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welcome to miss edokpayi's class

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Welcome to Year 4. Our class is made up of 18 happy and enthusiastic children, all keen to learn and have fun, assisted by class teacher Miss Edokpayi and teaching assistant Ms Crooks. There is a positive ethos in the classroom and all children try their best. 

Important Messages 

  • Tuesday Lunchtime- Football with Arj (Football kit needed)
  • Homework- Given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Monday
  • Children are also given times tables to learn every Monday for a mini-test on Friday
  • Spellings are given out on a Friday to be learnt for the following Thursday  

Home Sweet Home!

This half term (Summer 2) Year 4 will take a trek into the depths of the jungle as they will explore the fascinating world of the rainforests. The children will discover where rainforests are, what they look like, who lives in rainforests (including animals, plants and indigenous people) and much more. Throughout the topic we are hoping to visit the Museum and Winter Garden to complete workshops on the rainforest, grow some of our own plants, learn how to look after a wormery, go on a fact finding mission to see why the rainforest should be protected and create some lovely artwork inspired by Henri Rousseau. Through a cross-curricular topic the children will be fully immersed into the world of tropical rainforests! 

Skipping to Success!


On Friday 8th May the children in Year 4 were invited to attend the annual skipping festival at Thornhill School in Sunderland. The children had spent numerous weeks practising a variety of different skipping skills in individual, paired and team challenges including the double bounce, the crossover and the pretzel. Throughout the morning the children competed against teams from other local primary schools in a skip off battle! The children did themselves and Grangetown Primary School very proud as the enthusiasm and team spirit was high throughout. After the morning’s activities were completed the results were shared during the awards ceremony. There were lots of winners and the hard work paid off for all involved. Well done Year 4! 

Year 4 Skype Session


On Wednesday 1st April the children in Year 4 met pupils from our link school in Wuhan, China via a Skype session. Mr McAnaney was there to welcome us as we began and we had prepared a number of questions to be answered including questions about their school, food and daily life. The children in Wuhan also had questions for us to answer about our school, places to visit and our hobbies. We finished off the Skype session by singing a friendship song which was sang beautifully and the boys and girls in Wuhan were very impressed! It was so much fun to meet some of our pen pals face to face and we hope to arrange another Skype session in the future. Well done to all the Year 4 children involved. 

E-Safety Workshop 

Year 4 worked with Martin Bailey from Animate2 Educate where they learnt all about keeping safe online. Parents were invited to join the children during their sessions so they could also pick up some advice on how to stay safe. 

All of the children learnt how to stay safe by learning which information is suitable to put online and which information to keep private. The children were also shown the dangers of putting too much information online for everyone to see. Also, children were taught how to generate safe passwords that will protect all of their private details. The children played games which helped them understand which passwords are easy to guess and which are more difficult to guess. The session also informed children about how their behaviour online can have big consequences. In order to ensure the children are kept safe online, Martin Bailey made sure all children understood how to be SMART on the internet. 

‘Huānyíng to China’

China collage

Coming up this term in Year 4 we will be having fun exploring the topic ‘Huānyíng to China’ which translated means ‘Welcome to China’. As part of this topic the children will be making links with a school inWuhan,China.  The history based topic will see us transported back in time over 2000 years to Ancient China where this period was driven by war and continuous battle for an ever growing empire. They will start the topic by writing postcards about themselves to be sent to the Year 4 children inWuhan. They will also have the opportunity to meet them face to face via a planned Skype session, allowing questions to be asked and answered about life in a different country. We will be also learning about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China and using this to inspire some lovely story writing and art work. 

Year 4 Handball Competition


On Wednesday 25th February all of the children in Year 4 were invited to attend a Handball competition at Farringdon Academy. The children we put into mixed teams of 7 and they played a number of games against teams from other local primary schools. The enthusiasm and team spirit was high throughout and the children supported each other brilliantly. After a series of games the children reached the semi finals and we were incredibly proud of them. After only two practise sessions in school they showed grit, determination and an abundance of skill. Well done Year 4! 

Roald Dahl Workshop

Dahl dance

This half term Year 4’s topic is all about the wonderful Roald Dahl! The children had the opportunity to watch a performance by DUSC Dance Company, to show children that stories can be expressed through different ways and inspire children to read! This performance gave children the chance to learn a little more about Roald Dahl and also see some characters come to life. ‘Whizzpopping’ stories had been created by University of Sunderland students bringing to life Roald Dahls work through colourful costumes, set and dance styles. The production included The Twits, George’s Marvellous Medicine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As part of the performance, children had the chance to take part in a workshop learning the dance and added their own unique style to the routine. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the surprises that came with it. It was a fantastic morning full of excitement and we can truly say; never a ‘dahl’ moment went by! 

