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mrs millican's class

Class teacher - Mrs Millican        Teaching Assistant - Mrs Napier

Welcome to year 6! This year, we have 30 wonderful year 6 children who are all very enthusiastic, well motivated and hard working. We are looking forward to having a very successful school year!

Summer 2014

Welcome to the summer term in year 6. We are all looking forward to an excting final term for the children at Grangetown Primary School. This term, our work will be based around the theme of 'Making Millions'. The children will be looking at different enterprising ideas, and will try to make their money grow. We will also be working hard to learn lines, create dances and practice performances for their end of year show 'The Little Mermaid'.


Dates to Remember

 Every day - Reading Books and our brand new Home School Diaries to be brought in to school

 Monday - Library Day

 Tuesday - Homework to be handed in from the previous week

 Wednesday - Football kit including outdoor trainers (If children are taking part in the lunchtime football club)

 Friday - P.E. Kit - indoor kit (dance)

 Homework set for the following week

The British Red Cross

6th June - For the next six weeks, the year 6 children will be working with members and volunteers from the The British Red Cross. This week, children indicated on maps parts of the world that their families and friends had lived and discussed positive and negative reasons why people may move from their homes to live in a different part of the world. The children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and are looking forward to the following weeks. :)



4th June - For the last five weeks, children in year 6 have had the exciting opportunity to work with coaches from the SAFC Foundation of Light and the Sunderland City Predators on FUTSAL training. The name 'FUTSAL' is a combination of the Spanish words for hall (sala) and football (futbol).  It is an exciting game which puts considerable demand on technique, movement, tactical awareness and fitness! This week, the children took part in a FUTSAL festival - held at the University of Sunderland's wonderful indoor venue City Space. Our two teams had a fantastic time. The children showed off their fabulous new skills and scored lots of goals!!


Southmoor Links

3rd June - This afternoon saw the start of our Summer term transition lessons at Southmoor Academy. Most of our year 6 children will move on to Southmoor in September and they will have excellent opportunities to visit, in preparation. The children all took part in a basketball lesson in the Academy's gymnasium. As the term progresses, the children will also visit for a whole day - having a tour, lunch and taking part in some exciting lessons. In order to get to know some of the children they will meet next year, we also will be taking part in a feeder schools sports afternoon, challenging children, from Hill View Juniors and Valley Road Community Primary schools, in cricket, football and rounders.

Making £5.00 grow

20th May - This week saw the launch of our exciting new project 'Make £5.00 Grow'. With the support of Virgin Money, the children will be working in groups of 5 and 6 to create their own young apprentice style of business. The children will learn how business works, will face a number of challenges and will develop lots of different skills in teambuilding, making and creating and presenting. We're hoping to find some budding entrepreneurs!

SATs Week

12th-15th May - Breakfast with friends! Each morning this week, the year 6 children have been invited to have breakfast with their friends! Fruit juice, cereal and sausage or bacon sandwiches are all on offer. What an excellent start to the day! :)

Well done Year 6! The children have been working especially hard this term in the run up to their SAT tests. We are all very proud of their positive attirudes and excellent motivation - all trying their very hardest. Excellent work!

Derwent Hill Weekend

25th-27th April - This weekend, over 40 children from years 4, 5 and 6 went on a residential visit to Derwent Hill in the Lake District. It was an absolutely brilliant weekend filled with fantastic activities! All of the children had the opportunity to take part in gorge walking, canoeing and swinging on the big swing! Some children rock climbed and others climbed mountains. The evening activities were also a great deal of fun and involved problem solving and team building challenges. Everyone during the weekend faced challenges and tried something that they hadn't tried before. A fabulous weekend!



Spring 2014

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Spring Term! We hope you had a happy and festive Christmas and are looking forward to a prosperous and exciting new year. We hope that by continuing to work together we can fill this term with stimulating and enjoyable learning activities and experiences. We hope to build upon the good work and progress already made and to maintain the high standards already achieved last term.

The year 6 children have made an excellent start to the new term showing great motivation and enthusiasm.


Dates to Remember

Every day - Reading Books and our brand new Home School Diaries to be brought in to school

Monday - Library Day

Tuesday - Homework to be handed in from the previous week

Wednesday - Football kit including outdoor trainers (If children are taking part in the lunchtime football club)

Friday - P.E. Kit - indoor kit (dance)

Homework set for the following week

 Science Technology Week

24th - 28th February - This week the whole school have been participating in a themed science and technology week. In year 6, we had a blast with our theme... volcanoes!! We had a fantastic time. We all learned how a volcano is formed and what happens when they erupt. We made dough and then used our mixture to shape and create our own volcano. We then made it erupt by adding vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We also created our own geyser with lemonade and mentos sweets. We experimented to see which type of lemonade made the highest, fountain.

At the end of the week, children from different classes from across the school worked together to each create their own robot mascot to support Sunderland football. Our mascot was called Gusbot!

A visit from Chris Connaughton

17th March - Today the year 6 children were very lucky to have a visit from the author and actor Chris Connaughton. Chris performed a fantastic version of the Robinson Crusoe story for children and parents and then worked with the children for the rest of the day. The children took part in question and answering sessions and some hot seating activities. They wrote diary entries, looked at descriptive writing, wrote letters home in character and created their own maps. An excellent day!


Autumn 2013

Our topic this term is 'Friend or Foe' where the children are learning all about children's lives during World War II. The children will use artefacts to find out about life in the past and will be finding out about the precautions used during the time of the Blitz. We will be looking at different types of shelters and will be finding out all about rationing, propaganda and wartime leaders. We will be studying the life of Anne Frank and looking at everyday life during the war.

To help bring the Year 6 topic to life, the children visited Eden Camp in Pickering North Yorkshire:

eden camp

Hit the Surf!

Some of our year 5 and 6 children had a fantastic time at Seaburn beach hitting the surf! They learned lots about water safety and how to help someone who is struggling in the water. All of the children were fantastic at surfing in the waves and we all had a fabulous morning!


Emergency Ward Year 6

On Monday 21st of October, year 6 had St John Ambulance working with them to teach the children first aid. The children learnt many new and important first aid techniques such as the recovery position, CPR and what to do with minor burns or severe burns. The children found this very interesting as they got to actually perform these things on their friends and manikins. All of the children who took part in the course successfully passed their Young First Aider Award! Well Done!



The River Wear Trust

The year 6 children recently worked with Lizzie from the River Wear Trust. Lizzie brought with her lots of insects and bugs including cranefly larva, water scorpions and mayfly nymphs.  The children all had a tray full of minibeasts on thier tables where they carefully ‘’spooned’ the bugs out. They then followed keys to identify the creatures. The children made their own food chains, discussing which animals were predators or prey. They also discussed how animals adapt to their surroundings and then looked at the pollution in the water. The children had a very good day. Thank you River Wear Trust!


Sleeping Beauty

On Thursday 12 December, Year 5 and 6 - brilliantly supported by the choir from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 - performed Sleeping Beauty to packed audiences, which included many parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters. They also performed for children from Bridgewater Primary school in Newcastle who came to our afternoon show. The children all wore fantastic costumes and make up. It was a brilliant success!