the children will visit the school library and will be able to choose a book to take home and enjoy.
  • Every Thursday Miss Christie will be reading with the children individually so they need a reading book and their home school diary. 
  • Every Wednesday, the children will have PE.  They will need indoor P.E. kits which includes plain shorts, plan t-shirt and plain black plimsols or trainers.
  • Homework will be set every Friday and needs to be returned on the following Tuesday.
  • Spellings will be set every Tuesday for the children to practise and learn and then they will be tested on the following Tuesday.
  • Every Tuesday the children in Year 4 can take part in a lunchtime football session with Arj.  The children will need to have shorts, a t-shirt and suitable footwear for playing outside on the field. 

Sound of Music!

As part of their new topic ‘Good Vibrations’ Year 4 visited the Sunderland Empire to watch a Musical. After watching the film version, the children got to watch the Sound of Music and were amazed by the performance. All of the children enjoyed the visit and even started an impromptu sing along on the way into the theatre. ‘Do-Re-Mi’ was a particular favourite and the children are now learning it at school. The children behaved extremely well and had a fantastic afternoon.


Archaeologists at Arbeia!

As part of their topic, Ruthless Romans, Year 4 visited Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum in South Shields. The fort is a special one as, instead of being a fighting fort like those at Hadrian's Wall, it was a supply fort. This means lots of information was gathered from the site during its excavation. The artifacts which were found give historians a good picture of what life was like in Roman times. During the visit, children became archaeologists for the day as they were given trowels to search through the sand and uncover ancient objects, everybody even found some bones! As well as the dig, children visited barracks which showed what life was like for a legionary, an auxillary, the Centurion and the Commanding Officer. We all decided that we would have much rather been the Commanding Officer as his house was huge! 

Friends of Backhouse Park

This week got off to a fantastic start when Year 4 teamed up with Reception to spend the afternoon planting bluebells as part of a project with The Friends of Backhouse Park. After all of their hard work, they even got to play in the part together. It was lovely to see the older children help out with the younger ones. The children really enjoyed working with the children in Reception and we look forward to seeing our bluebells next year. 


Outdoor Adventurers!

Year 4's new P.E. topic is Outdoor Adventure Activities. This means that the children will be exploring the outdoors in different ways. We began by learning what the word control meant. Children were given a set of photographs as clues and they had to find each spot around the school. At each point was a control. Today's controls were all Roman numerals so as well as finding the control, the children had to change the Roman numeral into a number we use today. All of the children were fantastic at working together in a team. They were even able to come up with a plan of action to travel the shortest distance. 



Year 4 were lucky enough to take part in 3 tennis work shops with a coach from Sunderland Tennis Centre. The children practiced different skills such as balancing the ball, hitting the ball and rallying with a partner. After the three weeks of coaching, 8 children were chosen to represent the school at the Sunderland Tennis Centre. The children faced stiff competition from 7 other schools. The Year 4 team came first overall! The 8 children will be taking to the court again on June 15th to face the winners of the other Sunderland heats. We wish them the best of luck!

Amazing Art!

Year 4 visited the library and winter gardens museum as part of an Arts Award project. The day started with children looking at different examples of contemporary art, which they then used to inspire them in their own work. After doing some warming up sketches, the children designed their own chalice based on the work of Nicholas Pope that they had seen earlier. The designs the children made were absolute fantastic. Everybody was then given some clay which they had to turn into their very complex chalices. By the end of the morning, the sculptures were complete. In a few days, once the clay has dried, the chalices will be returned to school so that we can paint them. During the afternoon, children visited the gallery in the Winter Gardens, where they saw a range of classical paintings. The children were inspired by the paintings and created their own poems based on them. Everyone then became a performance poet and shared their poem with the rest of the class. When we returned to school, lots of the children said they were extremely proud of themselves because they had tried something new during the day. What a fantastic day! 


Super Skippers!

After weeks of rehearsals, Year 4 visited Thornhill Academy to take part in one of the Sunderland skipping festivals which were being held across the city.  Everybody had practiced a particular skill and some of them were very difficult! The children competed against four other schools with their individual skills and Grangetown Primary came away with lots of gold, silver and bronze certificates. The children then performed their skipping dance which was absolutely fantastic. Year 4 were excellently behaved during the visit and were definitely skipping superstars. It's also lovely to see that the children are still practicing their skipping during break times. 


Summer term! 

Year 4's new topic is all about the Ruthless Romans! Children are going to be learning about what life was like when the Romans invaded Britain, the gladiator fights at the coliseum and how the Roman army was so powerful. Throughout the topic children are going to be designing and making different Roman artifacts, like Roman shields and mosaics. 

Go green! 

As part of science week where the theme is Go Green, children have been gathering items that would usually be recycled and used them to create their own outfits. Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon becoming budding fashion designers and created some wonderful costumes. Once they were all completed (and the classroom was put back to normal) the children took part in a fashion show, complete with catwalk poses. 

