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welcome to Miss Stabler's Class

In Year 1 this year we have 27 fantastic children!


Some Reminders

  • Reading books and home-school diaries in every day please.
  • PE is on a Thursday. Children need their full kit.
  • Homework to be returned by a Thursday.
  • Library day is a Tuesday.

Animal Planet

Our summer term topic is called Animal Planet. Year 1 will be learning about the animals that live in the Jungle and Polar regions of the world. We will start off by locating the hot and cold countries using a globe before moving onto looking at Nepal and the creatures that live in the Chitwan Jungle.

On Wednesday 20th May we had a very special visit from Paul who works at Discovery Zoo. He brought with him a range of animals that live in the jungle. We had some very brave boys and girls who held and handled the animals. We had a really fun afternoon and learnt lots of new and interesting things.



Once Upon a Time

This half term Year 1 have been learning all about traditional tales. We started off with a workshop with No Limits theatre looking at Little Red Riding Hood. The children played lots of games to get themselves warmed up ready for their roles including Grandma’s keys and Mr Wolf. The children acted out parts of the story thinking about their voices and their body language. We then looked at the story of The Enormous Turnip. The children enjoyed retelling it using masks in the role-play and to end the week we made a huge steaming pot of turnip soup to share with our friends. Over the next couple of weeks we will be using our talk for writing to learn the story of Chicken Licken and turn the sad ending into a happily ever after!

To end our topic we visited Seven Stories in Newcastle. Seven Stories is a huge building that is home to thousands of children’s books. We were met at the centre by a member of staff who showed us around the fairy tale displays. We had great fun dressing up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and riding in Cinderella’s coach. We had lots of activities to do during the day including, acting out some of our favourite characters and making up some of our own. We ended the day in the amazing story den where we listened to a story from the resident story teller.      



Chinese New Year

On Friday 13th of February the whole of Grangetown Primary celebrated Chinese New Year. There were lots of fantastic activities going on around school. In Year 1 we learnt about Chinese culture and traditions. The children had a great time dressing up and making traditional crafts. 


Traveller's Tales

This half term Year 1 are exploring the topic of ‘Traveller’s Tales’. This topic has a big focus on history and geography. Already this half term we have looked at different types of transport and how they have changed over the years. The children used this information and non fiction books to write up their own fact sheet. We have also designed our own ‘transport of the future’ with lots of fantastic features. The children have really enjoyed reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt so much so that we are now making up our own dance in PE! Coming up this half term we will be looking at Grace Darling and linking this to our literacy lessons. We will be also using the Bee Bots in both ICT and Maths to talk about instructions and direction.

Winter Walk to Backhouse Park

As part of our ongoing science project ‘seasonal change’ Year 1 visitedBackhousePark. The children visited the park last term where we observed autumn’s affect on the park. This term we wanted to see how it had further changed now it is winter. We wrapped ourselves up one Tuesday afternoon and set out in the snow and ice! The children were great at spotting the changes. We noticed that some trees now have no leaves on them and that some trees stay green all year round. There were no flowers growing and the ground was hard. We had a really nice afternoon even if we did get a little muddy including Miss Stabler!


 Grace Darling

As part of our topic we have been looking at the local heroine Grace Darling. The children have been learning how Grace and her father rescued people from a sinking ship just of the coast of Northumberland. Together we tracked the journey the ship took using a map of the UK and plotted where Grace lived. The children also made their own Longstone lighthouses using construction materials and a circuit.


 Let's Celebrate!

Our new topic for this half term in Year 1 will be all about celebrations. Over the next couple of weeks the children will be looking at Bonfire night, Diwali, Bithdays and Christmas.

This week (3.11.14) we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and the reason why we celebrate Bonfire night. The children have also painted some amazing firework pictures as well as written their own poems about fireworks. See below.

Rockets zooming.

Roman candles firing.

Catherine wheels spinning.

Bangers exploding.

Sparkelrs sparkling.

By Damian 

(17.11.14) Year 1 are very excited as we have received a letter from Hugless Douglas. Douglas is a character from one of our favourite stories and he has asked us to plan a birthday party! The children have been busy all week writing invitations, food tasting and making decorations in preperation for the big day. We walked to ASDA to buy all the party supplies. We had fun using our shopping lists and looking at prices to make sure we had what we needed.

(24.11.14) Our Party was a great success! Hugless Douglas himself turned up too. We had lots of fun playing party games like pass the parcel and musical bumps. Our food was delicious too! We even sang happy birthday and blew out the candles. See below for some photos of the fun.


The Incredible Me!

To make a great start to the first half term the children have be doing lots of activities to get to know each other and the adults they work with. The children have been working very hard producing their own auto-biographies which they will share with the rest of the class. These include lots of interesting information about what they like, their family and their friends.

In Science the children have been learning all about the human body and we now know the names of the different parts and the important jobs they do. In the next couple of weeks we will be looking at our senses and how we use them.

Backhouse Park


As part of our ongoing science project 'Changing Seasons' and our current topic 'The Incredible Me' we went on a walk to Backhouse Park. On our way we looked at our local area including spotting some of our own houses! The children talked about what they could see and like to do outside of school in and around the local area. Once we got to Backhouse Park we had one mission- to collect as many items as we could to show Autumn is here. The children were very good and we collected lots of conkers, leaves and twigs. We had lots to talk about when we returned to school. It was a great afternoon!


As a fun treat to the end of our first half term back the whole school danced the afternoon away at the Halloween disco. Take a look if you dare!