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The Palace Green Library

As a part of our topic The Super Settlers we visited the Palace Green Museum in Durham to gain more of an insight into Anglo Saxon life. The children were able to look at and draw different artefacts, whilst guessing what they thought the object was and what it might be used for. To the delight of the children, they were also able to try on some of the items: the helmets were very heavy! Later in the day we looked at the Lindisfarne Gospels and learned about why they were important to the Anglo Saxons. We also had a try of creating our own front page using the same technique that was used by the monks at Holy Island. During the afternoon session the two year 3 classes came together to work in mixed teams to undertake different quizzes and activities. The activities were all based around what it would be like to live during the Anglo Saxon period for example guessing what different smells were and investigating armour.  To end our visit the children were all challenged to work in pairs to dress each other as a monk, in silence! This proved tricky. We really enjoyed the visit and were able to take a lot of interesting facts back to school with us and apply into our work.


Welcome back to school. We hope you enjoyed the break. Our topic this term is “Super Settlers” and is all about the Anglo Saxons. We have been looking at how Britain has changed over time and the impact that the Anglo Saxons have had. The children will learn about who the Anglo Saxons were, why they came to Britain and the religion they followed. This topic is an Art and DT based topic meaning that the children will be engaging in a lot of hands on activities, creating their own artefacts. This will include making paper mache helmets, clay coins and making Illuminated Letter scrolls. Within Science the children are participating in an experiment to see how plants are affected their environment. Our topic for PE this term is Cricket. The children will be learning about the rules, different batting and fielding techniques and work as part of a team.

More chocolate!

For the second part of this term we are going to be continuing to look at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in more detail. We will be doing lots of literacy and art based activities allowing the children to design, create and taste their own chocolate creations. Within music lessons the children will be studying the music of the film and engaging in some singing! Just before Easter the class will learn all about the Easter story and its importance as well as making some Easter Crafts! We hope you like them!


Charlie and the chocolate factory.

This term in year 3 our topic has been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, We have been engaging in lots of reading and writing activities including writing a letter to Mr Willy Wonka himself, asking him to make the chocolate bars we have designed in his very own factory. The children have been looking at different chocolate bar designs to help create the best wrapper for our own tasty treats, which we have been making this week. Later on in the term, as we become more familiar with the story and its characters, we are going to be getting very hands on with some drama lessons.



Bush Craft DAY

To coincide with their terms topic "The hunters and the hunted" we were lucky enough to participate in a Bush Craft Day, where the children were really able to showcase their knowledge of the Stone Age. The children were able to watch hands on fire making ad even take turns to make fire themselves with a partner. As a class we created a wonderful piece of cave art, using ash mixed with coloured dyes, inspired by the work of those created throughout the Stone Age itself. Despite it being a cold and rainy December morning, both myself, Ms Crooks and the children thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!




This term we have been exploring the different periods within the Stone Age and discovering what it would have been like to live in this time. We have been able to make comparisons between our lives and theirs. The children have had lots of fun creating their own Stone Age inspired Cave Paintings, Hand Prints and Bone Jewellery.A range of different materials have been used in this topic to create our art, including oil pastels, paint and clay! We have been working very hard to create our own Non - Chronological report, all about Stone Age life and have been using a range of conjunctions and past tense verbs to make our writing more interesting. Later on in the term class 3F will be participating in a Bush Craft Day, where we will be able to learn all about fire making, Stone Age food and much more!




On Friday 9th October we visited the Hancock Museum in Newcastle. We travelled by double decker bus - we had lots of fun! While we were there we visited the "Spineless" Exhibition which allowed us to explore the galleries and even see some live creatures! Throughout the day we used the touch screen computers to research different se animals and complete quizzes and even created our own sea creatures - the children were very creative! We also visited Natural Northumbria and Fossil Stories exhibitions and discovered what it would be like to live under the sea. We used the habitat bags from the museum to explore different sea creatures and how they live. We had a thoroughly great day!


Welcome to Miss Fraser's Class

Welcome to the Autumn term! We hope you had a great Summer holiday and are looking forward to the exciting activities we have planned for this term in Year 3. 

Throughout this term we will be exploring the deepest depths of the oceans. The children will investigate weird and wonderful sea creatures, journey the major oceans and seas of the world, and get creative with some underwater crafts! We hope the children will love our  'Under the Sea' topic. 


  • Monday - Please ensure that your child has their P.E kit ready for the lesson in the afternoon each week. P.E kit is a white polo top, blue or black shorts and appropriate footwear. 
  • Tuesday - Your child can buy toast at play time for 10p.
  • Wednesday - Please make sure your child brings in their Home Link Reading Book ready to read on a 1:1 basis and have their reading book changed. Your child will be given their new set of spellings ready to be tested on the Friday. Children can also take a book home from the Library to read at home which can be returned and swapped the following week.
  • Thursday - Your child can buy toast at play time for 10p.
  • Friday - Your child will be tested on their spellings. The children will be given their homework to be handed in on the following Monday. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat (the best time is at 3.20 pm). We will be happy to speak to you and/or make an appointment for a more lengthy discussion.