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miss grainger's class

Welcome to Year 1 and Year 2. Our class is made up of 23 happy and enthusiastic children, all keen to learn and have fun, assisted by class teacher Miss Grainger and teaching assistant Miss Gaffney.

There is a positive ethos in the classroom and all children try their best.

Summer Term'14

Welcome to the Summer term! We hope you had a great Easter holiday and are looking forward to the exciting activities we have planned for this term in Key Stage One. We hope that by working together we can make this term a happy and very productive one for your child, offering them interesting and challenging activities and experiences and ensuring that they make the best possible progress with their learning.

Coming up this term we will be having fun exploring the topic of ‘The Great Outdoors’ before moving onto a short topic about ‘Italy’. Our main focus will be developing geographical and scientific skills, looking at a range of orienteering activities and investigating plants and how they grow.

Health Week

We recently celebrated our annual Stay Healthy and Stay Safe week with lots of fun and engaging activities. To begin the week the children participated in fitness testing with the Young Leaders from Farringdon Academy. They had lots of challenges to do within a certain time limit including running and jumping. In the afternoon we then welcomed KS1 children from Usworth Grange and we had our very own sports festival. It was great for the children to mix and compete in friendly team activities. On Tuesday 1st July the children took part in lots of activities for Sports Day. The sun was shining yet again and the children had lots of fun completing different races. Some of the other activities throughout the week included a visit from Danielle our dance teacher who taught us some Zumba moves, footballer’s from Newcastle Ladies football team and the LAF team who worked with children and discussed how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Dr Bike came back into school and led workshops related to different food, which foods we should eat a lot of and which foods we should only have a little of! To finish off the week we had coaches in from AAA sports who provided the children with a fun filled gymnastic session.The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and learnt a great deal about how to stay safe and be healthy.



'The Great Outdoors'

 Parent Workshop

This term our parent workshop linked to our topic and we took our learning outside. We had a variety of tasks around the school grounds for everyone to solve, but to find them we had to use a map and our orienteering skills! Each task linked to different areas of the curriculum and the children thoroughly enjoyed completing them all.

A big thank you to all that came- it was a fantastic turnout and so much fun!



On Tuesday (6.5.14)  the Year 2 children visited Backhouse Park. They were accompanied by the children in Year 4 as this isn part of our joint topic. We walked through the local area to get to the park and whilst we were there we had a challenge to complete. A number of tress had letters on them and the children had to work in groups to find the ages of the different trees. To do this they had to measure 1m up the tree and then measure the circumference. The circumference was then divided by 2.5 to give the age of the tree. This activity had strong links with our Numeracy this week where we learnt to measure to the nearest millimetre. All of the children had a great time and they even had a treat at the end by having some free time on the park before heading back to school.


Spring Term '14

Welcome to the Spring term! We hope you had a great Christmas holiday and are looking forward to the exciting activities we have planned for this term in Key Stage One. Coming up this term we will be having fun exploring the topic of ‘Winter Wonderland’ before moving onto ‘Under the Sea’. Our main focus will be developing geographical and scientific skills, looking at cold places around the world and animals and humans that may live there.

In Literacy we will be using information texts to research winter animals. This will involve using digital sources as well as books. We will look at the features of non-fiction books, including; the contents page, the glossary, the index and the use of headings and captions. The information gathered will help us to write a non-chronological report about winter animals. Little Penguin and March of the Penguins are two texts that we will be focusing on.

Our topic work will encompass a range of skills linked to science, geography, art, music and design technology. Some of the activities include;

  • Looking at the life of an Inuit and making comparisons with the lives of those who live in the UK.
  • Researching cold countries and the animals that live there.
  • Making mosaic penguins with a range of materials.
  • Designing and making our own ice lollies and bird feeders.
  • Exploring the outdoor environment in winter.


 The children making their mosaic penguins in our topic session this week (27.1.14)

In Science we made bird feeders with apples, peanut butter and seeds. We hung them around our school grounds to provide the birds with food throughout the Winter. We had great fun although it was very messy!

Under the Sea

After a thoroughly enjoyable 'Winter Wonderland' topic we have now moved onto learning all about 'Under the Sea'. This topic will have strong links with our Literacy and Science work. We begun our topic by visiting the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth. We had a great day and managed to see a variety of animals including sharks, seals, stingrays and many more wonderful creatures.