Man on the Moon!

On World Book Day, Year 4 visited Sunderland City Library to take part in a workshop with local author Simon Bartram. He talked to the children about how he got ideas for his stories and shared his notebooks with them so that they could see the process he went through. As well as talking about ideas for writing stories, he also shared his sketchbooks with the children so that they could see how the design of his characters changes over time. The children then got a very special treat when Simon created a very special alien just for Year 4.



Poles Apart!

Year 4's topic for the second half of the Spring term is Poles Apart. The children are going to be learning about the North and South Pole as well as the explorers who travelled to these distant regions. Children are also learning about the different animals which live there and how they are adapted to the extreme temperatures. The children are particularly enjoying finding out about frostbite! 

Read all about it! 

 Chinese New Year! 

To celebrate Chinese New Year on February 8th, Year 4 have been making Chinese Lanterns and creating paintings of blossom trees. Children created spherical lanterns to symbolise the lanterns used by Chinese people at New Year. They also then tried a new technique of painting to create their blossom tree. First the children had to wet the page completely and then drop paint from a height so that it spread out, creating a water colour effect.  The blossom tree is seen as a symbol of good luck for the year and is a sign of perseverance - something the children needed thanks to their new painting technique! The children were happy to take home their new creations.


Year 4 have just enjoyed a maths lesson with a difference. The children came into the class to find that their tables had been transformed. Each table was covered with different patterns and the children worked in groups to identify acute and obtuse angles. Armed with their geostrips and a white board marker, the children had great fun drawing on their tables. The children were extremely sensible and were all able to name acute and obtuse angles correctly... They also left the tables spotless! Very big well done to Year 4. 

Working with an author

As part of their topic, Year 4 were fortunate enough to work with a local author called Laura Smith. Laura treated the children to part of her new book, which was about a family of monsters with exceptionally long legs. She also taught the children how to illustrate her book and draw these funny characters. The children had a fantastic afternoon drawing the monsters and even helped Laura create a new ending to her story. 

New Year. New Topic. New Books

The children have started the new year with their new topic 'Read all about it.' The children are enjoying a series of books from different authors and using them as inspiration for their work. So far this term, the children have read Toro! Toro! by Michael Morpurgo and have produced some fabulous letters to go with it. The children have also been looking at a picture book called The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. Each page of the book comes with a mysterious picture and just one line of the story. The children enjoyed creating their own stories so much that they even asked for it to be set as extra homework! 

Forever Changing Rainforests!

Visit to Kirkley Hall 

As part of their topic, Year 4 visited Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens in Ponteland. The children saw lots of different animals, some of whom would naturally live in the rainforest. The singing and dancing parrot was their favourite of the day, even though it did spend most of the day hiding from the rain. The children were also desperate to take home a bush dog, until Steph our guide told us that two bush dogs could eat a fully grown human in 10 seconds flat! Over the day, children learnt a great deal about animals, their habitats and the the threat of extinction that some animals face. Even though the rain did not stop pouring, the children had a fantastic day and behaved exceptionally well. 


Walk like an Egyptian!

Budding Actors in Year 4!

Through their literacy work, Year 4 have been looking at play scripts. This week the children have been getting used to what a play script is so they have all acted out a short scene from a play called 'The Lost Scroll.' We have seen some fantastic performances as many of the children took on the role of Egyptian gods who were quarelling. Some children also became excellent directors and enjoyed bossing their actors about. I'm thoroughly looking forward to the children writing their own play script and acting them out. 

Finding fractions fun!

Year 4 have been working very hard this week on identifying the different parts of a fraction. The children have been taking whole numbers and breaking them into different parts. Every child in Year 4 is now able to use the correct words (denominator and numerator) when explaining fractions. The best part is, all of the children had a great time when finding the fractions! 



October Hancock Museum Visit

As part of their topic, Year 4 visited the Hancock Museum Ancient Egyptian exhibition. Whilst they were there, the children studied many different artefacts and learnt more about how Egyptians lived. All of the children were able to use the key in the museum to find out lots of new facts and information. The children were most impressed by seeing a sarcophagus which contained a real mummy! The children then took part in a workshop which involved them; becoming a High Priest by dressing in leopard skin, decoding ancient hieroglyphics and then finding famous parts of Egypt. The children were exceptionally well behaved and had a fantastic day. 

Walk like an Egyptian

Our topic for the autumn term is 'Walk like an Egyptian.' The children are delving into the ancient world of Egypt. They will be learning about how daily life in ancient Egypt is different to their lives today, the inventions that the Egyptians created and looking at artefacts from the time period. 

The children worked in teams to identify each of the artefacts and explained their importance. Children were able to identify statues of many pharaohs included Tutankhamun and Rameses III.