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G'Day from Miss Booth's Key Group 

  The end of our Summer term is fast approaching, but we are still as busy as ever!                                   Next week, we have the Summer Fayre to look forward to on Monday afternoon.  On Tuesday, we are holding our annual Foundation Stage 'Splashtastic Day' - so come prepared in your costumes and come armed with suncream :). Next Thursday is Grangetown's Got Talent - I wonder who will pass through the auditions.

Also, next Thursday, all parents from Foundation Stage are welcome to come and watch our end of year presentation, where we will look back at the photograph from our many events and activities from the past year!


Our 'Teddy on Tour' topic is well underway and I am sure the children have been telling you all about what we have been up to!  Our teddy bear has gone on a fantastic adventure to Australia!



More news from Down Under! We emailed yesterday because our children were interested to know if the boys and girls at the pre-school wore a uniform like we do and we all wanted to know about the weather, here is our reply...


'Hi there children,
Over here at my centre we have children from 3 years old to 5 years old. My centre is called a 'preschool'.  The children don't have a uniform but their mums & dads have a choice to buy a shirt or jumper with our logo on it just so the children dont get their good clothes dirty or paint on them! But when children are 6 they need to be in kindergarten (school) and this is where they will have to wear a uniform.

At the moment here (June, July & August) it is winter. Where I live (Hunter Valley, NSW) we're having days of about 16 - 21 degrees. It's a cold 16 - 21 degrees though and if it gets windy its a real cold wind.  On Monday Ted, Paul, Tay & I went to a small zoo near by our place. Its called Hunter Valley Zoo. It was our first time there & thought it would be great to show Ted some of the animals. I hope you all like the photos.

It was funny feeding the sheep & goats, we could go in their yard, as they are friendly and are used to people. But wow they were hungry! They loved the food we were given for them. They would gently jump up on our arm or belly to get close. It didnt hurt and a little push down got them off but was a laugh with so many gathering around at once.

Did you know we have a Newcastle just like you? Our Newcastle is one of the places known for the beaches & surfing. Im going to take bear there & get some photos for you hopefully next week. We like to look through the rock pools finding some amazing creatures & salt water items. There are so many starfish and last time I was there Paul & I gathered water for our own salt water fish tank at home.

Write to you all again soon. Hope you like the photos we're sending.

Mel xx


Mel also updated us on the current weather forecast...not bad for winter!!



Another exciting email arrived today, our bear seems to be settling nicely and the children in Australia are learning all about England too!  Here are some photos of his adventure so far... 



We have had an email- Teddy has arrived safely in Autralia and has settled in at the pre-school well! Here is the email we received;


'Hello England friends,

We have the bear! We think the bear is soft & so cute. We love the
uniform!! :-)  Today he ate lunch with us, he had biscuits and we all got a photo with
him.  We all love his little bag, and thank Erin for the pictures.

To Anton & Lexi... We would love the bear to stay with us, we will
share him, we will look after him, we will help him look around our pre school and
cuddle him, we are also going to play games with him.
Are there any questions you have about Australia that we can answer for

Kiss & a hug, from all the Branxton Pre School children & educators'.


Today we walked to Grangetown Post Office to post a special parcel!  We packed a special Grangetown teddy away carefully in a box and sent him on an exciting adventure to Australia to stay with some boys and girls at a pre-school.  When we got to the Post Office the Post Mistress  explained that teddy would have to travel on a big aeroplane and that it could take up to a week for him to arrive at the pre-school in Australia! We weighed him and paid £7 postage!


On Monday 23rd June, Discovery Zoo came to visit us with a variety of Australian animals. We learned about skinks, lizards, snakes, cockroaches, spiders, millipedes and stick insects. We were ever so brave! Some of us even had the stick insect dance on our heads! Take a look at the pictures!




Early Years Mini Beasts

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Chocolate and tomato snails.

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Great North Museum Reception

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EYFS Xmas crafts 2014

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A selection of photos from our parents Christmas crafts sessions.

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EYFS Discovery Zoo

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EYFS Post office visit

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FS Chirpy Chicks

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Science Week Early Years

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EYFS Dazzling Dragons, Fairies and Sorcerers

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Whitehouse Farm 2013

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Foundation Stage visit Whitehouse

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Forest School Approach to Learning Outdoors!


We adopt a forest school approach to learning outdoors.  We plan a range of activities to engage our children with the natural environment.  This term we are developing our gardening areas and planting in our veggie patch!  We have frequent access to the outdoor area and we really do go out in all weather.  It is important that your child is dressed suitably for the outdoors. Therefore, wellies, waterproofs and warm clothes are essential and as we approach the summer sunhats and sun cream are a must!

Just a Reminder...



At Grangetown we are passionate about reading.  Please could parents ensure that children bring their reading books, home-link books and book bags to school every day.  This will mean that your child is fully equipped with everything they need to read with one of the teachers.  Every week we write in your child's home-link book to let you know how your child is doing, we would love to hear how well your child reads at home too.  Please don't be shy, feel free to add your own comments into the home-link book.  We encourage parents to sign the home-link book when you read together at home.

Hola Amigos!


We love Spanish in Early Years and all of the children are doing brilliantly.  The children particularly like to sing the days of the week song and count how many children we have present each day...all in Spanish!

This week's Spanish song can be found by clicking here.

Click here to listen to the welcome song Miss Rodriguez sings to us when we visit her classroom each week.

Miss Booth, Miss Lloyd  :-)