Dahl's Devilish Dreamers

In our topic this half term the children are learning about the masterful storyteller Roald Dahl. We are using Revolting Rhymes and The Twits as a stimulus to help inspire our own imaginative writing. In Literacy we have created our own characters, new plots, rhyming poems and lots more! We have also linked out ICT work to our topic as we collected and presented data to show which Revolting Rhyme was the most popular in class. The children are also using lots of different techniques to design their own book publishing logo for the new chapter of the story. In D&T the children designed and made their very own Mr Twit mask and Roly Poly Bird to be used for our drama sessions in which the children act out their new chapter and new trick! We are thoroughly enjoying all that Roald Dahl books have to offer and our imaginations have come alive. 

Christmas Craft Workshop

On Tuesday 9th December we welcomed all of our parents and carers in to school to take part in our annual Christmas workshop. As a special treat our visitors were welcomed into the classroom by hearing one of our Christams concert songs 'Light the Night' from the Snowman and the Snowdog. This set the scene for the wonderful afternoon that followed. The children and adults completed a range of Christmas activities throughout the session. These included making melted snowman digestive biscuits, snowmen tree decorations, a hanging peace dove and a stained glass window scene. All of these crafts worked up an appetite so we stopped for a well deserved break. We had juice and biscuits and some of us even ate our snowmen biscuits there and then! We had a lovely afternoon and it was so nice to see so many parents and carers turn up to join in the fun! 

'You've got to have Faith!'

This half term Year 4 will be learning about different  beliefs, faith and the feeling of belonging when we look at the Sikh religion.  We will be looking at different festivals and the story of Rama and Sita as well as many other aspects.

On Monday 24th November we launched our topic by visiting the local Gurdwara in Sunderland. We were made to feel extremely welcome and we were shown around the different buildings before learning about the 5 K’s (Kesh, Kara, Kirpan, Kangha, Kashera) and the recent festival Diwali. The children had plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to look at the different symbols which they found very interesting. To finish off the visit they were given a snack and a drink in the dining room which they thoroughly enjoyed!

The children will be writing a recount of their visit along with looking at different Sikh artefacts when back in school. From this they will complete some observational drawings of the different artefacts and we will discuss what it feels like to belong to different groups that are special to us. 

Roman Day

Roman day

To celebrate the end of a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable topic Year 4 enjoyed a Roman themed day on Friday 21st November. All the staff and children made a great deal of effort to come into school dressed as a Roman either in a toga or as a Roman soldier. The children looked fantastic and they had so much fun. They started the day by making a laurel leaf headdress each so they became a 'rich' Roman for the day. They then completed their Roman shields and marched outside chanting Latin phrases as if they were Roman soldiers. This was tiring work and they built up an appetite so we then proceeded to enjoy a Roman banquet in the library. The teachers were the 'slaves' and the chidren were waited on hand and foot which they really enjoyed! It was a fantastic day with lots of fun memories made. Thank you to all the parents and carers for supporting the day and helping with the amazing costumes. Click here to see our Roman Day photographs, in an Animoto presentation!

Roman Projects


As part of our homework we asked the children to complete their own Roman project. This could have taken many forms for example:

  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • Making a model
  • A presentation board
  • An information booklet

We we astounded by the quality of projects we received. So much hard work had gone into them and we had a lot of fun showcasing them to each other. Thank you to all parents and carers for your support with this. 

Backhouse Park

On Thursday 9th October Year 4 visited BackhousePark. Whilst we were there we completed an outdoor Numeracy nature trail throughout the park which linked to our cross-curricular learning of Roman numerals. The children were given a Roman numeral and they then had to collect items matching that numeral. We all had a great time and it was fun to take our learning outside!


(Mrs Taylor taught this class during the 1st half term of the school year, before starting her maternity leave. Miss Edokpayi then joined GPS and taught the class for the rest of the school year).

This term our topic will be 'Romans Rule!' We will be looking at the impact and expansion of the Roman army, daily life in Roman times and Roman art e.g. Mosaics and sculptures.

Recently, we visited Housesteads Roman Fort at Hadrian's Wall.  The children had the chance to meet a Roman soldier, dress in armour and practise marching and protecting their fellow troops. We are currently completing a recount about this visit and will post an example and pictures soon.

Other information:

  • Tuesday - Lunchtime football with Arj - football kit needed.
  • Friday (Autumn Term) - PE - Swimming at Southmoor.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Monday.
  • Children are also given times tables on a Monday to learn for a mini test each Friday.
  • As well as spellings every Friday to learn for the following week.