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Welcome to Year 5

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Year 5 have got the term off to a fabulous start! The children are loving our new 'Victorian Topic'.  During Literacy we are using a book by 'Berlie Doherty' called 'The Street Child' which is all about a poor family that have to go to the workhouse and how Jim Jarvis (the main Character) escapes the dreaded place but finds himself homeless, living on the street of london.  The children have done lots of drama and writing based around this book.



P.E. Kit every Tuesday

Reading books to be returned and changed ona regular basis.  Please encourage your child to read often at home and remember to sign your child's reading record so they can work their way up the reading bands.

Homework - Given out on a Friday and due back in the following Monday.

 We have had amzing results with our new handwritng scheme.  Nearly all the paernts who came to our 'Parents Open Day' were astounded by the improvement of their child's handwriting.The children are working very hard with their handwriting and presentation and may even earn their pen licence this week!

 We would like to thank all those parent who came into school for our 'Parent Open day'. We had an excellent turnout with very positive feedback.

 The children are enjoying this week as we are celebrating the schools 10th Birthday.  We have planned lots of fun activities including planning a party, memories, painting a picture of the school, acrostic poems and lots more.


Welcome back, hope you all had a great half-term.  We are fortunate in Y5 to have SAFC working with us on a Tuesday morning, therefore, children will need their P.E. kit every Tuesday (white top, black shorts and either a pair of trainers or plimsoles. Also on a Tuesday morning 'No Limits' theatre will be working with us.  The children will be studying to gain an 'Arts' award through physical drama.

Winter is certainly on it's way so can all children please ensure that they wear suitable footwear and coats.


Year 5 visit to Beamish

The year 5 Children had a fabulous day out atBeamishMuseum.  We started the day by taking part in a ‘Victorian style’ lesson.  The children had to sit straight-backed without fidgeting or fussing for a whole lesson.  They firstly took part in a handwriting task using an old fashioned ink pen using an inkwell. Then they chanted their x9 tables and to finish the lesson the children drew pictures of a Christmas tree.  If any of the children (or teachers) laughed or talked during this session they were sternly told off! The children thoroughly enjoyed this! Afterwards we made our way over to the ‘Victorian cottages’ then we went for lunch. After lunch we headed up to the ‘Victorian town’ where the children visited the sweet shop. To finish off the day we took a look around the Victorian shops then made our way to the gift shop.  The children were all superbly behaved and were a credit to our school.

Reminder of dates:

Sleeping Beauty - 12.12.13

Y5 Christmas Party - 19.12.13 (children to come into school in their school uniform then change into their party clothes during lunch time.) Children can bring toys into school to play with during the morning.


Whole school carol service - St Aidan's Church 20.12.13 (children to be collected from the church at 1.15pm)

Have a lovely Christmas break; hope Santa brings you lots of lovely treats.


Spring 2014

Happy New year!

Year 5 have a fun and exciting term ahead.  Our topic this term is "Out of this World". 

Have you ever wondered what’s in space? Can you name all the planets in our Solar System? Well ask a Year 5 – they can tell you! We are well into our new topic for this term ‘Out of this World’. The children are making fact files on all of the planets using PowerPoint with hyperlinks, building up a wide range of technical space words and have had competitions to design the best alien and rocket for our class window display. In Literacy they have written reports describing aliens, and written instructions showing how to do such things as flying a rocket and how to eat in space! We look forward to learning about the Moon landings and famous astronauts. We will design and make our own rockets and planets; and culminate with a visit to The Centre for Life Newcastle. We are looking forward to lots of fun learning.


Year 5's 'Out of this World' work

The year 5 children have produced work that is 'Out of this World'! Take a look at some of the fabulous work they have produced. 




Science and Technology week

Y5 Science & Technology week


Year 5 had a fabulous week.  To start the week off the whole of KS2 participated in a Science show delivered by Technology Tom. Here the children had a chance to explore air.  They learnt various ways that we use air in either everyday life situations or in industry. During the afternoon, they were also lucky enough to be involved in a workshop with Technology Tom. The children had to design and make their own rocket which they later had to launch.

During the week the children carried out several practical science or Design Technology activities including: investigating how much they would weigh on different planets, how old they would be on different planets and they also had the opportunity to make origami stars and 3D UFO’s.  On Friday morning the whole of the school were put in to mixed groups and they were set the challenge of making the ‘funniest robot’ using only ‘junk’ that the children had brought in. To finish off our fabulous Science & Technology we held a science show where parents were invited in to see all our fabulous work in hall.

 April 2014


Welcome back.  Hope you all had a lovely Easter.  The children all came back into school settled and ready for another exciting term ahead.

The year 5 topic this term is the "Groovy Greeks".  The children will be studying Ancient Greece and the influence of their civilisation on the world today.  We will explore evidence about what life was like in the past looking at aspects such as daily life, arts and crafts, gods and godesses and buildings.  We will also spend some time looking at the ancient and modern Olympics. 

For our visit this term we will go to "An-Athene" Greek restaurant on Tuesday 20th May 2014 where we will have the opportunity to try out some delicious traditional Greek food.

Parent Workshop Summer 2014

I would like to thank all those parents/carers who could attend our Parent Workshop earlier this week.  We had a fabulous morning making Greek Pots out of Paper Mache.  There were lots of mess and laughter to be had by all. The children are looking forwards to finishing them off in class and bringing them home.



Y5 School trip to An-Athene - Greek restaurant 

Yesterday Year five had a scrumptious visit to An-Athene (A Greek restaurant in West Sunniside, Sunderland).  We were taken to our seats whilst Greek music was playing and each given a drink of Greek juice.  We then had our first course of olives, flat bread, feta cheese and tzatziki followed by a main course of Moussakka, diced potatoes and butter bean salad and for dessert we had some Baklava.  The children did really well.  They all had a try of everything eventhough some of the dishes the children had never even heard of let alone tried before.  Some children really, really enjoyed the food and went home with full tummies! I would like to thank Paul from An-Athene for being a great host!




Greek Pots


The year 5 children have finally finished their Greek Pots.  Thank you to all parent/carers who were able to attend our parent workshop, where we started our Greek Pots.  Since then we've had many more sessions completing them.  Once all the paper mache was complete we painted them orange then we painted our design on them using black paint. As you can see they are a great success!



 Stay Healthy, Stay Safe week


Year 5 have a fun fit week! We have kicked off each day with a tough and gruelling 'Bootcamp' session, followed by several other activities including:

  • Gymnastics delievered by AAA
  • Sun safety
  • Skipping
  • Sports Day
  • Zumba
  • Smoothie and fruit and Vegetable Juice making and tasting
  • Dr Bike
  • LAF programme - Healthy Eating
  • Healthy teeth
  • Fitness testing carried out by sports leaders from Farringdon School
  • Visit to the Empire to watch our year 6 pupils perform in the Sunderland Dance Festival.

I was immensely proud of all the children this week.  Everyone was very adventourous when trying the various fruit and vegetable juice and the fruit smoothies. All children gave 1005 during the many fitness sessions and didn't complain once.  In fact now most of the class can do several press-ups and burpees and can even hold 'plank' for at least 30 seconds! Very impressive indeed.





 Planet Smart - The Bug Hotel


To finish off our 'Planet Smart' sessions with Gentoo the children from year 4 and 5 made a 'Bug Hotel'. The children brought in a collection of household goods like kitchen rolls and plastic bottles along with twigs and branches that they collected from the playground. These along with other resources brought in by Gentoo the children were set the challenge of designing and making a 5* Bug Hotel. As you can see from below it is a very desirable bug hotel.  One I am sure no bug could resist!