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miss mcloughlin's class

Welcome to the Autumn term in Year 3. Our topic this term is called 'Longboats and Legends'. The children will be learning all about the life of the Vikings. They will learn about where the Vikings came from, how they travelled here, how they lived and their Gods.

In order for the children to experience the Viking life, they will having a visit from Erik the Viking on Thursday 26th of September. The children will learn about the life of a Viking warroir and even experience being a Viking themselves.

Important Days for your child

  • Every day - reading books bought into school
  • Friday - Homework will be handed out. This will be either English or Maths.
  • Monday - Homework to be returned.
  • Wednesday - lunchtime football.
  • Thursday - PE and library. Children need a full PE kit and earrings need to be removed.

Visit to Barley Mow Park

On Wednesday the 11th of September, the children visited Barley Mow Park as part of their English lesson.  They gathered information about their surroundings, noting what they saw, felt, heard, smelled and tasted.  They used this information back in the classroom to inspire their story writing.


Erik Bloodaxe

The children were recently visited by the Viking Erik Bloodaxe as part of the topic all about the Vikings.  The children were given the opportuinty to learn about what a Viking warroir King would have done and to hold weapons.  The weapons included a sword, spear and a shield.  The children made a Viking necklace and made and played a Viking game called Hnefatafal, which is simialr to our game of noughts and crosses.  On the afternoon, the children became Viking warriprs.  They dressed in a tunic, helmet, and fur collar and had a shield and a sword.  They practised the skills of sword and axe throwing and marching.  The children had a fantastic day and they learned a lot about what life was like for a Viking soldier. 


Celebration Week

The children enjoyed a fantastic week celebrating the school's tenth birthday.  The week got off to a fantastic start with the children realeasing balloons.  We are hoping for a reply to one of the letters we put inside.  The children made an invitation card inviting a friend to our party.  They looked at and dsicussed old pictures of the school and wrote a comparision between the old school and this school.  They imagined they were organising a party for 10 people and had to work out the cost for food, sweets and drinks.  They made bunting, placemats and parcels from nets.  The week ended with a fantastic party in the hall, with Year 3's Mr Newby as our DJ. 

Visit to the Woods

At the start of November, the children visited Low Wood Farm, near Ferryhill to help plant a new forest.  The children had a very muddy walk to reach the field where we planted the trees.  Most of the children enjoyed plodding through the mud and getting wet!  The children used spades to dig holes and planted oak, hazel, rowan and ash trees.  They also learned about woodland habitats.  It is nice to think that the trees the children planted could still be around in 100 years time.


Let's Get Cooking

This year our Design Technology theme is cooking and food.  We decided this term to link this to our topic about Vikings.  The children tasted  and evalauted lots of different types of soups and then made their own vegetable soup.  This bought in many other subject areas, such as Maths (measuring and weighing), English (following a recipe) and Science (irreverisble changes).  The children had a fantastic time making and etaing the soup.  The children also made Viking oat biscuits.  We needed to top the biscuits with lots of jam to make them make tasty!



Christmas Craft Afternoon

Our Christmas craft afternoon was a great success and the children really enjoyed being able to work alongside their mams, dads, uncles and grandparents.  The children used glitter,card and sequins to mark a bauble to hang on the tree, a Christmas tree and an angel to hang on the wall. We are looking forward to the next parent workshop in the spring.


Spring Term 2014

We have an exciting term planned in Year 3.  Our new topic is 'Incredible India' and the children will be learning about a village in the south of India called Chembakolli.  They will learn about how the people in the village live, what school is like for the children and what jobs the villagers do.  The children will also learn about the wider culture of India, such as the music and artwork.  The children will be learning about the food of India and will be making coconut barfi and tasting and then making their own bread, such as chapptis. 

The children for the first half term will be working with SAFC in PE.  They will be playing ball games and developing their ability to work as a team.  At the end of the half term, they will be attending a festival alongside other schools.  Details about the festival will be given to you as soon as possible. 


Indian Food

The children had a great time on Friday tasting and evaluating different types of Indian bread.  They tasted poppadoms and naan breads of different flavours.  The children thought about the appearance, tatse, texture and smell of the breads and then gave each one marks out of 10.

As a follow up to that activity, the children made their own chapatis.  They weighed out and measured the ingredients of wholemeal flour, olive oil, salt and water.  They then had great fun using the rolling pins to roll the dough out.  They all thought the chapatis were really tasty and are looking forward to making Naan breads in a few weeks time.




Football Festival

From the start of January and for 6 weeks the children have been working with SAFC in their PE lessons.  The children have been developing their team playing skills as well as their football skills.  To celebrate the hard work and effort the children have made they attended a football festival at the University of Sunderland in February.  The children were joined by classes from two other primary schools.  They spent the morning taking part in different football games, including one called 'Toy Story'.  The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed playing games they had been taught in school as well as new ones.  They also enjoyed meeting children from other schools.  The children each received a certificate and a wristband as a momento of their day.



Tasting Indian Food

The children have had a fantastic afternoon tasting Indian food.  Chefs from the Naz Haven restaurant came to school and prepared a range of food for the children.  They tasted onion pakoras, chicken kebab, pillau rice, chicken tikka, naan bread and vegetble samosas.  They also tasted mint yoghurt and a sweet and sour chutney.  To end the meal they enjoyed a bowl of ice cream.  The children were able to learn about Indian food and the spices used in Indian cooking. 



