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"Quote from Report."       Ofsted, June 2017.

Click here (national database) and here (GPS data) for the DfE Performance Tables, providing information on the attainment of year 6 pupils, plus other statistics and comparisons related to budget and staffing.

Assessment data shows clearly that in general, our children enter our Early Years with attainment that is well-below the national average for their age, and well-below the local (Sunderland) average too. Our data also demonstrates clearly that pupils leave Grangetown with attainment close to or above local and national age-related attainment. Thus, at Grangetown we add significant value, because our children make good progress as they move through the school. Teacher Assessments in Year 6 in Summer 2018 maintained this trend, ......more to be added

The information below will be added by the end of September 2018

End of Foundation Stage Assessment Data: 2016-2018

Phonics Check: 2016-2018

End of Key Stage 1 Assessment Data for 2016-2018

Year 6 SATs results for 2016-2018