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Welcome to Miss Hunter's Class

This year we have 25 wonderfully enthusiastic children in our class. They have fully settled into year 5 and are a pleasure to teach.

July 2015

This week (6th July 2015) is Health Week and Year 5 are currently taking part in a whole week of health related activities. They started the week with fitness testing where students from Farringdon Academy came in to measure the children in different areas such as sprinting, throwing and jumping. The whole school then took part in Sports day which was a great success. Upon arriving at school on Tuesday, the children began their day with a Zumba class from our dance teacher Danielle. It was a high energy start to the day and the children thoroughly enjoyed dancing with her. Even the English and Maths lessons this week are health related. The children have been measuring their heart rate before and after exercise then using this to plot line graphs. The children have many more activities to look forward to over the week, including going to watch Year 6 dance at the Empire.   

June 2015

Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon with Mr Bailey from Animate2Educate. The children all became television stars and camera operators. The children have produced their very own television programme about their topic of Ancient Greece. Each of the children recorded their lines, from a teleprompter, in front of a green screen. The children then used a special app to change the background of their video so it looked like a real report from Ancient Greek times. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and want to say a big thank you to Mr Bailey for coming in to work with them.

May 2015

On Friday 1st May, Year 5 took part in a visit to the East End of Sunderland. The visit was ran by a company called Theatre Space. The children were greeted by characters from the past, including Jack Crawford and some grave robbers. The children thought it was scary hearing the stories of some of the characters but had a fantastic time and when they came back to school they were able to recall all of the stories that they heard. The children were also giving a fantastic opportunity of visiting Holy Trinity church and were given the chance to take lots of photos for their current photography project.

March  2015

Children in Year 5 visited The Sage in Gateshead on Monday morning. This was part of the BBC Ten Pieces initiative. The aim of the initiative is to expose more children to classical music. The children already visited Empire Cinemas to watch a short film showing the ten pieces of classical music and this visit was the second phase. Northern Chords Orchestra performed the ten pieces live with a full orchestra and choir. The children were amazed by the sound created and thoroughly enjoyed the pieces of music. During the visit, the children were invited to conduct the orchestra and join in with some performances by using body percussion. 

As part of the school science week (16th - 20th March) the children in Year 5 have been fortunate enough to work with Technology Tom. The children created a model which represented the Sun, Earth and Moon. The components of the model move and allow the children to demonstrate what a solar and lunar eclipse are. The children greatly enjoyed working with Tom and showed impeccable behaviour during his visit to our school. 

February 2015

The children produced some fantastic projects as part of their topic 'To Infinity... and Beyond!' It has been a pleasure to see the work that the children produced at home. The children have greatly enjoyed sharing their projects with the rest of the class and the class have enjoyed seeing what the children created. Thank you for your support with the projects at home. It is much appreciated. 

January 2015

Welcome back and Happy New Year! The children have been enjoying their new topic of 'To Infinity...and Beyond!' They have been learning all about the solar system. In order for the children to see just how vast our solar system is, they made their own scaled down version. This involved making a solar system using rolls of toilet paper to measure the distance between the planets. Our tiny version of the solar system stretched almost 84 feet but each square of toilet paper actually represented approximately 16,000,000km!


As part of our science topic about space, the children were also investigating the craters of the moon. Children dropped different sized spheres into flour and measured the size of the crater it created. They also observed and measured what happened when objects fell from different heights. They then applied this to their knowledge of gravity to explain that the larger objects and the greater the distance that they fell from caused the greatest crater. 

December 2014

As it comes closer to Christmas the children are still working extremely hard in Year 5. Year 5 have been learning all about food and how to design and make healthy savoury dishes. The children designed their own pitta pockets and created a shopping list that would fit their budget of £5. As a class we all walked up to Asda Grangetown and the children went to gather their ingredients. When we returned to school the children chopped their own vegetables and created their pitta pockets. The children thought they were delicious and were desperate for second helpings!  

November 2014

As part of our topic 'Food Glorious Food', year 5 have been finding out what makes our bodies healthy. They have learnt about different benefits of food and why we need them. All of the children tasted a range of different fruits during one of their lessons. The custard apple split the class, with some children loving it and others finding it disgusting! The children then decided which fruits would work well together and they made their own fruit kebab. The children had a fantastic week and certainly had their 5-a-day! 


October 2014

Harehope Quarry

To give the children a better understanding of our topic, we visited Harehope Quarry. The children got to take part in exciting investigations in the River Wear. They measured the length, depth and speed of Harehope Gill and then they went river dipping. The children gathered a range of wildlife and with the help of our guide Lizzie, they were able to identify everything that they caught. Everyone had a great day and we learnt lots of new things!

A new start

So far this term year 5 have made a fantastic start. They have enjoyed reading our novel ‘There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’ and finding out about a very mischievous boy called Bradley. Our topic this half term is Flushed Away. We will be looking at; rivers and why they are important; the animals that rivers are home to and how rivers are made. On 2nd October the children will be visiting Harehope Quarry where they will be going on the journey a river makes from start to finish. They will also try river dipping where they will identify creatures that they find in the river.

Year 5 have also been lucky enough to be given their own iPad this year and they have already put them to good use by making an eBook all about rivers which they are going to share with their friends in Year 6.

Important Dates for your Diary

  • On a Monday the children will visit the school library and will be able to choose a book to take home and enjoy.
  • Every Thursday, the children will have PE.  They will need to have a PE t-shirt, shorts and gym shoes.  Children will need to have any earrings removed to take part in the lesson.
  • During the Spring term, children have swimming at Southmoor every Friday. They all need a swimming costume/ shorts and towel. 
  • Homework will be set every Friday and needs to be returned on the following Monday.
  • Spellings will be set every Friday for the children to practise and learn and then they will be tested on the following Friday.
  • Every Friday the children in Year 5 can take part in a lunchtime football session with Arj.  The children will need to have shorts, a t-shirt and suitable footwear for playing outside on the field.