Visit to the Oriental Museum 

To support our 'Incredible India' topic, the children visited the Oriental Museum at Durham.  The children heard and acted out the story of Rama and Sita.  This story is why the festival of Diwalli is held.  The festival is also known as The Festival of Light.  The children explored the artefacts on show in the museum and answered questions about them.  They looked at some Indian shrines and made and decorated their own shrines to an Indian God.  Using clay they made a candle holder to go inside the shrine.  The children also found out about what happens at a traditional Indian wedding.  Some of the children were given the opportunity to dress up in Indian wedding outfits.  The children had a fantastic day out and discovered a lot of new facts.



 Summer Term 2014

After an exciting Spring term, we have another fun filled term planned for the Summer.  The topic is Tutankhamen's Treasures and the children will be learning all about ancient Egypt.  They will be learning about who built the pyramids and why; who Tutankhamen was; the Egyptian alphabet and  all about the mummifcation process.  It was really quite disgusting but the children will love it!

 In English, the children will complete information texts, stories and diary entries all with an Egypt theme.  In Maths, the children will continue to work on their multiplication facts, learn about directions, division and multiplication methods and fractions. 

In DT, they will make an Egyptian death mask and a canopic jar.

 In RE, the children will learn about the Jewish faith and the synagogue.  They will also visit a synagogue in Newcastle.

For the first half term, the children will continue to work on dance, drama and music activities with students from the University of Sunderland.  This will have an Egyptain theme.


Dance and Drama

The children have been working with students from the University of Sunderland on a dance and drama project.  In the Spring term the children completed activities linked to our topic 'Incredible India'.  They acted out a scene from a Bollywood film, learned a dance to Indian music and sung a song with an Indian theme.  This term the children are completing activities linked to our current topic of 'Tutankhamun's Treasures'.  The children are acting out a scene which tells of a Pharaoh going into the afterlife and using the drums as well as their voices to perform a piece of music to accompany the drama.  The children have enjoyed working with the students and have developing their performing skills as well as their confidence.



Red and White Day

To celebrate Sunderland staying in the Premiership, the school had a Red and White Day.  The children came to school wearing red and white clothing and made a donation to help raise funds for our partner school in Nepal.  They could also buy Gus Poyet champagne (juice), red and white biscuits and cornflake cakes.  There was also a raffle to help raise funds with the 1st prize being a signed Sunderland top.  The children also had a session with coaches from the Foundation of Light.  They played lots of fun and exciting games and even got a chance to meet and say hello to Samson, the Sunderland mascot.  The children had a fantastic day and raised lots of money for Nepal.



 A Visit to the Synagogue

This term in RE the children are learning all about Judaism and to help their understanding of the religion, we visited a synagogue.  The synagogue was the Reformed Synagaogue in Gosforth.  The children were shown around the synagogue and wore kippahs (skull caps).  They were able to see the ark where 3 large torahs are kept and saw a yad which is used to point at the torah.  They saw a menorah being lit and heard the ram's horn being blown which the Jews in the temples would have used a long time ago.  They even had the chance to say some words in Hebrew.  The children had an enjoyable visit and learned lots more about Judaism.



 Visit to the Oriental Museum

 The children again visited the Oriental Museum at Durham to learn more about the ancient Egyptians.  At the museum the children were given the opportunity to handle ancient artefacts such as the lid of a canopic jar and a pot used for mixing herbs and spices.  The oldest object was 4500 years old.  The children completed 4 challenges in the Egyptian room, where they found out lots of information about what the Egyptians wore, their different gods and goddesses and what they ate.  The highlight of the visit was when the children saw a real mummy.  The mummy was over 3000 years old.  To end the visit the children also found out about the weighing of the heart of ceremony which takes place when a Pharaoh dies.  The children acted this out.  The children had a fantastic day and went home with lots of new facts and information.




Sporting Event at Farringdon Academy

The children took part in a sporting event at Farringdon Academy to celebrate the upcoming Commonwealth Games. We represented the commonwealth country of Wales. The children were divided into 4 teams and took part in athletics, gymnastics, hockey or netball activities.  The children competed against other local primary schools.  The children had an enjoyable afternoon and were able to try activities and develop new sporting skills.


Parent Craft Workshop

The children alongside their parents and carers spent a lovely afternoon working together to make Egyptain crafts.  They made and decorated a pyramid and a necklace which was simialr to what the ancient Egyptians would have worn.  They made a mask of either Anubis who was the God of emblaming and the dead or of a cat, which the ancient Egyptians thought was an important animal.  There was also a word search to complete which contained many of the words the children have been learning about during the topic.  We had a fantastic turnout for the afternoon and the children really enjoyed having their parents and carers in school.



Health Week

The children have enjoyed a fantastic week of activities to promote being healthy and safe.  The children beagn the week completing a fitness testing activity involving running and jumping.  Then the children took part in the KS2 sports afternoon.  The children were in four teams and competed in many events incluidng the egg and sppon race and throwing the bean bag.  They also took part in a skipping workshop and worked with gymnastic coaches to develop their balancing skills.They also learned about the importance of a healthy and a balanced diet.  The week ended with a fun packed and high energy session of zumba.  Along side this the children wrote instructions about how to stay safe in the sun and learned about how to keep our teeth healthy.