In Literacy we have begun to look at a variety of non-fiction books to find information and we are also going to write our very own under the sea adventure stories. In our topic sessions we have made a Bright Stanley collage picture and our own under the sea magnetic game. A great way to learn and have fun! 

Chinese New Year 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, children in Key Stage One took part in many exciting activities. To launch our week we were very lucky as we had a special visitor working with us. Lip Lee, who grew up in China, helped us to start our celebrations by telling us all about Chinese New Year. He created origami animals to help tell a traditional Chinese tale. The children were captivated and enjoyed guessing what animal he was going to create next. We learnt all about why dragons are significant in China and some of us got to take part in a dragon dance. After that Lip Lee spent time with each class to help us make traditional Chinese crafts. The children used a variety of materials to help them make a concertina dragon in which they later named and used to perform a short story to the rest of the class. They also chose an animal from the ‘Naming the Years’ story and decorated it with lots of bright, eye-catching colours.

In our topic sessions we spent time looking at Chinese writing. We compared the similarities and differences between the Chinese symbols and our language. We then attempted to write our names using the traditional method of black writing on a red background. Red is seen to be a lucky colour. We then practised this further by following instructions to make Chinese lanterns, decorating them in lucky symbols. We had a thoroughly enjoyable week learning all about another culture; their customs and celebrations. 


Autumn Term '13   

Welcome to the Autumn term! We are looking forward to the exciting activities we have planned for this term in Key Stage One.

We hope that by working together we can make this term a happy and very productive one for your child, offering them interesting and challenging activities and experiences and ensuing that they make the best possible progress with their learning.

Our topic this term is called 'Castles and Kingdoms'. Our main focus will be developing geographical and historical skills, learning about life in the medieval period and famous castles in the UK. To start the topic we visited Warkworth Castle in Northumberland. This was a great hook into the topic and the children were excited and engaged about their learning. We then wrote a recount about our day, including lots of detail.

In Literacy we will also be exploring traditional and fantasy stories linked to ‘Castles and Kingdoms’. The children will be looking at the fantasy story Shrek and using our Talk for Writing initiative to change different parts of the text. They will also focus on character descriptions and creating their own mythical  character to feature in the story. When focussing on non-fiction writing the children will create their own information book about a castle we have visited.  We will also be reading, following and writing instructions to make medieval food.




In Art the children looked at the artist Paul Klee and the techniques he uses in his work. We will be using these techniques to help us re-create our own painitngs of 'Castles in the Sun'.

 In PE this term we have focussed on dance, again linked to 'Castles and Kingdoms'. We took a piece of dramatical music and told a story through this. We decided on the characters we would like to feature in our dance and we then begun to piece together our interpretation. The children worked very hard and performed it for the rest of the school before we invited our parents and carers to watch it too!

 KS1 Christmas Craft Afternoon

On Monday 9th of December KS1 held a Christmas Craft session where parents and carers were invited in to school to work with their child. We had lots of different activities to complete including making a tree decoration of baby Jesus in the manger, a colourful hanging wreath and a sparkly gift tag to name a few. There was a great turnout and the afternoon was a huge success. We would like to thank everybody that was involved and we are looking forward to the next workshop.

KS1 Christmas Music Workshop

On Tuesday 17th December all children in Key Stage 1 took part in a Christmas music workshop with Brendon Renwick. They used a variety of musical instruments to accompany lots of Christmas songs. We also made up our own Christmas story using sound effects. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

The Wriggly Nativity!

On Tuesday 17th December Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 performed their annual Nativity. The hall was quickly filled with eager parents and carers waiting to see their very own ‘star’.

This year the story was quite traditional telling the story of the birth of Jesus. All children ranging from 3 to 7 years old had a part in the play and they never fail to give a spectacular performance.  The narrators did a fabulous job of telling the story and spoke clearly with lots of confidence.  Well done to all of the children, you made your teachers, parents and carers very proud (and brought a tear or two to our eyes!)


Thank you for all of your continued support. We look forward to working with you and your child to make sure that their experience in the class is a happy and positive one!